That is the only way to describe the interview Al-Jazeera had with Ibrahim Ali.

See it yourself!

Imagine a character like this leading an organisation like Perkasa, a self interest group fighting under the guise of ensuring the survival of an ethnic group in Malaysia.

There wasn’t any logical explanation or rationale which the interviewer was trying to elicit from this Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas in Kelantan.

Instead, the only impression out of that interview was, ‘Shit….. shit …… and shit!’

In stark contrast, listen to Farish Noor in the same Al-Jazeera clip. Farish, a Malaysian, represents that group of confident, level headed and knowledgeable Malays who will ultimately prevail over the parasitic kind epitomized by the likes of Ibrahim Ali.

By the way, Ibrahim Ali got his seat by grovelling the opposition Islamic party, PAS, for the ticket to stand ….. after which he conveniently declared himself an independent!

What a jerk …. what a S-Head!


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