Analysts have been out in full force….crunching the numbers and making assertions at the same time.

Some even going to the point of saying that with the numbers carried by their brethrens, they can form a government without the ‘kafirs’!!

That same chap compared two photos, one showing three Chinese looking girls celebrating with a birthday cake; the other showing three Malay looking girls with tudung – with the comment “What have we got in common?” Click HERE

You do feel sorry for these people, don’t you?

In any case, let me provide some figures of my own (minus all the emotions of that chap mentioned above) and see if there is some basis to it.

Ok, we all know that out of the Malaysian population of 26 million plus, only 12.3 million were eligible to vote.

Of those 12.3 million, only 88% i.e. 10.86 million voters turned up to vote!

Now, I can’t find any data to support the percentage of races that made up the 10.86 million who came out to vote.

I’m not certainly not going to make wild assumptions of the racial makeup of those who voted – I will just refer to the racial percentage making up the Malaysian population:-

Malays – make up 60% of total population but I am assuming only 55% of the 10.86 million who voted were Malays (according to the chap above, the Malays were lackadaisical in choosing to vote!)

Chinese – they make up 25% of total population but I am assuming 30% of the 10.86 million who voted were Chinese (to support the ‘chap’s’ assertion that Chinese diligently registered themselves as voters and indeed, went to vote!)

Indians and others – they make up to balance 15% who voted in GE13.

So there you are, this means that, by using the above percentages, the numbers who voted recently in racial terms (totaling 10.8 million) are as follows:

Malays – 6.0 million

Chinese – 3.2 million

Indian and others – 1.6 million

Now, the officially reported votes attributed to Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are as follows:-

Barisan Nasional – 5.2 million

Pakatan Rakyat – 5.6 million

Analysis of the Barisan Nasional share of votes – Since Hindraf has returned to UMNO’s fold (plus the grateful ‘others’), it’s only fair to assume  this block of 1.6 million votes has gone to Barisan Nasional.

This means that the balance 3.6 million votes (5.2 less 1.6) gained by Barisan Nasional must have been obtained from the Malay voters (of 6.0 million). Who else?

Conclusion for Barisan Nasional – Of the 5.2 million votes obtained, 69% came from Malays and 31% came from the Indians/others.

Analysis of the Pakatan Rakyat share of votes – If everyone says that the 5.6 million votes obtained by PR came from the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ totaling 3.2 million votes, there is still a remaining 2.4 million votes (5.6 less 3.2) to be accounted for.

Which race totaling 2.4 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat?

Answer: Malays

Conclusion for Pakatan Rakyat – Of the 5.6 million votes obtained, 57% came from Chinese and 43% came from the Malays.

Overall Conclusion

  • It shows that 40% of the Malays (2.4 million out of 6.0 million) who voted, chose Pakatan Rakyat. The balance 60% or 3.6 million chose UMNO/BN.
  • The whole Chinese voting jing-bang (according to Najib) of 3.2 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat.
  • UMNO, with the support of the supposedly subservient Indian/others block of 1.5 million votes, is the dominant force here.
  • Pakatan Rakyat with  more even Chinese and Malay support bases, is deemed more multi-racial.

So is this a case of a Chinese Tsunami or a Split Malay Fraternity (Of Differing Values)?

Btw, can two groups from the same community BUT ‘Of Differing Values’ unite….especially politically?

Remember how they (PAS) were unceremoniously ‘booted’ out of Barisan Nasional then?

Click HERE to know what the UMNO led BN may be really afraid of.

I rest my case.



The writing’s on the wall for Najib and his cohorts.

What the UMNO led BN achieved in 2008 with a 140 seat out of the 222 parliamentary seats was described as a DISASTER.

What now with only a 133 seat haul out of the same 222 parliamentary seats.

The total 505 state seats out for grabs also saw BN reducing its hold from 341 to 270!

Not only that, BN was thumped in the two golden states of Selangor and Penang.

Pakatan Rakyat increased its state seats in Selangor from 36 to 44. It could have been 46 if not for the split votes in Kota Damansara and Seri Andalas.

Selangor, the state which Najib made himself BN chief, also declared Selangor was going back to BN…….saw UMNO totally decimated!

Granted, Kedah returned to BN…..primarily due to the infighting within PAS.

But BN retained Perak and Terengganu through razor thin majorities. The extra 71 state seats won by Pakatan Rakyat attest to that!

What’s more revealing is the popular vote achieved by both sides i.e. the total number of votes cast by each voter to either Pakatan Rakyat OR Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat obtained 50.63% of the total votes whilst Barisan Nasional got 46.8%.

Of the approximately 12.3m eligible voters, the voter turnout was 84.8%.

So what now for the UMNO led BN and Pakatan Rakyat?

Recriminations against the Chinese for the ‘Chinese Tsunami’?


This is because the Chinese voted for PAS in seats that the latter was contesting in………likewise Malays were voting for DAP where DAP was contesting in. It was truly a Malaysian effort. The same can be said where it involved PKR candidates.

This is very unlike the UMNO led BN effort whereby the thrust of the campaign was to play the race card and to instil fear into the rural Malays of an ‘impending’ takeover by the Chinese!!

It was nonsensical……but the MCA corroborated to this evil effort by UMNO by  their advertisements in The Star newspaper of an impending ‘Islamisation’ of the country!

Is it no wonder that MCA has been totally rejected by ALL?

The Star newspaper will be next.

Najib’s position appears to be untenable just from the results achieved.

It was so clear that UMNO was so desperate to obtain its simple majority (by whatever means), after which they meekly congratulated themselves and rushed to get themselves appointed in front of the King the next day!

And the questionable means in which the UMNO led BN achieved its ‘win’ may be the ‘Buah Mulut’ of everyone over the next few weeks……..the result of which, we anticipate earnestly……something that must be peaceful and beneficial for all!

Until then………..


There is without a doubt that campaigning up to the very last day before voting will be crucial for both the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional with the People’s Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat.

Various accusation and counter accusations have been thrown at each other…..with signs of violence being reported here and there, but hopefully capped by the security apparatus!

It was so obvious that the campaign run by Barisan Nasional has centred around the ‘aura’ of ‘popularity’ of its Prime Minister, Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Hardly has Barisan Nasional had any significant political rallies around the country……bar those attended by Najib.

More shocking has been its paid on-line advertisements – they are shown prior to the video clips of massive Pakatan Rakyat rallies loaded on YouTube!!

Such desperation…….and a clear sign of the irrelevance and waning influence of the UMNO-led government.

I am now convinced that if the elections was carried out without any mischief, Pakatan Rakyat would win hands-down.

But when desperados cling to power, then abuse will arise…….look no further than Mahathir’s comrade-in-arms, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Like Mugabe, there is too much at stake for Mahathir (and the UMNO warlords) for Pakatan Rakyat (esp if the Prime Minister is Anwar Ibrahim) to take over the government at Putrajaya.

The latest serious allegations is the ferrying in by air, of foreigners into Kuala Lumpur and Selangor…..apparently to vote this Sunday.

It is therefore imperative that every voter should come out to vote……in order to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of the low turnout to ‘parachute’ in the frauds to vote in place of the absent voters!!

Much has been said leading up to the elections this Sunday……… BUT the bottom line is that this UMNO-led government has perpetuated a corrupt administration that has gone from bad to worse.

Worse to the extent that the country will be on the brink of Bankruptcy if this is not checked.

It cannot be checked under a new UMNO-led government due to entrenched interests!

The only way is via CHANGE!


And this is the voice of the people of Malaysia – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans etc etc.

Happy voting and if you’re still not convinced on who to vote, watch this video below:-

April 25, 2013, 11:36 am
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It was with such horror that I saw those provocative adverts in The Star newspaper…….that only confirmed my fear that its owners (read: MCA) has brought the paper to the pantheons of irrelevance and ultimate obscurity.

Just like the UMNO owned New Straits Times.

Unable to rationally and logically present or argue its case to the electorate as to why MCA….and Barisan Nasional is still trustworthy and electable, it uses its media arm to indulge in cheap rhetoric and dangerous rumor and scare mongering!

Like UMNO, MCA has also attempted to introduce new faces to the seats they are contesting in……hoping that the electorate would give them a ‘second chance’.

But don’t they realize that the Chinese gave MCA their last chance in the 2004 General Elections…..when they supported Pak Lah with the expectation that MCA would see through the evolution of the UMNO led Government post-Mahathir?

And what exactly did MCA do?

Not only were they impotent in checking the excesses of the Pak Lah-led government (or was it Khairy-led?)……’s businessmen/tycoon members joined in with the alleged excesses!

Another chance for MCA?


Is it no wonder that MCA owned newspapers like The Star now indulge in gutter media reporting?

Shame on you!

January 18, 2013, 11:20 pm
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There is this old saying that what we are today is a result of what we did yesterday, and what we will be tomorrow will be a result of what we do today.

This perfectly applies in the case of the people’s rant about the country’s burgeoning illegal immigrants and the ensuing social problems and state of flux.

It appears that much of Malaysia’s problems with illegal immigrants has been magnified by action taken by the UMO led Government for reasons of ‘Political Expediency’.

In the case of the state of Sabah in East Malaysia, a Royal Commission of Inquiry has revealed that Identity Cards had been issued to illegal immigrants on the instructions of Megat Junid and facilitated by individuals including Aziz Samsuddin (a.k.a. The Terminator). Click HERE

Both gentlemen were key loyalists in the Mahathir administration then serving as Deputy Home Minister and Political Secretary (to Mahathir). As Mahathir held the powerful Home Minister portfolio then, Megat Junid was the de-facto Home Minister doing Mahathir’s bidding!

Of course, Mahathir has replied that those legal papers were ‘issued properly’.

Of course you did……but for political expediency in order to neutralise the local opposition politicians in Sabah and Sarawak who were mainly Christians.

Many acknowledge that most of these illegal immigrants, were from Indonesia and southern Philippines who were predominantly Muslims.

Mahathir even had the arrogance of blaming the late first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman for the ‘IC’ fiasco! Click HERE


This is indeed damaging to UMNO, which has exacerbated the conditions in East Malaysia since their political entry then and will only get worse if a fundamental change does not takes place.

We shall see after the forthcoming General Elections.


It was only last week that I got to watch this movie starred by Christian Bale.

No, it was not the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

It was a foreign movie entitled, “The Flowers of War”, which I understand won several awards from film critics.

It was set during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing, China in the 1940s……that led to much suffering arising from the cruelty of war.

In a nutshell, the story revolved around a group of young Chinese female students holed up in a church…….together with another group of Chinese prostitutes……evading the marauding (and lustful) Japanese soldiers!

Christian Bale (acting as a mortician) somehow also ended up in the church and got himself promising to get the young female students to safety.

Problem was that the Japanese soldiers and their commander…… who thought that the young female students and Bale were the only occupants of the church…… decided to use the young students as ‘Comfort Women’ and invited (read: ordered) the girls to attend a ‘party’ the following day.

That’s when the prostitutes (they do appear to have hearts!) later came to the rescue……by agreeing to take the place of the young female students.

The prostitutes were made to look like ‘innocent’ young girls, thanks to the mortician turned ‘beautician’ Bale, who by that time was posing (to the Japanese) as the parish priest!

In the end, the Chinese prostitutes went to their deaths (as they planned to, with concealed glass sheaths, slice off any part of the Japs’ human anatomy at the ‘party’!)……….whilst the young girls escaped to freedom in a truck driven by Bale.

In between all this, the cruelty, ruthlessness…..besides the animal behaviour of the Japanese soldiers…..were laid bare for all to see!

Being a Chinese produced movie, it was obvious that this ugly part of history was not meant to be forgotten too easily.

After all, China had been, figuratively speaking, ‘gang raped’ by so many countries in the past…..from the Mongolian Tartars to the Europeans and the Japanese…..that movies like this reminds their people why China needs to be vigilant against external threats.

This is no different from Israel, who after having lost over 5 million Jews from the holocaust, would declare ‘Never Again’.

Is it no wonder why these two countries have strong armies….besides also having a nuclear deterrent?

Which now brings me to the UMNO led Malaysian government (read: Finas – National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia) sponsored movie entitled ‘Tanda Putera’ which was purportedly to portray the role played by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Ismail (Malaysia’s past premier and deputy premier) in Malaysia’s nation building.

Inevitably, the movie also highlighted the bloody riots of 13 May 1969 caused by the political inroads made by non-Malay parties in the General Elections then. (Note: The non-Malays already controlled the economic wealth of the country then……and still have a significant influence to this day!)

The riots in Malaysia then resulted in a New Economic Policy that favoured the Malays in everything from jobs, education, awarding of contracts, housing, financial privileges etc…….the aim of which was to bring the economically disadvantaged Malay majority in Malaysia to par (or close to it) with the other communities.

So one might conclude that it was only natural for UMNO to now remind their fellow Malay brethren of its history and the threat from the non-Malays who are again making political inroads today…….in the form of a movie like ‘Tanda Putera’!

(note: UMNO’s loss of support, especially from the non Malays, is not because of the New Economic Policy [NEP] but from the abuse of the NEP)

But hold on…….can a non Malay political party like DAP today make the kind of political inroads that happened over 40 years ago?

Since then, parliamentary and state seats have been delineated to favour the Malays or Bumiputeras.

In other words, there is non-proportional representation in Malaysia’s parliament.

Like in the Sarawark state elections, one seat in a location comprising  Bumiputeras that support Taib would have just over 10,000 voters…..whilst a non-Bumiputera  majority seat would have over 35,000 voters.

This means that the DAP can only make political inroads with the support of the Malays!

Anyway, it would be political suicide for DAP to go it alone…..and everyone knows it!

So who’s enabling DAP to make those inroads today?

It’s the Malay based (and true Muslim based) party, PAS (headed by Tok Gurus Hadi & Nik Aziz) and also the predominantly Malay Parti Keadilan Rakyat (headed by Anwar Ibrahim).

In other words, the Malay vote is split!

Is that why the UMNO controlled media and bloggers are vilifying DAP as evil and even Christian proselytisers?

But the fact remains that the Muslim based PAS and PKR are in partnership with DAP. Period!

So is the current situation different from that in 1969?

You bet your bottom dollar that it is!

In 1969, it was a straight split between the Malays and the Chinese.

Today, the split is between the Malays – between the rich Malays & cronies…. spoilt by the abuses of the New Economic Policy AND the decent God fearing Malays who disdain corruption and the abuse of the country’s institutions in furthering the interests of a small, albeit financially strong, group of croney capitalists!

So, should we be concerned about the stirring of racial hatred in the movie, Tanda Putera?

Certainly not……for Malaysians have come of age!


I had a call recently from a close friend of mine, employed as a CEO in a company owned by various shareholders, and who was complaining about being undermined by all and sundry in the company.

It was also around the same time that I found out that actress Meryl Streep had won the Golden Globe award for best actress in her portrayal as Margaret Thatcher in the film called ‘The Iron Lady’.

I was actually surprised about the film winning any award.

This was because there were much criticism about the film’s focus on her character as a person …. as opposed to the substance of her leadership.

The fact that Meryl Streep won the award vindicates the makers of the film in concentrating on Thatcher’s character …….. as it was precisely that character which led to her downfall in 1990.

And it was then that I decided to relate to my friend the background of the Thatcher story and how he could learn from her experience.

Possibly many in corporate Malaysia could learn from Thatcher’s experience bearing in mind the tumultuous experience expected in the latter part of 2012.

I related to my friend a British television documentary that focused on events leading to Mrs Thatcher’s downfall in 1990, where it was said that in her removal (as Prime Minister), “she discovered to her cost that  a British Prime Minister cannot govern without the consented support of colleagues and that her downfall was the inevitable result of her tragic sense of self sufficiency.”

This ‘self sufficiency’ emanated from the power that she obtained on being elected as leader of the Conservative Party in 1975. Many have had the experience of getting such power ….. but only those who have been intoxicated with such power that they will never willingly abandon it.

It is therefore crucial that ‘reality checks’ be carried out regularly and the need to obtain a wider group of advisers …… as a form of check and balance amongst the various interested groups of people.

Many have learnt, to their own detriment, that they get to hear what they want to hear ….. instead of what is actually happening on the ground!

And just like Mrs Thatcher, most will realise, albeit too late, that it was, as said by the woman herself, “TREACHERY WITH A SMILING FACE”  that brought them down …… committed by the very people she trusted.

I also recall reading about one of Joan of Arc’s famous quote …..”I FEAR NOTHING BUT TREACHERY.”

The bottom line?

As the words ‘bottom line’ suggest, one has to know the real score prevailing …… a score that is fluid and constantly changing.

I hope my friend ….. and others ……. will be better prepared for the challenges ahead!

Watch this short report about Mrs Thatcher’s political assassination:-