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A low profile publicity shy person but who has accumulated so many views on matters from his own perspective over the years that he has finally managed to let out/share in a manageable fashion with the aid of technology!


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I wonder whether there is a way to make everyone see the similarities rather than focus on the differences? 🙂

Comment by Shamsul

Great post Scwatch, we need more souls like you — the only way to make the wrong right!!we must expose these evils .Keep up your good work bro!

Comment by motherchell

QUOTE: “A low profile publicity shy person but who has accumulated so many views on matters from his own perspective over the years that he has finally managed to let out/share in a manageable fashion with the aid of technology!”

Great job! I must admit that I feel so embarrassed by the fact that I have been hoodwinked by the mainstream media for decades. Only now do I realize what kind of government we are having. Yet, better late than never. Yet, even though I am late, I found that many others are still sleeping and thus, blogs like yours are very useful to rouse these people from their slumber.

Comment by Ekompute

i find your blog interesting, please add me as a subscriber.
many thanks. god bless!

Comment by angela ooi

Hi, interesting blog, I also follow the Air Asia story, scared that they overreach and the taxpayers have to bale them out. Please have a look at my blog:

Comment by Anonymous

anyone can give me personal emel ANANDA KRISHNAN?

Comment by ieda

I like your stories, but I wish I know who you really are. Being honest about who you are does not mean that you are a high profile publicity hungry person. 🙂 But I guess it’s safer throwing stones and hiding your hand.

Comment by Sham

In this context, the author is unimportant……the level of awareness of Malaysians (especially those who can vote) is. Furthermore, they can easily verify to what is being said; or as you put it…throwing stones!

Comment by scwatch

Hello, I’m one of the readers of your blog, I love your writing and the content which is being honest in relation to the M’sia economic as well as politic…there is one thing I would to highlight is the title of each story/article is too small! It look like a mess and mix from the top to bottom stories or bottom to top…your title should be enlarge and size with bigger..TQ

Comment by PWL

Thank you for your observation which I now acknowledge. Will try to address it.

Comment by scwatch

Choo Keng Weng was bagman for DPM from his Johor MB days. Now DPM putting distance from him as Khazanah has rescued DESARU. Choo got capital for joining D share rigging by CBT of Sungei Besi Mines Berhad funds in June 1992

Comment by Virinder Singh

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