Analysts have been out in full force….crunching the numbers and making assertions at the same time.

Some even going to the point of saying that with the numbers carried by their brethrens, they can form a government without the ‘kafirs’!!

That same chap compared two photos, one showing three Chinese looking girls celebrating with a birthday cake; the other showing three Malay looking girls with tudung – with the comment “What have we got in common?” Click HERE

You do feel sorry for these people, don’t you?

In any case, let me provide some figures of my own (minus all the emotions of that chap mentioned above) and see if there is some basis to it.

Ok, we all know that out of the Malaysian population of 26 million plus, only 12.3 million were eligible to vote.

Of those 12.3 million, only 88% i.e. 10.86 million voters turned up to vote!

Now, I can’t find any data to support the percentage of races that made up the 10.86 million who came out to vote.

I’m not certainly not going to make wild assumptions of the racial makeup of those who voted – I will just refer to the racial percentage making up the Malaysian population:-

Malays – make up 60% of total population but I am assuming only 55% of the 10.86 million who voted were Malays (according to the chap above, the Malays were lackadaisical in choosing to vote!)

Chinese – they make up 25% of total population but I am assuming 30% of the 10.86 million who voted were Chinese (to support the ‘chap’s’ assertion that Chinese diligently registered themselves as voters and indeed, went to vote!)

Indians and others – they make up to balance 15% who voted in GE13.

So there you are, this means that, by using the above percentages, the numbers who voted recently in racial terms (totaling 10.8 million) are as follows:

Malays – 6.0 million

Chinese – 3.2 million

Indian and others – 1.6 million

Now, the officially reported votes attributed to Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are as follows:-

Barisan Nasional – 5.2 million

Pakatan Rakyat – 5.6 million

Analysis of the Barisan Nasional share of votes – Since Hindraf has returned to UMNO’s fold (plus the grateful ‘others’), it’s only fair to assume  this block of 1.6 million votes has gone to Barisan Nasional.

This means that the balance 3.6 million votes (5.2 less 1.6) gained by Barisan Nasional must have been obtained from the Malay voters (of 6.0 million). Who else?

Conclusion for Barisan Nasional – Of the 5.2 million votes obtained, 69% came from Malays and 31% came from the Indians/others.

Analysis of the Pakatan Rakyat share of votes – If everyone says that the 5.6 million votes obtained by PR came from the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ totaling 3.2 million votes, there is still a remaining 2.4 million votes (5.6 less 3.2) to be accounted for.

Which race totaling 2.4 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat?

Answer: Malays

Conclusion for Pakatan Rakyat – Of the 5.6 million votes obtained, 57% came from Chinese and 43% came from the Malays.

Overall Conclusion

  • It shows that 40% of the Malays (2.4 million out of 6.0 million) who voted, chose Pakatan Rakyat. The balance 60% or 3.6 million chose UMNO/BN.
  • The whole Chinese voting jing-bang (according to Najib) of 3.2 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat.
  • UMNO, with the support of the supposedly subservient Indian/others block of 1.5 million votes, is the dominant force here.
  • Pakatan Rakyat with  more even Chinese and Malay support bases, is deemed more multi-racial.

So is this a case of a Chinese Tsunami or a Split Malay Fraternity (Of Differing Values)?

Btw, can two groups from the same community BUT ‘Of Differing Values’ unite….especially politically?

Remember how they (PAS) were unceremoniously ‘booted’ out of Barisan Nasional then?

Click HERE to know what the UMNO led BN may be really afraid of.

I rest my case.



The writing’s on the wall for Najib and his cohorts.

What the UMNO led BN achieved in 2008 with a 140 seat out of the 222 parliamentary seats was described as a DISASTER.

What now with only a 133 seat haul out of the same 222 parliamentary seats.

The total 505 state seats out for grabs also saw BN reducing its hold from 341 to 270!

Not only that, BN was thumped in the two golden states of Selangor and Penang.

Pakatan Rakyat increased its state seats in Selangor from 36 to 44. It could have been 46 if not for the split votes in Kota Damansara and Seri Andalas.

Selangor, the state which Najib made himself BN chief, also declared Selangor was going back to BN…….saw UMNO totally decimated!

Granted, Kedah returned to BN…..primarily due to the infighting within PAS.

But BN retained Perak and Terengganu through razor thin majorities. The extra 71 state seats won by Pakatan Rakyat attest to that!

What’s more revealing is the popular vote achieved by both sides i.e. the total number of votes cast by each voter to either Pakatan Rakyat OR Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat obtained 50.63% of the total votes whilst Barisan Nasional got 46.8%.

Of the approximately 12.3m eligible voters, the voter turnout was 84.8%.

So what now for the UMNO led BN and Pakatan Rakyat?

Recriminations against the Chinese for the ‘Chinese Tsunami’?


This is because the Chinese voted for PAS in seats that the latter was contesting in………likewise Malays were voting for DAP where DAP was contesting in. It was truly a Malaysian effort. The same can be said where it involved PKR candidates.

This is very unlike the UMNO led BN effort whereby the thrust of the campaign was to play the race card and to instil fear into the rural Malays of an ‘impending’ takeover by the Chinese!!

It was nonsensical……but the MCA corroborated to this evil effort by UMNO by  their advertisements in The Star newspaper of an impending ‘Islamisation’ of the country!

Is it no wonder that MCA has been totally rejected by ALL?

The Star newspaper will be next.

Najib’s position appears to be untenable just from the results achieved.

It was so clear that UMNO was so desperate to obtain its simple majority (by whatever means), after which they meekly congratulated themselves and rushed to get themselves appointed in front of the King the next day!

And the questionable means in which the UMNO led BN achieved its ‘win’ may be the ‘Buah Mulut’ of everyone over the next few weeks……..the result of which, we anticipate earnestly……something that must be peaceful and beneficial for all!

Until then………..


There is without a doubt that campaigning up to the very last day before voting will be crucial for both the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional with the People’s Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat.

Various accusation and counter accusations have been thrown at each other…..with signs of violence being reported here and there, but hopefully capped by the security apparatus!

It was so obvious that the campaign run by Barisan Nasional has centred around the ‘aura’ of ‘popularity’ of its Prime Minister, Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Hardly has Barisan Nasional had any significant political rallies around the country……bar those attended by Najib.

More shocking has been its paid on-line advertisements – they are shown prior to the video clips of massive Pakatan Rakyat rallies loaded on YouTube!!

Such desperation…….and a clear sign of the irrelevance and waning influence of the UMNO-led government.

I am now convinced that if the elections was carried out without any mischief, Pakatan Rakyat would win hands-down.

But when desperados cling to power, then abuse will arise…….look no further than Mahathir’s comrade-in-arms, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Like Mugabe, there is too much at stake for Mahathir (and the UMNO warlords) for Pakatan Rakyat (esp if the Prime Minister is Anwar Ibrahim) to take over the government at Putrajaya.

The latest serious allegations is the ferrying in by air, of foreigners into Kuala Lumpur and Selangor…..apparently to vote this Sunday.

It is therefore imperative that every voter should come out to vote……in order to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of the low turnout to ‘parachute’ in the frauds to vote in place of the absent voters!!

Much has been said leading up to the elections this Sunday……… BUT the bottom line is that this UMNO-led government has perpetuated a corrupt administration that has gone from bad to worse.

Worse to the extent that the country will be on the brink of Bankruptcy if this is not checked.

It cannot be checked under a new UMNO-led government due to entrenched interests!

The only way is via CHANGE!


And this is the voice of the people of Malaysia – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans etc etc.

Happy voting and if you’re still not convinced on who to vote, watch this video below:-


Aw, come on police.

Reducing the estimated crowd attendance at Stadium Merdeka from 80,000 to 45,000?

I am quite sure that the current Stadium Merdeka can, for a soccer game, hold up to 35,000 spectators.

If one can recall, the Stadium had a larger capacity after having built the 3 extra stands in the early 1970s, one facing the grandstand across the field and the other two behind the two opposing goal posts.

The largest crowd when those extra stands were in existence was 50,000 – that was when Malaysia played India in 1975 in the hockey World Cup semi-final match.

Those extra stands have been ‘removed’ – purportedly to relive the 50th anniversary of independence.

That would reduce the crowd in the stands to at least 35,000. If one is to add the numbers on the track and field at the event today, one could conservatively double the stadium attendance to 70,000.

And what about those outside who could not get in?

The trouble with the Barisan Nasional PR machinery …. including that of the police….is that they are just not convincing at all…..even at the most basic of issues!

But what is more pertinent is that the will of the people cannot be trampled upon….not in this day and age! Vote wisely  ….inspite of possible intimidation and falsification!


This expression of concern for the individuals wanted by police….presumably for their ‘action’ at the recent Bersih 3.0 rally came from none other than PAS head, Tok Guru Hadi! Click HERE

This has added significance considering the savage manner in which, not only participants of the rally, were beaten by the police…….but also journalists covering the event!

If that kind of beating can take place in broad daylight and in full view of the world……imagine the increase in savagery behind closed doors!

These are not done by many of the decent policemen within the police force…….but hoodlums planted in the force to do the biddings of certain politicians and their cohorts!

No decent policeman would beat a fellow Malaysian with such fury……..only hoodlums do so.

Policemen……like their bretherens in the army, are supposed to protect its Rakyat (Malay for citizens) from external threats or lawlessness.

That lawlessness did not feature in the 28 April rally.

In fact, many of the videos and pictures taken on that day…….point very much to the police instigating the running battle with the crowd!

With all that has happened, do we blame Tok Guru Hadi for expressing safety concerns for participants of the Bersih 3.0 rally?


I recall an article sometime ago about the current batch of writers that we have in the blogosphere.

Whilst most are sincere and truthful, there are those who have been employed to write with the intention of INFLATING WEAK IDEAS, OBSCURING POOR REASONING AND TO INHIBITING CLARITY.

It is unfortunate (?) that Rocky Bru a.k.a. Ahiruddin Attan immediately comes to mind!

His latest attempt was to limit the damage caused by the UMNO owned newspaper, New Straits Times, when they erroneously ‘quoted’ an Australian senator who allegedly labelled Islam as a ‘criminal organisation.

Anyone worth his salt would know that such quotation coming from a national newspaper can and generally would tantamount to a ‘death sentence’ on that individual concerned…….look no further for Salman Rushdie (author of Satanic Verses). 

Yet, NST proceeded with its ‘report’ irrespective ….. especially when this Australisan senator, Nicholas Xenophon, is a known associate of Anwar Ibrahim, the head of the opposition People’s Front (Pakatan Rakyat).

‘Realizing’ subsequently that its reporting was fundamentally flawed, NST offered a retraction and apology.

But damage was already done……and Xenophon’s safety is now compromised with threats possibly made against him.

Xenophon is now proceeding with a suit against NST notwithstanding (Click HERE……..understandably to ensure that the lies perpetrated by NST and Xenophon’s innocence are clearly made known to the world…..and NOT ‘swept under the carpet’ with a mere apology and with Xenophon watching over his shoulder for the rest of his life!

What makes it especially galling is that you get writers trying to down-play the incident!

An example is Rocky’s sad attempt of doing this by EQUATING an Australian newspaper’s report of Rosmah’s (wife of Malaysian PM) alleged extravagant shopping spree TO our dear’ol NST’s ‘Islam is a criminal organisation’ quote attributed to Xenophon.

Of course, both papers retracted their reports and apologised BUT equating a tabloid report to one that effectively sentences a person to death?

And by the way, NST is not a tabloid…….it is trash to most objective readers!

Should we therefore be surprised that the NST has lost readership to the point that its mother company, NSTP Holdings Berhad had to be de-listed from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (read: to hide its sorry financial figures from the public)?

Click HERE for Rocky’s sad attempt at it all!


I recall an interview involving Apple’s Steve Jobs where he described the challenge of turning Apple back to profitability in 1997. It was rather funny …….. see below:-

In the case of Malaysia, the country certainly needs to be ‘pointed’ in the right direction.

However, we don’t have a ‘Steve Jobs’ like Malaysian politician at the helm at this point in time.

It becomes more of a concern when the ‘captain’ of the ship (read: Najib) is beset with a near-mutiny amongst his ship-hands!!

And with every one of those ship-hand (read: UMNO Warlords) grabbing whatever they can …… in addition to the humongous wealth that they already possess ……. it will only spell MALAPETAKA (Malay for Calamity) for the country of Malaysia.

How much more evidence does a concerned citizen need to see the necessity to bring in a new government at this crucial point in time?

According to economists, our resources are draining alarmingly without them being adequately replenished. Does that also mean that the EPF and Petronas funds are also dissipating alarmingly? And are controls and checks & balances being subtly dismantled?

UMNO’s claim of being protector of the Malay race rings quite hollow ……… because it is only the elitist and corrupt (Malays, Chinese, Indians & others) that UMNO appear to be protectively covering.

What’s happened to the man on the street living hand to mouth?

Spare me the UMNO rhetoric that they do much charity.

In any case, true charity and integrity is doing something right …… without anyone knowing that you did it!

Click HERE to understand a wee bit about Malaysia’s borrowing status.