If one had read the history of British colonisation, especially the book written by Brian Lapping entitled “End of Empire”, one could sense right through all the British colonies….from Asia to the Middle East to Africa….the one common policy that prevailed was that of “DIVIDE & RULE”!

That was the only way to keep those wimps (as how the British would call its subjects) in check and not cause too much trouble.

It was that kind of colonial policy that led to the British proposed Malayan Union in 1946….that created the entity UMNO and the rise of Malay(an) nationalism and ultimately independence in 1957.

It is therefore ironic that today, that same entity called UMNO, is using similar disgusting tactics of the British colonialists in splitting the communities in Malaysia.

I am of course referring to the so-called historical movie called, “Tanda Putera” by this lady called Shuhaimi Baba.

I cannot help feeling that this slanted portrayal of history by this UMNO puppet……was done with a view of causing alarm to the Malay community against the Chinese (Note: As we all know, the Chinese vote is a lost cause as far as UMNO is concerned).

UMNO still thinks that the Malay community can be swayed by such (fictional) movie…..just like when it was claimed that Tengku Razaleigh lost a crucial block of Malay vote (in his fight against Mahathir back in the mid-1980s) when he was pictured wearing a Kadazan head-dress that appeared to have a (Christian) cross printed on it!

If that was true, the Malays are indeed a gullible lot……..which we all know is utter rubbish!

This only points to the fact that UMNO is still living in the past and hoping that the past would ensure their continued political and racial hegemony.

Keep dreaming, UMNO!

As for Shuhaimi Baba’s depiction of the 13 May 1969 riots, that took 15 minutes out of the 115 minute movie, it is UMNO’s attempt to keep alive the memory of the riots……especially when Malaysians of all races below the age of 43 years were not born when it happened.

It is just like trying to remind the British people of today how lucky they are that they are not ruled by the French (and having frog legs as a national delicacy!)….as a result of the British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805!

All this is an indication of the desperation of the UMNO klingons in hanging on to power.

I suppose it is good to have dreams!



When the UMNO led Barisan Nasional under then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi aka Pak Lah, won a landslide in 2004 under his manifesto of ‘Work with me, not under me’, one of the key reforms he made (rhetorically, we find out later) was  that contracts awarded by government and government linked entities – must be on an open tender basis.

It was and unfortunately, until today, still  a big problem to address – as it is seen as having ‘contributed’ to the humongous debt the country has amassed over the years – touching nearly 55% of GDP – of which the economic effects on the man on the street is well, quite scary.

If the debt was unavoidable due to circumstances beyond the control of the Government, then it’s fine…..they tried their best.

But was it really unavoidable?

Until today, the practice of  major contracts having been awarded to relatives of senior officials of UMNO eg Jamaluddin Jarjis or JJ (former Finance Minister II and currently envoy to Washington) persists.

If those parties had the technical know-how to fulfil the contract requirements, that may be understandable…….but they don’t!

That’s where a ‘joint-venture’ with a party with the technical know-how to do the work takes place.

The UMNO linked party originally awarded the contract will claim that they have the TECHNICAL KNOW-WHO! 

This means that a consideration (cash, of course) will be demanded from their technical know-how partners for ‘bringing them into the picture’.

Of course, in most cases the partner brought in for their expertise will not compromise on their own profit margins to pay for that ‘consideration’.

This means that the cost of the contract will be increased accordingly to pay the promoters!

As most of these contracts are originally in the hundreds of million or billions of Ringgit, even several percentage points to pay for the ‘incentive’ costs translate to large sums of money – in reality, it may be much higher than just ‘several percentage points’!

This results in a relatively small number of people collecting stratospherically large sums of money whilst the remaining population are expected to pay for those ‘costly’ projects…….in the form of road tolls, airport tax, poorer education, higher costs of living etc.

One such project that doesn’t seem to want to go away from media spotlight is the submarine project that is linked to the current PM, Najib……and is further complicated with his man’s (Razak Baginda) involvement in the project with a Mongolian lady who was later killed and whose body was subsequently blown up with C-4 dynamite.

What makes it fodder for Najib’s political opponents may be because those convicted for the Mongolian’s murder were reported to be in the police detail that was protecting the Prime Minister then!

The constant uncovering of the financial excesses is clearly upsetting the people of Malaysia……irrespective of race or religion.

The UMNO led Government is currently clearly trying to gain some mileage by dishing out goodies to the people before the General Elections due end of this year……again using tax-payers’ money….and more of concern, also utilizing the savings of the people via EPF and KWAP!

And to think that the people are oblivious to the manoeuvrings of the UMNO led Government……is well, fool hardy!


Over the past month or so, there have been much news, debate and criticism about the alleged excesses of the Women & Family Development Minister, Shahrizat Jalil ….. involving the cow rearing project that had been awarded to her family company, helmed by her husband and children.

We then had the (not so) surprising announcement from the CEO of Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Che Khalib, expressing his ‘desire’ not to have his contract extended …… apparently due to the inability of the utility company to raise electricity rates in order to cover ever-rising costs.

And then of course, we had to be told by a foreign newspaper that Securities Commission chairman, Zarinah Anwar, will not be having her contract extended ……. allegedly due to the actions of her husband.

The news and speculation have been never ending …… but hold on, don’t these people, from Minister to CEO of a GLC plus a senior securities regulator have something in common?

Yes, they do …….. they have all been effectively appointed by the UMNO led government of Malaysia.

And what do you think their Key Performance Indicators would be every year?

The common KPI for all of them …….. would be to ensure that besides raising their organisation’s profile to a positively higher level, more importantly, the head honchos have to ensure that NO DISREPUTE of a material nature arises in their respective entities.

No material disrepute, conflicts or fall-outs ……. even for those transactions involving parties perceived to have vested interests of the controversial kind.  

They are expected to smoothen these glitches up with the minimal of fuss, full of classy professionalism and articulated in the most convincing manner expected from a person of that ranking.

They are not expected to run rough-shod over their peers and more importantly …… not to use undue leverage in order to obtain compliance (read: justification for their action)  …… lest they risk creating the perception of practising corruption of the subtlest kind!  

Most importantly, they cannot compromise fundamental or sacred issues in order to meet their objectives, notwithstanding its controversial nature!

That would be sacrilege!

Once anyone of them falls into the trap …… of doing exactly what is NOT expected of them …… they become a liability to the very entity that appointed them in the first place i.e. UMNO!

Retaining these ‘out of line’ individuals would tantamount to tying a rope (connected to a slab) around the ‘neck’ of UMNO and throwing that slab into the sea!

Based on the above criteria, it is quite clear as to who UMNO would retain or replace!

I do wonder if this has anything to do with the perception of weakness or compromise amongst Malaysia’s key institutions, agencies and corporations e.g. judiciary, MACC, etc!


Malaysians are aghast to learn about the UMNO led government’s plan to utilise RM1.5 billion from the country’s pension fund (Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF) as housing loans to Malaysians who do not qualify for such loans from conventional banks!

Talk about risk management!

Of course, this will make UMNO and their ilk look good in the eyes of the ‘down-trodden’ or economically backward Malaysians.

UMNO is desperate to be portrayed as the Robin Hood of Malaysia whereby they ‘re-allocate’ (read: steal?) from the “RICH” in order to help the “POOR”!

I didn’t realise that the EPF monies belong to RICH Malaysians only!!

The ‘holding statement’ provided by Najib and his cohorts, when questioned about the deal was that ;-

  • ‘the amount lent is a small proportion of the funds held by EPF’  

  • ‘the value of the houses are much higher than the loan’ 

  • ‘the houses could be easily sold and monies recovered would fully settle the loan’

  • ‘it shows a caring government’!

Boy, talk about a story line bereft of any substance!

Malaysia’s sad financial predicament today is a cumulation of all these ‘small leakages’ during UMNO’s rule especially since Mahathir’s administration.

It has been reported that these housing loans would be provided by a listed company, MBSB Berhad, a subsidiary of EPF.

Since MBSB does not have that kind of money, it obviously has to be transferred from EPF ….. most probably as an advance ….. unless of course, EPF plans to increase its shareholding in MBSB from its current 70% or so stake!

So, is the UMNO led government creating something that is not sustainable …….. similar to the triple-A rated sub-prime loans in the United States that precipitated the devastating 2007 economic crisis?

Are those loans (to those not qualified for conventional loans) from EPF ever going to be repaid?

Or are they to be ‘rolled over’ in perpetuity …….. similar to some of the bonds and private debt securities currently outstanding in the local bond market?

A good indication of this is the extended concession period of the recently awarded West Coast Highway …… to 60 years as compared to normal 30 years in the past.

This means nothing more than ‘paper’ profits attributed to those housing loans ……. and any actual cash payment will just be an exercise involving ‘taking monies out from the left pocket and paying it into the right pocket’!!

In other words, Malaysia is seriously moving to the next level of DENIAL ….. something that is close to the point of no return for EPF’s monies!

Is it no wonder that the Malaysian Chinese have deserted the UMNO led government including its two Chinese based concubines, MCA & Gerakan?

Hey, it’s those blinking Chinese who make up most of Malaysia’s tax payers ……. thereby logically inferring that EPF monies also comprise mainly Chinese contributors in terms of share of those funds.

Chinese are known to be disinterested in the political running of a country ……. so long as the environment and ‘political climate’ is conducive for economic activity and savings, for most of them anyway! 

Now with nearly the entire Malaysian Chinese block not intending to vote for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional, it spells the loss in belief in that political grouping to provide the leadership in running the country, Malaysia!

Until and unless this fundamental GAP is satisfactorily filled, and with the Malay vote split between the ‘haves’ and the decent ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, the going will only get tougher for the UMNO led government!

Click HERE for the RM1.5 billion HOLE for the Rakyat’s EPF money!

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I re-produced Nur Jazlan’s article previously.

I am doing the same for Azam Aris, a senior editor with the Edge Malaysia, a weekly Malaysian financial paper that has a following amongst people interested in Malaysia’s economic development.

It only points to the fact that the evolution of the Malay race ….. or any race for the matter …… cannot be determined by a political entity that is desperate to maintain its hopeless hegemony over its people and country through the instillation of FEAR.

Today’s technology and the flow of information do not allow that to happen anyway ………

So read on as to Azam Aris’ take on the current Malaysian political situation (note: pictures inserted by me) …….


By Azam Aris

Two weeks ago, I had dinner with a few Malay friends. As usual, we discussed various matters, ranging from family to politics. And as it often happens, we ended up talking football, among other things, about when Wayne Rooney would score again in the Barclays Premier League (he did so on Dec 10 when Manchester United overpowered Wolves 4-1 at Old Trafford) or if Liverpool will win the BPL again (it has been for 21 years and counting).

Before the dinner ended, I casually asked: “As a Malay, do you feel under threat? Or have a siege mentality …. you know, a state of mind where one feels insecure and fears losing the political power that the community holds or that the position of Islam will be undermine?”

The short and simple answer I got was “no”. As Malay professionals, we feel comfortable – about ourselves, being who we are in our own fields of expertise and the fact that the fate of the Malays lies very much in their own hands.

Later, over the weekend, I went to the housewarming kenduri of another Malay friend who had just moved into his spanking new RM1.5 million house in USJ, Subang Jaya. Restrees, a guarded and gated residential project that was developed on leasehold wakaf land, is predominantly owned by Malays. I observed that the upper middle-class Malays here mixed well with their Chinese neighbours and that those who attended were a confident lot who believed in themselves and their ability to compete in the real world.

At our table, we talked, among other things, our children’s education, the impending weddings of sons and daughters and escalating property prices. There was a smattering of politics but the subject of the Malays losing power and the position of Islam being relegated to a lower status did not arise.

This is not to say that confident and self-assured Malays are confined to the professional and upper middle class. There are many others out there among the middle class and low-income group who whork hard to earn their living and compete well against the non-Malays. Their minds and souls are not held hostage by the notion that the political position of the Malays and Islam could be in jeopardy if Umno – the dominant party in the Barisan Nasional coalition – were to lose power.

Why then do we hear the topic being brought up over and over again by the ruling political parties and the mainstream media that belongs to them? Is it real? Or is it just a political charade to convince the majority of the Malays or those who do not actually believe this premise that we are actually in that position?

Logically, the Malays would not be in that precarious position because the reasons that favour them numerically and politically are intact. In the Malaysian context, it will not be possible for the Malays to lose power as long as the Malays/Muslim bloc forms the largest segment of the population. It is as straight-forward as that.

If the Malays could assume political dominance during independence in 1957 when their numbers were just slightly above 50% and they had much less control over the economy, then they will not lose power today or at any other time in the future. The Malay/Muslim population now stands at 61.4% and this is conservatively expected to increase to 64.5% by 2030, according to Pew Research Centre’s report titled The Future of the Global Muslim population: Projection 2010-2030. With the higher birthrate among Muslims in the country, some estimates even put the figure at 70% by 2030.

In addition, the gerrymandering carried out by the incumbent party for the last 54 years has resulted in a higher number of Malay/Muslim seats. Thus, there is no possibility that a general election will result in a non-Malay/Muslim party getting the most number of parliamentary seats at the federal level.

Based on the same numerical superiority in terms of population and parliamentary seats, the position of Islam as the official religion and the powers it confers, along with the special place of the Malay royalty, should also remain intact.

By virtue of this and the power of the majority, the position of the prime minister should remain in the hands of the Malay/Muslim leadership – a point well understood by non-Malay political parties.

Malay/Muslim political dominance is further strengthened by various articles in the Federal Constitution, notably those that make Islam the official religion of the country and Bahasa Malaysia the national language, and provisions preserving the sovereignty, prerogatives and powers of the Malay rulers and the status of Malay reservations.

On top of this, Article 153 has specific clauses that protect the rights and interests of the Malays/bumiputera community in the administrative and economic fields.

But the Constitution is not lopsided to only favour the Malays/Muslims. In the words of the late Lord President Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim, in his book An Introduction to the Constitution of Malaysia, “each one of these agreements in favour of the Malays was balanced by liberal provisions in favour of the non-Malays” – for example, their religious, language and economic rights are equally protected.

For some Malays, the fear campaign has been effective and to them, the fear is real. An elderly uncle of mine gave what seems to be a popular argument among some Malays, citing Penang (which fell to the opposition in the 2008 general election) as an example where the Malays have lost political power and leadership and everything that goes with it, including economic entitlements.

Never mind the fact that Penang has not been in the hands of the Malay/Muslim leadership since Francis Light connivingly convinced the Sultan of Kedah to cede the island to the British in 1786. Since Merdeka, all the chief ministers of the state have been Chinese and the state administration has been under Chinese leadership – unless Umno wants to give the impression that the MCA and Gerakan chief ministers are actually “Malay” leadership in another form.

At a time when the issues that should be raised are fighting corruption, high food prices and cost of living and low wages, and increasing productivity and ensuring the goals of the nation’s Economic Transformation Programme are met, instilling this fear of Malays losing power is irresponsible and counter productive.

Yes, you might win some votes but for what purpose? Disrupting the country’s long-terms stability and harmony for short-term gain? Umno, which has been in power for the last 54 years, should ask this question: Has it done enough for the Malays to ensure that it will continue to get majority support? Why then is there a lot of discontent among the Malays with regard to its leadership? How about the disenchantment of the non-Malays?

And how does one transform a nation when the dominant party sends the wrong signals by instilling fear of what may happen if it loses power? How does one transform the nation when the dominant party has not transformed its way of thinking?

The party whose leaderhsip had a big problem in seeing that the National Feedlot Corporation fiasco was indeed a problem should take a hard look at itself before it continues to propagate the idea that without it, the Malay/Muslim population risks losing a lot.


I recall attending a talk sometime ago where the presenter challenged us to see things as it is …… as opposed to as it was being portrayed.

It then fathomed upon me that the usual description for this scenario is that of …… ‘being in denial’.

Coincidentally (or an act of God!), I stumbled upon an article from a young UMNO politician who is known to be forthright with his views.

I need not elaborate further …….. just read on (the pics were inserted by me):


By: Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, Member of Parliament for Pulai and UMNO Pulai division chief

The recently concluded Umno general assembly came and went, offering little in terms of a new manifesto for the party. The public are disappointed with the lack of new policy initiatives. Many delegates, who had to sit through stale and uninspiring speeches, were left with little enthusiasm to return to their respective constituencies and rally their fellow members to prepare for the impending 13th general election.

The lack of ideas put forward by the members could also describe the state of the party at the moment. Umno has the largest base of members and voters of any political party in the country. It claims to have the most support among the Malays, the largest ethnic group that is expected to make up about 60% of the population by 2020.

But for a party that claims to represent the majority race, it does not seem to be able to break away from the “Malays under siege” mentality and rhetoric it has used since the fight for independence to attract support. The party is frozen in time and seems paralysed in steering the nation through a more challenging future.

It has failed to offer new ideas to attract young Malays to support its ideology, which in recent years has drifted more to the right. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, through the 1Malaysia concept, has tried to bring Umno back to the centre of national politics where race and religious tolerance is at equilibrium.

But his message does not seem to resonate with the majority of the delegates and even among his Supreme Council members, who may have come to the conclusion that another occurrence of racial and religious strife is the best way to retain Malay power.

The underlying message from any of the speakers at this year’s general assembly was that the Malays are under threat from the non-Malay minority who are trying to grab power and overcome Malay supremacy by defeating Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN). The statements of many of the delegates contained strong racial and religious undertones aimed at the Malays to warn them of the threat posed by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, who are said to be determined to take power.

Many were not even subtle in communicating their extreme views, especially when attacking the DAP, the everlasting bogeyman of Malaysian politics. The DAP was accused of using racial politics and inciting the Chinese to hate Umno and hence the Malays, whose interests Umno protects.

But the speakers failed to mention that it is impossible for the Chinese, who represent about a quarter of the country’s population to take power without the support of the Malays. None of them offered any explanation why many Malays shunned Umno and decided to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in 2008. None of them wanted to admit the weaknesses of Umno that caused a significant number of Malays to choose Pakatan instead.

None of the speakers and top leaders bothered to raise the issue of corruption and financial mismanagement which is the main reason that many Malays, especially the young, reject the party. The silence over this issue was deafening in the light of the revelations over the National Feedlot Centre controversy, which involves a senior leader of the party.

The DAP is in an excellent position to take advantage of the situation. The anti-Chinese message from Umno is driving away more and more Chinese voters. If this situation continues, the DAP can expect to win the 45 Chinese majority seats in Parliament and claim legitimacy in representing the country’s Chinese community.

The Chinese community may decide to dump MCA and Gerakan for the DAP. The MCA and Gerakan would then become history and the BN would mainly consist of Umno and its coalition partners in Sabah and Sarawak. BN would lose its legitimacy as the party that represents all the races and religions in the country.

Najib would become the first prime minister in history to be elected without the support of the majority of Chinese. He would have to consider the risks of being the leader of BN and prime minister under such circumstances.

He may have to consider extending an olive branch to the DAP, just as his late father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein did to the then opposition Gerakan in 1970 for the sake of achieving national unity. If that happens, will it come at a price that Umno can accept? Will Umno have to swallow its pride again?


Yes, it is indeed difficult to stem the relentless onslaught of prying eyes into the once hush hush domain of a politician’s lucrative excesses …… seemingly the only reason why greedily inclined Malaysians strive to ‘make it’ in politics!

Take Bintulu MP, Tiong King Sing for example. He is the man in the limelight for his involvement in the Port Klang Free Zone project that has now put ex MCA President Ling Liong Sik in the dock!

Tiong King Sing is behind Wijaya International Medical Centre in Petaling Jaya …… that owns state of the art medical equipment that can scan, survey and summarise your biological well being!

And these equipment can cost tens, if not hundreds of million of ringgit. Wonder how he financed it ……. definitely not from his MP’s salary!

And what about Defence Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi?

From a humble residence in Kemensah Heights in Ulu Klang, he could move himself to a Country Heights mansion which he subsequently tore down and rebuilt into a greater ‘Mahligai’!

As for the Secretary General of UMNO, Tengku Adnan Mansor, his residence in Kenny Hills …. now known as Bukit Tunku ….. is like a 5 star resort with about 10 to 15 staff maintaining the place!

Sure, he made his riches during his time with Vincent Tan of Berjaya ……. but it gets back to the ‘Technical Know Who, rather than Know How’ expertise!

Over the years, the accumulation of this kind of wealth has becomes less subtle ……. in fact, more obvious to the naked eye!

It is made to seem more scandalous when you have opposition politicians revealing these transactions publicly!

Yup, it’s definitely difficult to justify such wealth and the flaunting of it …….. in the eyes of Malaysians ….. especially those of the Malays!

Is it no wonder that Najib is now forced to play the card proclaiming that only UMNO can maintain the status quo in the country?

Such desperation, it would seem.