April 25, 2013, 11:36 am
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It was with such horror that I saw those provocative adverts in The Star newspaper…….that only confirmed my fear that its owners (read: MCA) has brought the paper to the pantheons of irrelevance and ultimate obscurity.

Just like the UMNO owned New Straits Times.

Unable to rationally and logically present or argue its case to the electorate as to why MCA….and Barisan Nasional is still trustworthy and electable, it uses its media arm to indulge in cheap rhetoric and dangerous rumor and scare mongering!

Like UMNO, MCA has also attempted to introduce new faces to the seats they are contesting in……hoping that the electorate would give them a ‘second chance’.

But don’t they realize that the Chinese gave MCA their last chance in the 2004 General Elections…..when they supported Pak Lah with the expectation that MCA would see through the evolution of the UMNO led Government post-Mahathir?

And what exactly did MCA do?

Not only were they impotent in checking the excesses of the Pak Lah-led government (or was it Khairy-led?)……’s businessmen/tycoon members joined in with the alleged excesses!

Another chance for MCA?


Is it no wonder that MCA owned newspapers like The Star now indulge in gutter media reporting?

Shame on you!


November 28, 2012, 11:11 pm
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The war drums are being sounded and the sabres are rattling incessantly.

But can the UMNO led government regain its two thirds majority in Parliament?

PM Najib claims this is possible if the Malays are united. Click HERE

To me, this is a major admission that it CANNOT be attained!

This is because the Malay electorate is seriously split.

The mistrust and disdain a large proportion of Malays, educated and young, have for the UMNO establishment is staggering.

This UMNO establishment is still perceived to hold the Mahathir era values of corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

An indication of this happened recently when I visited a specialist’s office/clinic. He had in the past proudly displayed photos of him and Mahathir together at his clinic where Mahathir was a patient of his.

This time round, the photos were missing!

When asked, this specialist friend of mine said many of his patients from all walks of life……especially the Malays, expressly questioned his ‘wisdom’ in displaying the photos.

In time, he got the hint from his many patients and removed the photos.

Of course UMNO is favoured to win……what with non proportional representation, phantom voters, vote buying, rigging and a pliant Election Commission.

But two thirds parliamentary majority, I’m not too sure.

To attain that, the candidates’ list for UMNO will require a clean up that starts from the top!

Don’t think that is possible……..for now!


There is currently a hullaboo concerning the privatisation of Penang Port Sdn Bhd, which is located in the Malaysian state of Penang, controlled by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance).

This is because the UMNO led Federal government has decided to award the privatisation to known UMNO croney, Syed Mokhtar Albukary.

The original plan was for the port (under the company’s watch) to be dredged in order to cater for larger ships.

The latest about turn is seen as another attempt to thwart the sterling economic progress of Penang state under the Chief Ministership of Lim Guan Eng.

Whilst the decision whether to privatise or otherwise is moot……the fact that Syed Mokhtar is in the picture does not make good reading for any fence-sitter either!

This Syed Mokhtar has been given crown jewels by the government on a silver platter……which he subsequently sells, for cash and shares, to public listed companies……the latter of which he then controls e.g. MMC, Malakoff, DRB-Hicom.

Remember the Senai land that was compulsorily acquired by the government (original land-owners included the OCBC group) and then ‘sold’ to Syed Mokhtar under the SAT (Senai Airport Terminal) deal?

No one has officially done any calculation of the net gains made by this Syed Mokhtar in all these ‘deals’ but it can certainly be conservatively estimated in the billions of ringgit!

There is no denying that Syed Mokhtar, besides being a well known philanthropist, is also a ‘significant monetary contributor’ to the UMNO cause.

Sure, he delivered to a certain degree……in the form of the Port of Tanjong Pelepas (PTP) in Johor which cause  a few ripples over in Singapore when shipping giant, Maersk, took a stake in PTP.

But what has been the progress of PTP since then?

Have they come anywhere close or progressed significantly in growth terms compared to Singapore or Hongkong…….with respect to the containers handled at PTP i.e. the Twenty foot equivalents (TEUs) vis a vis that of Singapore or Hongkong?

Syed Mokhtar’s selection as a rising star by Mahathir then was similar to that of Ting Pek Khing (of Ekran infamy), when the latter completed the construction of a hotel in Langkawi in apparent record time.

After that, all sorts of contracts were awarded to him… though he had the midas touch. Just look at the ‘carcass’ companies he left behind after the economic crisis in the late 1990s.

Another one that comes to mind is Rashid Hussain, who at that time, could do no wrong in the financial/stockbroking industry.

He was then given the right to take over D&C Bank which he renamed RHB Bank….minus his partner, Chua Ma Yu.

He was even subsequently awarded the contract to manage the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur! He then went into property development …… remember Wawasan City near Kampung Baru?

And what happened of him?

He was ‘marginalised’ after allegations of shorting the ringgit surfaced against him also in the economic crisis of the late 1990s.

As for Halim Saad…….wasn’t he the one that triggered the economic crisis of the late 1990s…..with him causing United Engineers to acquire the Renong shares at a price deemed excessive by the market?

Although moves were made to recover the sums from him, it never materialised!

So now we have this Syed Mokhtar who was also recently given the right to privatise the car maker Proton.

What was startling was that with a purported net asset of RM5.2 billion, the Syed Mokhtar company of DRB-Hicom only expended about RM3.0 billion to privatise Proton.

Of course, one could attribute it to the prevailing share price.

The flip side of it is that the extra RM2.0 billion in Proton’s books were assets in Proton’s books… which DRB-Hicom was somehow not prepared to pay for!

On top of that, you have Proton’s Glenmarie land that has been spiking in value…..due to the development carried out in that area.

Should Proton’s car assembly operations be moved to its Tanjong Malim plant (which is considerably under-utilised), the development potential on the Glenmarie land is massive…..gross development value for property development would be in excess of RM10 billion?

Is it any wonder then why the government passed it on to Syed Mokhtar?

Is it also any wonder why the privatisation of Penang Port to Syed Mokhtar is seen so negatively?

Click HERE on the rejection of the privatisation by the Penang State government.

Benefits appear only to accrue to cronies…not the people!


May 29, 2012, 7:55 am
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It certainly is mind-boggling to witness the constant denial mode of the UMNO led government… far as the will, and now demands of the people are concerned.

Instead, we find the government constantly coming up with a myriad of excuses from Petty Traders’ grouses to crude butt gyrations to intimidate the concerned citizens of the country!

Is that what our government has been reduced to?

The fact that such cheap publicity stunts could have been replicated in front of the houses of UMNO politicians or the Deputy Inspector General of Police (who publicly condoned the ‘intimidation’)……but did not take place…..only proves that the one that is really concerned is UMNO!

The latest is UMNO’s (and it cronies’) selective acknowledgement of the findings of the widely followed Merdeka Centre surveys carried out amongst the Malaysian population.

‘Acceptance’ when the survey findings say that the popularity ratings of Najib has apparently improved somewhat BUT ‘rejection’ when it says that the population wants the electoral roll to be cleaned up!

It is clearly evident that UMNO is setting the last mile platform  for the impending General Elections by attempting to create a false fervour and feel-good  atmosphere in order to win ‘handsomely’……of course, with help from a tainted electoral roll.

One example that clearly comes to mind was the UMNO celebrations held at the Bukit Jalil stadium that housed 100,000 participants.

This is not dissimilar to the closing ceremony of the 1998 Commonwealth Games when bus-loads of civil servants were herded into the stadium to fill up the empty seats…….to counter the wide-spread discontentment from the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from all posts in UMNO then.

It was clearly the same modus operandi in the recent Bukit Jalil event where participants were reportedly given money and enticements in order to ‘be present’ at the UMNO celebrations.

Without enticement, no one would attend as shown in the family get-together event organised for the same participants the following day at the same premises.

Compare that with the presence of the hundreds of thousands at the Bersih 3.0 gathering…..who paid for their own hotel stay the night before, who came out of their own volition, via their own transportation means…..and endured the expected intimidation and beatings!

One must be living in cuckoo-land if this movement is not seriously acknowledged!

One more thing……the intimidation of Ambiga Sreenivasan, the defacto leader of Bersih 3.0…..has made her one of the most popular person in Malaysia…..of course, except to petty people interested only in crude gyrations of the lower human anatomy!


As it is often said ……. a useful tree that bears fruits will constantly be utilised by pests!!

Therefore with the oppostion controlled states of Penang and Selangor lately attracting more than half of investments in the country besides significantly contributing to the GDP of the country ……. it is only natural for the UMNO machinery to take credit for opposition states’ achievements.

For the uninitiated, both Penang and Selangor states have been under the control of the People’s Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) led by Anwar Ibrahim, Tok Guru Hadi and Lim Guan Eng since the last general elections in 2008.

And for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government to blow their own trumpets and tell the world that the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) has been a resounding success ………. sounds so hollow!!

Najib should realise by now that the people are quite adept at seeing things as it is ……. as opposed to how it is being portrayed by the UMNO led government.

After years of being hood-winked, the people are able to differentiate between rhetoric and hard-drawn evidence!

And if Najib and company are able to prevail in the next general elections, much of it will be attributable to the non-proportional representation in terms of voters per seat.

Just look at the Sarawak state elections recently. In a Taib (Sarawak Chief Minister) backed constituency comprising majority indigenous Melanaus, the seat comprises 5,000 voters.

However, if the seat was an opposition leaning constituency (read: better informed urban populated area), that constituency would comprise 30,000 voters on average.

To say that there is a slight advantage to UMNO and its cohorts would be an understatement!

Perseverence seems to be the only way forward.

Click HERE for Najib’s fantastic achievements under the ETP ….. Extra Teruk Programmes?


I recall proponents for the subject of History ……. and Mindfulness …… articulating the need to know about the past in order to understand why we are in this current situation.

In the same token, it was said that it was equally essential to know (read: to be mindful) what we are doing NOW as it would result in what we are going to be in the future!

I am quite certain that such thoughts did not go through the UMNO administration’s minds under Mahathir when they decided to change the language of instruction in schools from English to Malay.

Neither do I think serious thought was ever given for Mahathir’s declaration or ambition for the country to have a population of 70 million!

Such ambition …… or vision as many of Mahathir’s supporters call it, was not sustainable for reasons that would have been clear even then.

For example, the conversion of the medium of language in schools from English to Malay has now churned out students who do not have a firm grasp of any language ……. be it Malay or English ……. or even Chinese.

Not only that, their level of comprehension, analysis has fallen several knotches down compared to students prior to the change in policy.

The failure of that education policy ….. primarily due to its poor / short-sighted implementation …… was confirmed when Mahathir himself confessed to it in his book, “Mahathir – Doctor in the House.”

Mahathir even conceded that for a particular language to flourish, their people had to be successful ….. hence encouraging others to pick up the language. He then gave examples like Japan and France ……. whose languages were learnt the world over by different nationalities!

Well, unfortunately Malaysia has not been much of an example for others to emulate …… in language terms anyway!

As for Mahathir’s vision of Malaysia having a population of 70 million by the year 2020 ……. was like telling us having a large population is a panacea to all of the country’s economic challenges.

There were even those UMNO Ultras who took advantage of Mahathir’s population vision by encouraging their bretheren to have ‘large’ families ……. in order to dilute the proportion of non-Malays in the country.

Comprising about 33% of the total population of 13 million when Mahathir came into power in 1981, the Chinese population has dwindled to 23% of a total current population of 28 million.

I recall data stating that the Chinese comprised 45% of the population back in 1957 prior to independence.

Thinking that this would entrench the supreme political power of the Malays ……. the original intention of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ slowly gave way to greed, lust for power ……. and corruption!

At the same time, the economic cake was being cut up by the UMNO led government warlords that meant little in terms of crumbs left for the Rakyat.

And this Rakyat we are referring to are the large numbers of Malays that have increased multi-fold ….. thanks to Mahathir’s vision for a 70 million Malaysian population.

The Malays are dis-enchanted.

The Malays ….. together with the rest of other concerned non-Malays …… are witnessing corruption of the crudest nature committed by the most senior of UMNO warlords …… without these cretins batting an eye-lid.

And what was entrenched Malay political power has now become a nightmare for the UMNO political hierarchy!

The Malay vote is split.

The Malays (many of them decent & hardworking) now have the luxury to choose a credible alternative government in place of one deemed self-interested (read: corrupt). 

As I have said before, what was originally a ripple has turned into a wave …… possibly a tsunami of change for Malaysia …… a change for the better.

God willing.

And so much for the Mahathir legacy!


Was it a real surprise to find out that the Government paid RM94 million of taxpayers’ money to a foreign public relations company to enhance the world’s perception of the country, Malaysia (read: UMNO)?

Was it a real surprise to read about PM Najib recruiting as advisers ….. at a great cost to the taxpayers, I am sure ……. the same strategy team that advised former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to his first victory in the British General Elections in 1997 under ‘New Labour’?

Was it a real surprise to find that this year’s Budget would mean goodies for everyone …… and I mean everyone, including the taxi drivers …… with where the money is going to come from this being wondered about by the experts!

In Budget jargon, the financing is going to come from estimated future revenue, the source of which is being seriously questioned!

Where exactly does that leave the country in the foreseeable future?

In a bigger hole, I suppose.

With the stakes as high as it is now, fundamentals have been cast aside!

It is the perception war that is being waged between the political adverseries …… with ‘no prisoners being taken alive’ so to speak ….. especially by UMNO’!!

This mode of action has even resulted in unsubstantiated allegations to be made ….. so long as it scores brownie points for UMNO!

When such unsubstantiated allegations occur especially when they involve corporate deals ….. one would usually smell a rat!

Rat ….. because it is usually done to cover up their own misdemeanours.

In one such case, you would suddenly find the UMNO bloggers alleging that DAP (the opposition political party in control of Penang, under the Pakatan Rakyat banner) is involved in the tussle for control over E&O Berhad!

For those not in the know, Sime Darby recently acquired 30% of E&O from the controlling shareholders for RM766 million or RM2.30 per share when its market price trading on Bursa Malaysia then was about RM1.30.

This deal has created a furore because, to put it in a nut-shell, Sime Darby is claiming to have NO CONTROL of E&O despite having paid a substantial premium to become the largest shareholder (30%) of E&O ….. and they purchased the block from the previous controlling shareholders!

This stand enabled Sime Darby to claim exemption from making a similarly attractive offer of RM2.30 each for the remaining shares in E&O held by minority shareholders.

Questions naturally arose as to why these vendors i.e. Terry Tham, Wan Azmi & GK Goh should enjoy such substantial premium prices!

This is when the UMNO bloggers went to work with the alleged DAP conspiracy ….. seemingly to divert our attention from the questions relating to the E&O acquisition price.

These UMNO bloggers are alleging that ECM Libra (a substantial shareholder of E&O), which recently nominated two individuals as directors, are in cahoots with DAP.

So what? What has it got to do with the substantial price paid by Sime Darby for E&O to those individuals … long known for their association with UMNO?

In any case, it is impossible for ECM Libra to have any collaboration with DAP. 


Because, the substantial and largest shareholder of ECM Libra is UMNO croney, Azman Hashim (of Amcorp Group Berhad) ….. meaning that it is effectively an UMNO company!

It’s in ECM Libra’s 2011 Annual Report – check it out on Bursa’s website!

This deal (Azman Hashim surfacing as major shareholder) took place shortly after the ‘demise’ of Pak Lah as Prime Minister.

So, how can DAP be in cahoots with UMNO company, ECM Libra?

Isn’t this wild allegation a red herring …… to divert our attention from something else?

What could it be?

Grapevine has it that the substantial premium paid by Sime Darby i.e. RM330 million out of the RM766 million is for the ‘General Elections’ war chest!

For whose benefit?

Your guess is as good as mine!