It just amazes me that the UMNO led government seems to get itself into perpetual controversy  with the Rakyat.

If it’s not the ‘Cow for Condo’ controversy, it’s accusing another religion for their own bretherens’ alleged apostasy!

Now, it’s the Lynas plant in the Malaysian ‘easterlies’ that is claimed will cause harm including babies born with deformities!

How does the UMNO led government expect people to believe that everything is okay and that the government can be trusted on this Lynas project?

After all, the same was said about the ‘Bukit Merah’ plant then run by Mitsubishi and closed in 1992 ……. which subsequently had such a negative health impact on its population …….. although the government claims that it has not been proven.

Click HERE for the shameful story picked up by the New York Times.

In any case, doesn’t the government realize that the inevitable DOES NOT occur …….. it is the UNEXPECTED that always take place.

The fall-out at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the Japanese tsunami is a case in point.

What is of added concern is that the government’s risk management ……. just like many of its agencies ……. leaves much to be desired.

That’s because in their risk assessment exercise, only what is known to them ….. and that’s very limited to say the least ……..  are identified and tabulated for consideration.

And of course, if these ‘risks’ are limited (and simple) in nature, it is naturally easy to appear to have addressed those ‘risks’ ……….. leaving the impression that all is well!

Well, all is NOT well!

Malaysians,  especially Malays, are fed up with the patronising attitude of the UMNO led government ……. as though UMNO knows what is best for their bretherens.


Most likely!!

Contrary to what UMNO may think, Malays, be they educated or otherwise, have strong views about the sorry state of the education system, free speech and most importantly, rampant corruption.

That may explain why the electorate is being lured with the promise of stronger power for the anti-corruption agency, MACC …….. if the UMNO led government is returned with a two thirds majority!

Such desperation!

Even the listing of Felda, in which the people (through their cooperative) has a 51%  stake in the crown jewel, is being held up by the ‘serious concern’ expressed by the very people the UMNO led government seems to be taking for granted!

The fact that the government’s ‘golden share’ in the Felda joint venture is being considered to be used in order to ‘push through’ the listing of Felda highlights the lack of in-depth thought in the proposal!

Bottom line is that rhetoric is a thing of the past.

The substantive achievement of the government of the day will be the criteria in which the Rakyat will decide which way they are going to vote!