It just amazes me that the UMNO led government seems to get itself into perpetual controversy  with the Rakyat.

If it’s not the ‘Cow for Condo’ controversy, it’s accusing another religion for their own bretherens’ alleged apostasy!

Now, it’s the Lynas plant in the Malaysian ‘easterlies’ that is claimed will cause harm including babies born with deformities!

How does the UMNO led government expect people to believe that everything is okay and that the government can be trusted on this Lynas project?

After all, the same was said about the ‘Bukit Merah’ plant then run by Mitsubishi and closed in 1992 ……. which subsequently had such a negative health impact on its population …….. although the government claims that it has not been proven.

Click HERE for the shameful story picked up by the New York Times.

In any case, doesn’t the government realize that the inevitable DOES NOT occur …….. it is the UNEXPECTED that always take place.

The fall-out at the Fukushima nuclear power plant after the Japanese tsunami is a case in point.

What is of added concern is that the government’s risk management ……. just like many of its agencies ……. leaves much to be desired.

That’s because in their risk assessment exercise, only what is known to them ….. and that’s very limited to say the least ……..  are identified and tabulated for consideration.

And of course, if these ‘risks’ are limited (and simple) in nature, it is naturally easy to appear to have addressed those ‘risks’ ……….. leaving the impression that all is well!

Well, all is NOT well!

Malaysians,  especially Malays, are fed up with the patronising attitude of the UMNO led government ……. as though UMNO knows what is best for their bretherens.


Most likely!!

Contrary to what UMNO may think, Malays, be they educated or otherwise, have strong views about the sorry state of the education system, free speech and most importantly, rampant corruption.

That may explain why the electorate is being lured with the promise of stronger power for the anti-corruption agency, MACC …….. if the UMNO led government is returned with a two thirds majority!

Such desperation!

Even the listing of Felda, in which the people (through their cooperative) has a 51%  stake in the crown jewel, is being held up by the ‘serious concern’ expressed by the very people the UMNO led government seems to be taking for granted!

The fact that the government’s ‘golden share’ in the Felda joint venture is being considered to be used in order to ‘push through’ the listing of Felda highlights the lack of in-depth thought in the proposal!

Bottom line is that rhetoric is a thing of the past.

The substantive achievement of the government of the day will be the criteria in which the Rakyat will decide which way they are going to vote!



Over the past month or so, there have been much news, debate and criticism about the alleged excesses of the Women & Family Development Minister, Shahrizat Jalil ….. involving the cow rearing project that had been awarded to her family company, helmed by her husband and children.

We then had the (not so) surprising announcement from the CEO of Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Che Khalib, expressing his ‘desire’ not to have his contract extended …… apparently due to the inability of the utility company to raise electricity rates in order to cover ever-rising costs.

And then of course, we had to be told by a foreign newspaper that Securities Commission chairman, Zarinah Anwar, will not be having her contract extended ……. allegedly due to the actions of her husband.

The news and speculation have been never ending …… but hold on, don’t these people, from Minister to CEO of a GLC plus a senior securities regulator have something in common?

Yes, they do …….. they have all been effectively appointed by the UMNO led government of Malaysia.

And what do you think their Key Performance Indicators would be every year?

The common KPI for all of them …….. would be to ensure that besides raising their organisation’s profile to a positively higher level, more importantly, the head honchos have to ensure that NO DISREPUTE of a material nature arises in their respective entities.

No material disrepute, conflicts or fall-outs ……. even for those transactions involving parties perceived to have vested interests of the controversial kind.  

They are expected to smoothen these glitches up with the minimal of fuss, full of classy professionalism and articulated in the most convincing manner expected from a person of that ranking.

They are not expected to run rough-shod over their peers and more importantly …… not to use undue leverage in order to obtain compliance (read: justification for their action)  …… lest they risk creating the perception of practising corruption of the subtlest kind!  

Most importantly, they cannot compromise fundamental or sacred issues in order to meet their objectives, notwithstanding its controversial nature!

That would be sacrilege!

Once anyone of them falls into the trap …… of doing exactly what is NOT expected of them …… they become a liability to the very entity that appointed them in the first place i.e. UMNO!

Retaining these ‘out of line’ individuals would tantamount to tying a rope (connected to a slab) around the ‘neck’ of UMNO and throwing that slab into the sea!

Based on the above criteria, it is quite clear as to who UMNO would retain or replace!

I do wonder if this has anything to do with the perception of weakness or compromise amongst Malaysia’s key institutions, agencies and corporations e.g. judiciary, MACC, etc!


The audacity of it all …… in committing crime and confident that they can get away with it!

That’s how an affected foreign investor effectively described the investment environment in Malaysia when he was asked by Edge Malaysia (28 Nov. 2011 issue) about his thoughts regarding the disappearance of RM106 million and the manager responsible for managing the funds under a regulated asset management company called SJ Asset Management ……. and the regulatory response subsequently!!

And as if to rub salt into the wound of that foreign investor, we read day in and day out for the past three to four weeks about the disturbing manner in which public funds are being utilized for the apparent well being of the family members of a senior woman Minister.

I don’t even describe them as allegations because that family acknowledged that those transactions took place!!

Now the 2nd highest ranking police officer has said that the Minister’s family has not committed any crime based on their investigations todate!

Wow, after the expose’, the perpetrators appear vindicated?

Even the Women’s Wing that she heads, has given her their full backing …… indicating that their Head’s family transactions reflect the norm in UMNO!!

If that is the clear cut standards of governance of the UMNO led  government, then it is time for the Rakyat to make a statement on this issue ………. at the coming General Elections.