There is without a doubt that campaigning up to the very last day before voting will be crucial for both the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional with the People’s Alliance or Pakatan Rakyat.

Various accusation and counter accusations have been thrown at each other…..with signs of violence being reported here and there, but hopefully capped by the security apparatus!

It was so obvious that the campaign run by Barisan Nasional has centred around the ‘aura’ of ‘popularity’ of its Prime Minister, Najib Tun Abdul Razak.

Hardly has Barisan Nasional had any significant political rallies around the country……bar those attended by Najib.

More shocking has been its paid on-line advertisements – they are shown prior to the video clips of massive Pakatan Rakyat rallies loaded on YouTube!!

Such desperation…….and a clear sign of the irrelevance and waning influence of the UMNO-led government.

I am now convinced that if the elections was carried out without any mischief, Pakatan Rakyat would win hands-down.

But when desperados cling to power, then abuse will arise…….look no further than Mahathir’s comrade-in-arms, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

Like Mugabe, there is too much at stake for Mahathir (and the UMNO warlords) for Pakatan Rakyat (esp if the Prime Minister is Anwar Ibrahim) to take over the government at Putrajaya.

The latest serious allegations is the ferrying in by air, of foreigners into Kuala Lumpur and Selangor…..apparently to vote this Sunday.

It is therefore imperative that every voter should come out to vote……in order to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of the low turnout to ‘parachute’ in the frauds to vote in place of the absent voters!!

Much has been said leading up to the elections this Sunday……… BUT the bottom line is that this UMNO-led government has perpetuated a corrupt administration that has gone from bad to worse.

Worse to the extent that the country will be on the brink of Bankruptcy if this is not checked.

It cannot be checked under a new UMNO-led government due to entrenched interests!

The only way is via CHANGE!


And this is the voice of the people of Malaysia – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans etc etc.

Happy voting and if you’re still not convinced on who to vote, watch this video below:-



When the UMNO led Barisan Nasional under then Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi aka Pak Lah, won a landslide in 2004 under his manifesto of ‘Work with me, not under me’, one of the key reforms he made (rhetorically, we find out later) was  that contracts awarded by government and government linked entities – must be on an open tender basis.

It was and unfortunately, until today, still  a big problem to address – as it is seen as having ‘contributed’ to the humongous debt the country has amassed over the years – touching nearly 55% of GDP – of which the economic effects on the man on the street is well, quite scary.

If the debt was unavoidable due to circumstances beyond the control of the Government, then it’s fine…..they tried their best.

But was it really unavoidable?

Until today, the practice of  major contracts having been awarded to relatives of senior officials of UMNO eg Jamaluddin Jarjis or JJ (former Finance Minister II and currently envoy to Washington) persists.

If those parties had the technical know-how to fulfil the contract requirements, that may be understandable…….but they don’t!

That’s where a ‘joint-venture’ with a party with the technical know-how to do the work takes place.

The UMNO linked party originally awarded the contract will claim that they have the TECHNICAL KNOW-WHO! 

This means that a consideration (cash, of course) will be demanded from their technical know-how partners for ‘bringing them into the picture’.

Of course, in most cases the partner brought in for their expertise will not compromise on their own profit margins to pay for that ‘consideration’.

This means that the cost of the contract will be increased accordingly to pay the promoters!

As most of these contracts are originally in the hundreds of million or billions of Ringgit, even several percentage points to pay for the ‘incentive’ costs translate to large sums of money – in reality, it may be much higher than just ‘several percentage points’!

This results in a relatively small number of people collecting stratospherically large sums of money whilst the remaining population are expected to pay for those ‘costly’ projects…….in the form of road tolls, airport tax, poorer education, higher costs of living etc.

One such project that doesn’t seem to want to go away from media spotlight is the submarine project that is linked to the current PM, Najib……and is further complicated with his man’s (Razak Baginda) involvement in the project with a Mongolian lady who was later killed and whose body was subsequently blown up with C-4 dynamite.

What makes it fodder for Najib’s political opponents may be because those convicted for the Mongolian’s murder were reported to be in the police detail that was protecting the Prime Minister then!

The constant uncovering of the financial excesses is clearly upsetting the people of Malaysia……irrespective of race or religion.

The UMNO led Government is currently clearly trying to gain some mileage by dishing out goodies to the people before the General Elections due end of this year……again using tax-payers’ money….and more of concern, also utilizing the savings of the people via EPF and KWAP!

And to think that the people are oblivious to the manoeuvrings of the UMNO led Government……is well, fool hardy!

May 2, 2012, 1:35 am
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Some BERSIH rally members were strangely confrontational – That was the seemingly perplexed view of many who participated or observed the rally on Saturday.

This contrasts significantly to the previous BERSIH 2.0 rally where members adhered strictly to instructions and kept their composure…… being ‘picked off’ (read: arrested) by the police.

I recall the police being lambasted for their crude behavior at Bersih 2.0 including ‘shooting’ their water cannons into the compound of a hospital.

Which brings us to the point of the ‘violence’ perpetrated by the rally members that contained folks from the everyday of life……mothers, children, Malays, Indians, Chinese, office workers, factory workers, NGO members, opposition party members etc.

The insinuation coming out of all this is that this time round, the authorities appear to require a catalyst to justify their action for arresting rally members AND at the same time discredit BERSIH…….a serious threat to the very existence of the UMNO led government.

The key aim of BERSIH, as I understand it, is to exercise their constitutional rights in a peaceful manner and at the same time highlight the heinously slanted electoral process of the country.

It is only natural for BERSIH’s adversaries to deny them that.

And following from that………if BERSIH’s adversaries had indeed ‘planted’ provocateurs into the crowd to trigger the violence after the crowd had been instructed to disperse, then this is a new ‘low’ in the political evolution of Malaysia…..a clear sign of digression into possible anarchy.

Let us all pray that it is otherwise.

In any case, Bersih 3.0 has been picked up by most news agencies all round the world and it’s not looking good for Najib.

Not only are foreign journalists on the ground……doing their rounds, but rally members are ever ready to record ‘happenings’ around them including unprovoked assaults committed by the police themselves!!

This has even elicited a written protest by the Managing Editor in Monday’s issue of the Malay Mail about journalists being targetted for police ‘aggression’……and this paper still has that turn-coat, Rocky a.k.a. Ahiruddin Attan working behind the scene.

Click HERE for Aljazeera’s take of the events on 28 April 2012….entitled, “Police Violence Marks Malaysian Reform Rally”.

Read below for another foreign newspaper’s analysis of the situation:-


Police’s forceful handling of protesters and lack of restraint shock many

BT 20120430 PNCOL30 1279617

THE finger-pointing over who is to blame for the fracas that Saturday’s election reform sit-down rally descended into, where more than 400 people were arrested and later released, will continue for a while yet.

Some blame the organisers of Bersih 3.0 – a coalition of NGOs leading the call for election reforms to be implemented before the next general election due by April next year – for their failure to ensure better crowd control, and for not preventing the barriers leading into Merdeka Square to be breached as agreed.

But the ensuing melee and chaos is arguably more damaging for the authorities, whom few thought would risk a repeat of the black eye suffered after the Bersih 2.0 rally last July, which drew local and international condemnation for the indiscriminate use of tear gas and chemical-laced water cannon on peaceful rally-goers.

Near stampede

Whether the police and federal reserve unit (FRU) were unprepared for the mammoth crowd or have little discretion in crowd control, they aided in transforming the peaceful sit-down protest into a near stampede by firing tear gas into participants after a group of disruptive protesters breached the barriers.

Prior to that, the event that home minister Hishammuddin Hussein predicted would have “no traction” with the masses, turned out to be one of the largest in years. Waves of Malaysians decked in the yellow colour of Bersih swarmed the city centre despite the closure of 58 roads leading in.

The numbers – estimated at 80,000 to 100,000 – or about double Bersih 2.0, were telling. Equally telling was the huge attendance by the middle class of all races, and the youth in particular.

Despite the sweltering heat, the atmosphere was carnival-like. Shops that decided to stay open did a roaring trade. The proprietors of two famous beef noodle stalls in nearby Chinatown were run off their feet catering to the hungry masses. Such is the Malaysian penchant for food that some were spotted killing two birds with one stone – taking refuge after being tear-gassed but also having a quick bite!

The continuing debate about whether the authorities ought to have allowed the sit-in at Merdeka Square as the organisers wanted, or if Bersih should have accepted the offer to hold it in a stadium, is now moot.

But the manner in which the rally was dispersed in the presence of many elderly, children and even the wheelchair-bound could rebound on Prime Minister Najib Razak and his coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) at the coming 13th General Election (GE).

Although more politically conscious now, Malaysia’s middle class is generally apolitical, only desiring fairer laws and better governance, be it from BN or its rival coalition Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The many who consider themselves neutral or fence-sitters make up 30-40 per cent of the electorate.

Saturday’s rally was a first for many, as was the maiden experience of getting tear-gassed. The questions being asked now include the following: why did the FRU not arrest those who had breached the court order for Merdeka Square? Why shoot tear gas without sufficient warning? And would not a round or two have been sufficient to start dispersing the mass of people that stretched at least a kilometre along streets surrounding the square?

Instead, round after round after round was fired in succession into the crowd, resulting in many retching and injured on the streets. Reports say some 40 rounds were discharged in total, and that the FRU also committed various acts of aggression towards journalists and lawyers covering and monitoring the event.

The police’s “grotesque force” and “lack of restraint and proportionality” have been condemned by the Bar Council.

Netizens were also aghast. “The duty of the police was crowd control and not to turn aggressors as they did on the slightest provocation,” said Jedi_Who. “Why the necessity to fire tear gas and chemical-laced water at those innocent people further down the street, even as far as Petaling Street?” asked FairMind.

Others pointed out that the blocking of certain roads and the halting of train services prevented the crowd from leaving the area faster.

Big turnout

Social commentator Marina Mahathir said that, in such a huge crowd, there are bound to be people who misbehave or agent provocateurs out to discredit Bersih. “But it doesn’t detract from the fact that an unbelievable number of people turned out today, far more than last year, and compared to the incidents of bad behaviour, there was a far larger number of people who marched and rallied peacefully.”

At the end of the day, Bersih 3.0 is unlikely to move the authorities to reform election laws to the degree that Bersih desires, though some proposals could be implemented.

Given Mr Najib’s attempt over the past two years to court the middle-class and youth by promising more reforms, Saturday’s aggression was unfortunate. Social commentator Terrence Netto believes: “The massive size and youth of the crowds at Bersih 3.0 bode ill for the BN at the 13th general election.”


As it is often said ……. a useful tree that bears fruits will constantly be utilised by pests!!

Therefore with the oppostion controlled states of Penang and Selangor lately attracting more than half of investments in the country besides significantly contributing to the GDP of the country ……. it is only natural for the UMNO machinery to take credit for opposition states’ achievements.

For the uninitiated, both Penang and Selangor states have been under the control of the People’s Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) led by Anwar Ibrahim, Tok Guru Hadi and Lim Guan Eng since the last general elections in 2008.

And for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government to blow their own trumpets and tell the world that the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) has been a resounding success ………. sounds so hollow!!

Najib should realise by now that the people are quite adept at seeing things as it is ……. as opposed to how it is being portrayed by the UMNO led government.

After years of being hood-winked, the people are able to differentiate between rhetoric and hard-drawn evidence!

And if Najib and company are able to prevail in the next general elections, much of it will be attributable to the non-proportional representation in terms of voters per seat.

Just look at the Sarawak state elections recently. In a Taib (Sarawak Chief Minister) backed constituency comprising majority indigenous Melanaus, the seat comprises 5,000 voters.

However, if the seat was an opposition leaning constituency (read: better informed urban populated area), that constituency would comprise 30,000 voters on average.

To say that there is a slight advantage to UMNO and its cohorts would be an understatement!

Perseverence seems to be the only way forward.

Click HERE for Najib’s fantastic achievements under the ETP ….. Extra Teruk Programmes?


That is exactly what Najib’s detractors are alleging.

That Najib’s family did NOT pay for the wedding bill from Shangrila Hotel of approximately RM410,000.

The fact that the hotel billed the Prime Minister’s Office is already a clear breach of protocol

It implies that there is no clear demarcation of his role as Prime Minister and that of his personal interests.

Crikey, it implies that there may have been other instances where  amounts, presumably paid for initially by the PM’s office and treated as an amount outstanding from the PM …….. somehow ‘disappears’ from the PMO’s books although payment has not been received ….. if not, paid by someone else!

It is for this reason that Najib has to respond clearly and unequivocally ….. with the supporting documents that everything was done above board.

It is essential that this be done …….. so soon after the charging of Shahrizat’s husband for improprieities for the Cowgate Scandal.

People might even now speculate that the RM13.6 billion gained from  government investment arm Khazanah’s asset divestment (Click HERE…… would somehow end up in the coffers of the UMNO warlord hierarchy!

It’s actually quite a simple clarification required from Najib. It would even put the PKR accusatory team on the back-foot.

Not doing so would confirm the wide-spread belief of improprieties at every level of government under UMNO.


In August 2011, I wrote about the proposed climb down by the government in respect of the ‘dispute’ with Tajuddin Ramli, the former head honcho of Malaysian Airlines and Celcom to name a few. Click HERE

Legal suits had been brought against him from various parties including Danaharta and judgement was obtained against him.

Alas, instead of enjoying the fruits of the judgement, the government has now officially agreed to an  out of court settlement with Tajuddin without any explanation for the turn-around!

It is obvious that the government will not risk any of their perceived cronies  ‘spilling the beans’ on the UMNO hierarchy.

But to the Najib government, this is becoming too much of an irritant and liability ……. carrying the baggage of yesteryears (read: Mahathir administration) and now seriously under threat of losing Putrajaya to the Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib and his ilk have no choice but to clean the slate …….. at least appear to do so in the eyes of the majority.

This is a Herculean task!

Najib is dealing not only with sceptics ……. but also cynics!

No doubt, a few UMNO warlords have dug their heels in ……. along with several cronies and Little Napoleons.

But Najib will undoubtedly have to dig these ‘worms’ out of the wood-work ……. even to the point of using a sharp ended chisel!!

It appears as though Najib is not having to act alone to extricate these ‘rift-rafts’.

Action and plans are already in place to ‘play-up’ situations that would highlight and embarrass those ‘worms’ concerned to vacate their positions!

Click HERE for an example.

Word is that many of the people recruited for the action plan are individuals with an axe to grind with those incumbents targetted for removal.

Looks like there’ll be more fire-works …….. after that of the 2012 New Year and Chinese New Year!

Reminds me of the saying that:



Was it a real surprise to find out that the Government paid RM94 million of taxpayers’ money to a foreign public relations company to enhance the world’s perception of the country, Malaysia (read: UMNO)?

Was it a real surprise to read about PM Najib recruiting as advisers ….. at a great cost to the taxpayers, I am sure ……. the same strategy team that advised former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to his first victory in the British General Elections in 1997 under ‘New Labour’?

Was it a real surprise to find that this year’s Budget would mean goodies for everyone …… and I mean everyone, including the taxi drivers …… with where the money is going to come from this being wondered about by the experts!

In Budget jargon, the financing is going to come from estimated future revenue, the source of which is being seriously questioned!

Where exactly does that leave the country in the foreseeable future?

In a bigger hole, I suppose.

With the stakes as high as it is now, fundamentals have been cast aside!

It is the perception war that is being waged between the political adverseries …… with ‘no prisoners being taken alive’ so to speak ….. especially by UMNO’!!

This mode of action has even resulted in unsubstantiated allegations to be made ….. so long as it scores brownie points for UMNO!

When such unsubstantiated allegations occur especially when they involve corporate deals ….. one would usually smell a rat!

Rat ….. because it is usually done to cover up their own misdemeanours.

In one such case, you would suddenly find the UMNO bloggers alleging that DAP (the opposition political party in control of Penang, under the Pakatan Rakyat banner) is involved in the tussle for control over E&O Berhad!

For those not in the know, Sime Darby recently acquired 30% of E&O from the controlling shareholders for RM766 million or RM2.30 per share when its market price trading on Bursa Malaysia then was about RM1.30.

This deal has created a furore because, to put it in a nut-shell, Sime Darby is claiming to have NO CONTROL of E&O despite having paid a substantial premium to become the largest shareholder (30%) of E&O ….. and they purchased the block from the previous controlling shareholders!

This stand enabled Sime Darby to claim exemption from making a similarly attractive offer of RM2.30 each for the remaining shares in E&O held by minority shareholders.

Questions naturally arose as to why these vendors i.e. Terry Tham, Wan Azmi & GK Goh should enjoy such substantial premium prices!

This is when the UMNO bloggers went to work with the alleged DAP conspiracy ….. seemingly to divert our attention from the questions relating to the E&O acquisition price.

These UMNO bloggers are alleging that ECM Libra (a substantial shareholder of E&O), which recently nominated two individuals as directors, are in cahoots with DAP.

So what? What has it got to do with the substantial price paid by Sime Darby for E&O to those individuals … long known for their association with UMNO?

In any case, it is impossible for ECM Libra to have any collaboration with DAP. 


Because, the substantial and largest shareholder of ECM Libra is UMNO croney, Azman Hashim (of Amcorp Group Berhad) ….. meaning that it is effectively an UMNO company!

It’s in ECM Libra’s 2011 Annual Report – check it out on Bursa’s website!

This deal (Azman Hashim surfacing as major shareholder) took place shortly after the ‘demise’ of Pak Lah as Prime Minister.

So, how can DAP be in cahoots with UMNO company, ECM Libra?

Isn’t this wild allegation a red herring …… to divert our attention from something else?

What could it be?

Grapevine has it that the substantial premium paid by Sime Darby i.e. RM330 million out of the RM766 million is for the ‘General Elections’ war chest!

For whose benefit?

Your guess is as good as mine!