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It was with such horror that I saw those provocative adverts in The Star newspaper…….that only confirmed my fear that its owners (read: MCA) has brought the paper to the pantheons of irrelevance and ultimate obscurity.

Just like the UMNO owned New Straits Times.

Unable to rationally and logically present or argue its case to the electorate as to why MCA….and Barisan Nasional is still trustworthy and electable, it uses its media arm to indulge in cheap rhetoric and dangerous rumor and scare mongering!

Like UMNO, MCA has also attempted to introduce new faces to the seats they are contesting in……hoping that the electorate would give them a ‘second chance’.

But don’t they realize that the Chinese gave MCA their last chance in the 2004 General Elections…..when they supported Pak Lah with the expectation that MCA would see through the evolution of the UMNO led Government post-Mahathir?

And what exactly did MCA do?

Not only were they impotent in checking the excesses of the Pak Lah-led government (or was it Khairy-led?)……’s businessmen/tycoon members joined in with the alleged excesses!

Another chance for MCA?


Is it no wonder that MCA owned newspapers like The Star now indulge in gutter media reporting?

Shame on you!



Being the incumbent President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), one would have thought that he would not be too worried about the rivals that he had defeated in the last Presidential elections.

Chua Soi Lek now even claims that having defeated two former Presidents the last time round, he would have no problem defeating them again.

But much has taken place since that event.

As President, Chua Soi Lek has not been able to galvanise the party to its former strength since gaining power in the party.

Droves have deserted the party…….leaving the hangers on and businessmen who ‘play on both sides’ (just to be on the safe side) left!

And why is Soi Lek alias ‘Soh Chai’ having to villify Ong Tee Keat? Click HERE

That’s because the Barisan Nasional election machinery thinks that Ong has a better chance to retain his seat at Pandan….as opposed to replacing him with a ‘Soh Chai’ nominee!!

The stakes are apparently too high to take the risk……so it seems!

Which brings me to the point that……since the last MCA Presidential elections, Ong Tee Keat’s credibility has remained intact (in the Rakyat’s eyes)….or even gone stronger, as opposed to the ‘Soh Chai’s’ dwindling fortunes!


People are beginning to see the wisdom of Ong Tee Keat’s drive then as MCA President to get to the bottom of the Port Klang Free Zone financial fiasco……in order to redeem the severely damaged reputation of the MCA.

Unfortunately, he was blocked and ultimately removed from his Ministerial positions…..much to the chagrin of the Rakyat.

Maybe the stakes were too high for the powers within the Barisan Nasional establishment…….but the ensuing damaging to the UMNO led coalition is irreversible!

That damage was further compounded by the release of the story behind the PKFZ fiasco by Ong’s ally, Lee Hwa Beng, who was tasked to clean up and get to the bottom of the matter.

If you recall, Lee Hwa Beng, was also ostracised and subsequently removed as Chairman of Port Klang.

Isn’t it plain obvious that with UMNO now taking the ‘racialistic’ route (i.e. taking a Malay rhetorical stand whilst blaming the Chinese for the problems), the UMNO warlords have ‘given up’ on the Chinese support that was previously reliably delivered by the MCA?

And together with the other ‘predominantly Chinese’ Parti Gerakan Malaysia helmed by the equally weak Koh Tsu Koon, is it any wonder why Chinese do not see any leadership emanating from both parties?

In any case, race is secondary as far as this coming General Elections is concerned.

Bread and butter issues, corruption and abuse of powers are!


If we really want to know the reason for Malaysia’s brain-drain ….. and why most end up into the open arms of Singapore ….. look no further!

It is thanks to the arbitrary manner in which Malaysia’s civil servants a.k.a. Little Napoleons implement the decisions of the Cabinet.

It is only when the Malaysian Chinese Association, a component member of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional, is at the brink of oblivion that they are now championing the rights of the deserving but down-trodden Chinese students!

How students who achieve 10 A+ in their examinations and yet they are allocated to lesser courses locally …… when their fellow countrymen and countrywomen with only 5 As can end up with a higher level course overseas!

I’ll leave it to your own devices as to what race those fellow countrymen and countrywomen are!

You should read more HERE for details of the rampant discrimination meted out by the nerdy civil servants of Malaysia!



Well, the message has been laid out bare by the mouth piece of UMNO!

They are going on a battle cry of “1Melayu 1Bumi” …… effectively casting by the wayside, its political partners within the Barisan Nasional.

This is a far cry from the initial setting up of the Alliance Party (UMNO, MCA & MIC) in the early fifties in order to project a united Malaysian front …. in its bid to obtain independence from the British.

This concept was further developed by Tun Abdul Razak (after the 1969 race riots) by including other parties like Gerakan and PPP into the enlarged Barisan Nasional ….. with a view of all Malaysians enjoying the fruits of development whilst eradicating poverty and raising the standards of the marginalised Malays.

This noble aim has however been decimated by the 22 year rule of Mahathir under the banner of ‘collusion, corruption & cronyism’.

The rejection of race politics in Malaysia was clearly shown in the March 2008 General Elections where Chinese openly supported and carried the flags of PAS …… to the point of joining PAS under the category of ‘Supporters of PAS’!

This means that UMNO has now been ostracised!

And their reaction to it is to go on their own …… even buggering their partners in Barisan Nasional!

And the response from the likes of MCA, Gerakan, PBS, SUPP …. dare I say seem quite obvious.

They will have to abandon Barisan Nasional!


In Malaysia, we’ve had our fair share of expose’ through video or CD.

Case No. 1: The very first one of significance was that of former MIC strong-man (i.e. stooge of Samy Vellu), DP Vijandran.

Well in Vijandran’s case, the tapes were of his own doing i.e. he taped those scenes when he fondled and undressed those ladies to his utter disgusting delight!

Apparently, one of his recalcitrant nephews stole those tapes from his Medan Damansara home and made them public.

DP Vijandran’s response : He maintained a deafening silence that effectively ended his political career.

Case No. 2 : Video showing lawyer VK Lingam talking on his handphone allegedly with the Chief Justice then in front of Loh Mui Fah and his son. Some of the things said by Lingam especially on governmental matters and how they could be ‘easily taken care of’ was rather self incriminating.

VK Lingam’s response: Looks like me, sounds like me but may not be me.

And no further action was taken by the authorities.

Case No. 3: Sex clip showing MCA leader Chua Soi Lek having sex with a  woman …. apparently with the ‘assistance’ of a lap top.

Chua Soi Lek’s response: Yes, the fellah in the sex clip was me. Soi Lek then resigned from all posts.

Case No. 4: Sex clip allegedly showing man resembling Anwar Ibrahim having sex with a fair skinned woman.

Anwar Ibrahim’s response: “That is not me in the clip.”

Recently, the Inspector General of Police has announced that the latest sex clip (implicating Anwar Ibrahim) is genuine i.e. it has not been ‘doctored’.

More importantly, the onus is to prove that the person in the tape is Anwar Ibrahim.

This may be the precursor to the setting up of a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

It is obvious that UMNO is trying to further discredit Anwar Ibrahim through a RCI ….. just like that for VK Lingam.

The question is can the evidence against Anwar Ibrahim be as credible as it was against VK Lingam?

This will bring the country to a new depth of gutter politics that may see even further expose’ involving senior UMNO politicians whom, based on the grape-vine, may be no angels themselves!

This may also explain why many of them may be ‘uncomfortable’ with the latest developments …… even to the ones recently calling for an RCI.

In the meantime, Anwar should consider taking an amended leaf from VK Lingam’s approach …….. and declare that the person in the video :



Well, former MCA President & Transport Minister, Ling Liong Sik was charged in July for ‘misleading’ the Cabinet last July.

Yesterday, former Deputy MCA President & Transport Minister, Chan Kong Choy was also charged for misleading then PM Pak Lah …… when the latter was awake, that is!

Many are touting the whole fiasco as an attempt to play to the gallery ……. especially to the Malay electorate …… portraying that excesses are committed by the blinking Chinese.

Not only that …… the instigator to this terrible scheme is Tiong King Sing, a Sabahan politician ….. will be touted as the epitomy of Chinese excesses!!

This reminds me of the death of Kugan in police detention, after which an Indian police officer was charged for the death …… and subsequently acquitted!

This only points to the UMNO strategy of trying to win back as much of the Malay electorate as possible from PAS ….. as the Chinese and (dare I say) the Indian votes are substantially behind the Pakatan Rakyat.

Coming back to the PKFZ scandal, let us not forget that whilst this scheme was effected with MCA appointed officials at the forefront, there existed the then UMNO Treasurer (and other UMNO associates)sitting in the key companies of Tiong King Sing.

That person was AZIM ZABIDI, a close confidant of the then PM Pak Lah, who appointed Azim as UMNO Treasurer.

That being the case, how could it be possible for Pak Lah to be oblivious of what happened at PKFZ?

Asleep or awake, Pak Lah and UMNO knew or is deemed to have known what was happening!

Yes …… do continue with the prosecutions (and hopefully, tangible convictions) …… but make sure it reaches the rogues in UMNO who benefitted greatly from the Chinese excesses!



Wow, imagine being told by the Malaysian Prime Minister that Malaysia would not be what it is without the contribution of all the races. click HERE

And not too long ago, senior members of the party that he represents, UMNO, were openly condemning the Chinese in the country and labelling them as ‘Pendatangs’.

Is it that easy to buy over the trust of the Chinese ……. after all this time of patience inspite of harrassments and challenges?

I recall the 1999 General Elections ……. that without the Chinese vote, Mahathir’s administration would have been decimated in a manner worse that what happened in the March 2008 elections.

In 1999, the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government lost Terengganu (which it wrested back in 2004) but maintained its two thirds majority in Parliament.

The Chinese maintained its support for BN in 1999 then as the fight was within the Malay community …… and there was no fundamental reason for the Chinese to shift that support.

The 2004 General Elections elicited further Chinese support for the UMNO led BN, this time under Pak Lah, because the Chinese were very, very hopeful that the Pak Lah administration would address some of the persistent short-comings of the Mahathir administration i.e. corruption, education, meritocracy and serious ‘leaks’, to name a few ….. which, if successful, would push the country to the next level of competitiveness.

They were taken in by Pak Lah’s rhetorical, “Come work with me, not work for me” election catch-phrase.

But in the 4 years from 2004, the population, especially Chinese, watched in horror the stupefying manner in which corruption and leakages flourished further under the UMNO led BN government, thanks also to an enterprising son-in-law of the PM then!

Pak Lah was literally ‘asleep at the wheels or switch-board’ …… even when senior UMNO officials were taunting the Indians and Chinese with their high-handed behaviour ….. remember HINDRAF and Kerisamuddin?

Enough was enough …… and with Anwar Ibrahim (now released) managing to realistically bond together a coalition opposition comprising Parti Keadilan Rakyat, DAP and PAS ….. that was perceived by the people as acceptable and workable, Barisan Nasional was in for a thrashing.

And thrasing it got in the March 2008 elections. BN lost another 4 states (besides Kelantan) and lost its parliamentary two thirds majority.

Fast forward to the current ……. now do you think saying those sweet nothings into the ears of the Chinese, Indian and Malay population is going to work wonders for BN?

Get real, man.

UPDATE (25 JAN 2011) – Human Rights Watch (International) damning ranking of Malaysia …….NATO ……. No Action Talk Only! click HERE