Much has been said about the suspension and investigation into the comments by constitutional expert, Aziz Bari, about the involvement of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor in the JAIS raid on a Christian establishment.

It is as though lese majeste laws like the ones in Thailand has suddenly become the fashion of the day …… the perception being that it is being used by UMNO to stifle comments cum revelations within the establishment.

It was therefore not surprising when the release of the  Auditor General’s report was deferred from the original date of release.

There was much speculation that the ‘cover’ of the report needed to be ‘re-phrased’ ….. or even ‘revamped’ in order NOT to put the UMNO led government in bad light!

Click HERE to see how Bernama (Malaysia’s official news agency) puts it so positively!

Hey, these short-comings and wastages involving the government machinery have been highlighted for so many years ….. dating back to the days of former Auditor General, the late Ahmad Nordin.

And what has really been done?

Absolutely nowt!!

The country is at a cross-road between continued prosperity (relatively speaking) AND falling into the ABYSS of no return.

Hey, but why do the political leaders of today care whether we fall into the abyss or not.

They are already substantial (in material terms …… and physically too). In fact, their material wealth can last them several generations, so I was told!

Following from this, it is therefore incumbent that failings or shortcomings need to be highlighted by the people concerned and not be allowed to get lost in the mass of details within the documentation.

Officials appointed to high offices within the establishment are duty bound to act in the interest of the country.

Isn’t it always ….. DEMI BANGSA, UGAMA DAN NEGARA?

A prime example of such obligations to whistleblow was shown in the case of the company, Olympus.

The newly appointed CEO, Michael Woodford, felt obliged to raise certain improprieties publicly …… after he had been ‘removed’ from office shortly after exposing these ‘matters’.

His whistleblowing was duly supported by documentation that revealed questionable fee payments that were in excess of 35% of the transaction cost. These fees are usually in the region of 1% to 2%, a world practice in fact.

Click HERE for Woodford’s letter to the Olympus Board that was published by the New York Times.

Better still, watch below Woodford’s interview with Reuters …. a brave man indeed but also one who is refusing to succumb to accusations against his competency:

Latest news reveal that the Chairman, Kikukawa (the previous CEO) has resigned and the company is under investigation by the Japanese authorities and the FBI.

This corporate greed is a world wide endemic and is not confined only to Malaysia.

And it is for that reason that the Rakyat cannot meekly accept the lackadaisical explanations and efforts in resolving these serious shortcomings that have become a serious Malaysian rot.

The moment key leaders are less than incorruptible, less than stern in demanding high standards, from that moment the structure of administrative integrity will weaken and eventually crumble.



It’s amazing how the raw anger of a young and talented Malaysian could be directed for the purpose of rallying the masses for the betterment of Malaysia.

I recall Namewee’s first music video that belittled the national anthem of Malaysia whilst taking the mickey out of certain races and religions of the country.

Since then he has re-focused his energy on less controversial projects …… the most notable being his movie, ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ and the music video ‘Undilah’, the latter of which had cameo appearances by Tengku Razaleigh, Wee Ka Siong, Tony Fernandes, Lee Chong Wei, Nurul Izzah and other Malaysian celebrities.

They were cool!

Really cool!

But not so to the likes of Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan or Fly-Shit (!

Bottom line is that these two UMNO mouth pieces just cannot condone the coming together of all the Malaysian races for the betterment of the country.

A look at their latest sites, especially Rocky’s that was unexpectedly crude, leave a bad taste to any objective visitor to those sites!

Even the YouTube site (highlighted in Rocky’s blog) that was responding to Namewee had been removed by the host due to ‘hate speech’.

Maybe Rocky and his ilk should take a leaf from Namewee and collect and re-direct their anger and hatred for a more useful purpose ……. like encouraging assimilation (for a change!).

Click HERE for the attack on Namewee.

UPDATE (30 Sept 2011) : And now PM Najib is supporting Namewee and describing the rapper as “unique and unconventional in his methods and thinking”. Click HERE


It is quite obvious that Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan has been directed by his political master, Najib, to compete with the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and of our dear ol’ Raja Petra …… hence the introduction of “”.

Malaysiakini and the likes are so called ‘anti-establishment’ sites that have strong following …… not so much for their ‘contrarian’ views as compared to the mainstream media; rather because they objectively report on issues that relate to the Rakyat at large.

The problem with the UMNO led government is that they are still living in the 20th century ….. when we have already been in the 21st for coming to 11 years!

What was done in the past is irrelevant, not so much because people and things change …… rather things evolve over time.

It was therefore quite comical to hear about the launch of Rocky’s “” on Malaysia Day (16 Sept 20100) ….. that coincided with Najib’s so-called grand announcement of the repeal of the ISA.

The fact that Nazri has clarified that the new laws (replacing the ISA) would cover terrorism, race and religion ……. has poured tons of cold water on whatever little euphoria there was on the proposed repeal of the ISA!

Most of the detentions in the past under the ISA were perceived to be related to racial if not, religious issues!

So are the new laws just involving concocting a new cover for the same ISA laws?

Why is this being done ….. you may ask.

Because UMNO’s, MCA’s, MIC’s etc sheer existence are premised on Bangsa, Ugama ……. and of course Negara!

Convergence and assimilation are not in their vocabulary ….. in fact, it’s taboo! 

And it is for that reason that many will expect the UMNO led government to play on the race and religious cards against the multi-racial opposition when it comes to the application of the securities laws!

The recent charges against Mat Sabu is a clear indication that nothing has changed …. only the rhetoric!

And who do they need to justify their actions ……. Rocky, of course, with the aid of the Fly Shit (literal Malay translation for ‘Tahi Lalat’, which in turn is the Malay dictionary translation for ‘Mole’).

I do wonder if the setting up of this ‘Fly Shit’ website has anything to do with Rocky’s new nick-name …..”The Twenty Six Million Dollar Man” …… with inflation factored in, of course!

Rocky’s justification for setting up : So that readers will know that what is presented in “” has been verified.

Based on several of its latest postings …… they were definitely NOT verified nor confirmed as factual.

In fact, they are UMNO’s online propaganda machine ….. a bit like a Trojan Horse.

So beware my friends of this FLY SHIT!


Couldn’t have said it better.

Question is whether our democratic rights will be compromised by the many, many unseen hands of the incumbents!

Notwithstanding the challenges and uncertainties, every eligible Malaysian should register and vote.

That should instil the fear of the Rakyat, if not the fear of God, into Malaysia’s politicians!!


This is becoming a silly comedy!

I recall even lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah declaring several years ago that they have clear evidence that Anwar Ibrahim is a sodomist.

Now, Anwar appears to be a bi-sexual!

In the Eskay Shazryl Abdullah vendetta, it started off in a room with an apparent prostitute.

Now, we are shown a clip of Anwar and Eskay apparently getting in or out of a lift in the hotel where the tryst occured.

Does that mean that if Anwar is filmed getting in or out of that hotel in question ……….. that other sex video confirms that the FAT BELLIED man is Anwar Ibrahim?

How stupid can these people be?

And to show their evil intentions, our dear old turn-coat, Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan turns this EXPOSE’ into front page fodder on his new mouldy web-blog, MOLE.

By highlighting this ‘lift’ incident shows that Rocky does not do any verification or corroboation …. as long it serves the objective of Rocky’s master ……NAJIB.

Click HERE for Rocky’s mouldy expose’!



Malaysia’s Securities Commission has, over the past year or so, been under ruthless attack from various social and corporate bloggers ….. triggered by (surprise, surprise) main-stream media reports, especially The Star newspaper.

Whilst the attacks had initially been rather personal i.e. against the chairman, Zarinah Anwar …… lately, the credibility of the organisation itself, the Securities Commission of Malaysia is being put into question.

Malaysia’s SC is one of the key institutions in Malaysia …… similar to that of Bank Negara Malaysia and the judiciary ……. and any apparent short-coming will never be tolerated …. be it from the locals or the foreigners, especially when it is prevalent.

The circumstances of the latest corporate transaction that caused the latest furore (Sime Darby’s acquisition of 30% of E&O) …… to the point of the SC being likened to ‘Solitude Commission’ and ‘Securities Comedy’ ….. has been unnecessarily damaging to the regulatory organisation.

Why unnecessary?

Because the circumstances could have been easily avoided.


By not trading in the shares of those companies that one is a director of ……. especially if one was appointed as an independent director.

Especially so …… when one is married to a very senior official from a corporate regulatory organisation!

That way, even if one had been an independent director for the past 8 to 9 years, no issue can be raised against that director.

An added issue that has further damaged the regulatory organisation is the accumulation of negative perception arising from his other ‘transactions’ over the last few years.

This has enabled critics to put them together to unleash the latest lethal barrage against the SC and its chairman.

It is timely for an appropriate and professional response from the Commission,  something that the likes of the late Tun Ismail Ali or the late Choi Siew Hong ……. would have insisted on!

Nothing less!

Click HERE and HERE for the attacks against the SC.

UPDATE (13 Sept 2011) : And it get murkier HERE


I recall in my younger days during moral classes, we were reminded that before we ask for something from our parents, we should first ask ourselves whether we really need it  ……. or is it that we just want it!

In my later years, I have come across commentary that many people now spend money that they have not yet earned (i.e. credit card / borrowings) ….. in order to buy things they don’t really need ….. so that they can impress people they don’t really like!

It all boils down to the question of necessity in getting something …… in order to remain thrifty. 

This same principle can apply in the case of making a charitable contribution to the poor, famished and needy!

For example, if a party decides to make a contribution of food, blankets, toiletries etc to the people in a destitute country …….. is it really necessary to have cameramen to accompany and record the delivery of humanitarian aid to that country?

After all, it is said that a charitable act from the heart involves doing something that is right without others knowing that you did it.

If some parties had adhered to that principle …… maybe some poor soul of a cameraman may not have been required to lay his life down for the country and leave his wife and children so unnecessarily early in life.