Much has been said about the suspension and investigation into the comments by constitutional expert, Aziz Bari, about the involvement of His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor in the JAIS raid on a Christian establishment.

It is as though lese majeste laws like the ones in Thailand has suddenly become the fashion of the day …… the perception being that it is being used by UMNO to stifle comments cum revelations within the establishment.

It was therefore not surprising when the release of the  Auditor General’s report was deferred from the original date of release.

There was much speculation that the ‘cover’ of the report needed to be ‘re-phrased’ ….. or even ‘revamped’ in order NOT to put the UMNO led government in bad light!

Click HERE to see how Bernama (Malaysia’s official news agency) puts it so positively!

Hey, these short-comings and wastages involving the government machinery have been highlighted for so many years ….. dating back to the days of former Auditor General, the late Ahmad Nordin.

And what has really been done?

Absolutely nowt!!

The country is at a cross-road between continued prosperity (relatively speaking) AND falling into the ABYSS of no return.

Hey, but why do the political leaders of today care whether we fall into the abyss or not.

They are already substantial (in material terms …… and physically too). In fact, their material wealth can last them several generations, so I was told!

Following from this, it is therefore incumbent that failings or shortcomings need to be highlighted by the people concerned and not be allowed to get lost in the mass of details within the documentation.

Officials appointed to high offices within the establishment are duty bound to act in the interest of the country.

Isn’t it always ….. DEMI BANGSA, UGAMA DAN NEGARA?

A prime example of such obligations to whistleblow was shown in the case of the company, Olympus.

The newly appointed CEO, Michael Woodford, felt obliged to raise certain improprieties publicly …… after he had been ‘removed’ from office shortly after exposing these ‘matters’.

His whistleblowing was duly supported by documentation that revealed questionable fee payments that were in excess of 35% of the transaction cost. These fees are usually in the region of 1% to 2%, a world practice in fact.

Click HERE for Woodford’s letter to the Olympus Board that was published by the New York Times.

Better still, watch below Woodford’s interview with Reuters …. a brave man indeed but also one who is refusing to succumb to accusations against his competency:

Latest news reveal that the Chairman, Kikukawa (the previous CEO) has resigned and the company is under investigation by the Japanese authorities and the FBI.

This corporate greed is a world wide endemic and is not confined only to Malaysia.

And it is for that reason that the Rakyat cannot meekly accept the lackadaisical explanations and efforts in resolving these serious shortcomings that have become a serious Malaysian rot.

The moment key leaders are less than incorruptible, less than stern in demanding high standards, from that moment the structure of administrative integrity will weaken and eventually crumble.



Sure, the MACC has dived into the matter to ascertain the wrong-doers.

But we are talking about the top echelons of power …… the politicians, the Little Napoleons ….. the people that we have been talking about the last two decades …… abusing their positions to secure financial gains.

So what is so different now?

Are the 1Malaysia rhetoric and the new image of MACC (from ACA) just facades to enable what has been done in the past …. to perpetuate?

Heads must roll ….. they must be charged so that they are not perceived to be scape goats for others.

It will also enable those charged to mount a defence if they feel wrongly selected for prosecution …… like what Zubir is doing in the Sime Darby legal suit.

Corruption still appears to be endemic and the perception is that the enforcement agencies are not doing enough!

Or are they too intimidated to act against the real perpetrators?

Since becoming full Minister, Ng Yen Yen seems to be courting controversy again.

Remember the last financial fiasco involving Ling Liong Sik’s son, Hee Leong and Soh Chee Wen?

Filings indicate that Ng Yen Yen was a partner of Soh Chee Wen, the infamous corporate raider whose modus operandi can only be politely described as questionable.

Are the worms coming out of the wood-work?

Click HERE for the reported brouhaha when the Tourism Minister tried to sweep it under the carpet!


Well, Idris Jala has been really low profile since his declaration that the country will go bankrupt come 2019 if the ‘subsidies’ are carried on.

Even the support of economists like Munir Majid (in the EdgeMalaysia) did not seem to lift the gloom over our dear Idris!

Instead, his detractors have been working over-time to stick the ‘keris’ into Idris! clickHERE

If you have the likes of ‘joker in the pack’ Ibrahim Ali calling for the sacking of Idris as Minister, it’s kind of expected.

But when you get the Ministry of Finance contradicting the quantum of the subsidies articulated by Idris, that is something else!

In fact, the Ministry of Finance is insinuating that Idris has overstated the quantum of the subsidies by nearly 300% (RM72 billion to RM18.6 billion)!!

I am not going to work my calculator to determine who is actually right. Maybe both are …. depending on the parameters that one uses!

But that is not important ….. the game here is to win over the hearts and minds of the masses.

So who do you think the masses will believe ….. Idris Jala …… or those civil servants working in Putrajaya oblivious to what is really happening in the real world that we all live in!!

Of course Idris Jala!

Maybe those people in the Ministry of Finance who worked out the figures to contradict Idris should be put into educational classes to understand how things are really accounted for …. with the lecturer being, of course, Idris Jala!

Continue persevering, Idris my man!!