The writing’s on the wall for Najib and his cohorts.

What the UMNO led BN achieved in 2008 with a 140 seat out of the 222 parliamentary seats was described as a DISASTER.

What now with only a 133 seat haul out of the same 222 parliamentary seats.

The total 505 state seats out for grabs also saw BN reducing its hold from 341 to 270!

Not only that, BN was thumped in the two golden states of Selangor and Penang.

Pakatan Rakyat increased its state seats in Selangor from 36 to 44. It could have been 46 if not for the split votes in Kota Damansara and Seri Andalas.

Selangor, the state which Najib made himself BN chief, also declared Selangor was going back to BN…….saw UMNO totally decimated!

Granted, Kedah returned to BN…..primarily due to the infighting within PAS.

But BN retained Perak and Terengganu through razor thin majorities. The extra 71 state seats won by Pakatan Rakyat attest to that!

What’s more revealing is the popular vote achieved by both sides i.e. the total number of votes cast by each voter to either Pakatan Rakyat OR Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat obtained 50.63% of the total votes whilst Barisan Nasional got 46.8%.

Of the approximately 12.3m eligible voters, the voter turnout was 84.8%.

So what now for the UMNO led BN and Pakatan Rakyat?

Recriminations against the Chinese for the ‘Chinese Tsunami’?


This is because the Chinese voted for PAS in seats that the latter was contesting in………likewise Malays were voting for DAP where DAP was contesting in. It was truly a Malaysian effort. The same can be said where it involved PKR candidates.

This is very unlike the UMNO led BN effort whereby the thrust of the campaign was to play the race card and to instil fear into the rural Malays of an ‘impending’ takeover by the Chinese!!

It was nonsensical……but the MCA corroborated to this evil effort by UMNO by  their advertisements in The Star newspaper of an impending ‘Islamisation’ of the country!

Is it no wonder that MCA has been totally rejected by ALL?

The Star newspaper will be next.

Najib’s position appears to be untenable just from the results achieved.

It was so clear that UMNO was so desperate to obtain its simple majority (by whatever means), after which they meekly congratulated themselves and rushed to get themselves appointed in front of the King the next day!

And the questionable means in which the UMNO led BN achieved its ‘win’ may be the ‘Buah Mulut’ of everyone over the next few weeks……..the result of which, we anticipate earnestly……something that must be peaceful and beneficial for all!

Until then………..



It would seem that recent media reports about corruption watchdog, MACC arresting of several immigration officers hardly raised an eye-lid. click HERE and HERE

The general perception is that the MACC concentrates on the ‘small fries’ and not the ‘big wigs’!

It would however seem that problems at government agencies are more serious than what has been reported todate.

In the case of these corrupt immigration officers, the collection of over RM33,000 every week from the middleman to allow boats to transport illegal immigrants to Malaysia may be the tip of the ice-berg and something that has been going on for eons!

‘Toll-collection’ activities by these agencies (for self-benefit rather than for the government) is not only confined to human trafficking. Other well known activities include cigarettes, tyres ….. and even building materials!

What is most damaging and not acknowledged by all is the social consequences of these actions arising from the laxity in the enforcement of the laws!

Malaysia will be bereft of competitiveness and a target for money launderers and crooks craving for an image change only!

A growing population will find itself difficult to obtain decent jobs as a result of the leakages that are allowed to take place.

Don’t they realize that it doesn’t take that long for things to de-generate?

I recall my younger days whilst on an overland trip to Thailand …. and at its borders, the Thai immigration officers were openly demanding ‘kick-backs’ .

I understand things are different now with items or goods smuggled being traced back to the ultimate source …. reason being they recognize the social consequences of not doing so!

Malaysia seems to have reversed its role with Thailand.

Even crooks in Malaysia who have confessed still get a ‘slap on the wrist’ by the courts ….. lending credence to doubts being placed on the manner in which courts make their decisions.

Irregularities are now not confined to lower liners like policemen, immigration officers and the likes.

It has moved up-market! Read behind the stories involving the abrupt replacement of the CEO of Iskander Investment. click HERE

There is also the story of the change in the entire management of Prince Court Medical Centre, a unit of Petronas.

Everyone needs to play their roles ….. there can be no more fence sitters.

Everyone has to take sides ….. after all, you take either side by your action …. or inaction!

UPDATE (16 Oct 2010) – Like I say, how do you prevent the Rakyat from being sceptical if you read about acquittals on a regular basis ….. in this case, the acquittal of the former Director General of the Immigration Dept. click HERE …. and btw, he’s reporting back for duty!!