Analysts have been out in full force….crunching the numbers and making assertions at the same time.

Some even going to the point of saying that with the numbers carried by their brethrens, they can form a government without the ‘kafirs’!!

That same chap compared two photos, one showing three Chinese looking girls celebrating with a birthday cake; the other showing three Malay looking girls with tudung – with the comment “What have we got in common?” Click HERE

You do feel sorry for these people, don’t you?

In any case, let me provide some figures of my own (minus all the emotions of that chap mentioned above) and see if there is some basis to it.

Ok, we all know that out of the Malaysian population of 26 million plus, only 12.3 million were eligible to vote.

Of those 12.3 million, only 88% i.e. 10.86 million voters turned up to vote!

Now, I can’t find any data to support the percentage of races that made up the 10.86 million who came out to vote.

I’m not certainly not going to make wild assumptions of the racial makeup of those who voted – I will just refer to the racial percentage making up the Malaysian population:-

Malays – make up 60% of total population but I am assuming only 55% of the 10.86 million who voted were Malays (according to the chap above, the Malays were lackadaisical in choosing to vote!)

Chinese – they make up 25% of total population but I am assuming 30% of the 10.86 million who voted were Chinese (to support the ‘chap’s’ assertion that Chinese diligently registered themselves as voters and indeed, went to vote!)

Indians and others – they make up to balance 15% who voted in GE13.

So there you are, this means that, by using the above percentages, the numbers who voted recently in racial terms (totaling 10.8 million) are as follows:

Malays – 6.0 million

Chinese – 3.2 million

Indian and others – 1.6 million

Now, the officially reported votes attributed to Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat are as follows:-

Barisan Nasional – 5.2 million

Pakatan Rakyat – 5.6 million

Analysis of the Barisan Nasional share of votes – Since Hindraf has returned to UMNO’s fold (plus the grateful ‘others’), it’s only fair to assume  this block of 1.6 million votes has gone to Barisan Nasional.

This means that the balance 3.6 million votes (5.2 less 1.6) gained by Barisan Nasional must have been obtained from the Malay voters (of 6.0 million). Who else?

Conclusion for Barisan Nasional – Of the 5.2 million votes obtained, 69% came from Malays and 31% came from the Indians/others.

Analysis of the Pakatan Rakyat share of votes – If everyone says that the 5.6 million votes obtained by PR came from the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ totaling 3.2 million votes, there is still a remaining 2.4 million votes (5.6 less 3.2) to be accounted for.

Which race totaling 2.4 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat?

Answer: Malays

Conclusion for Pakatan Rakyat – Of the 5.6 million votes obtained, 57% came from Chinese and 43% came from the Malays.

Overall Conclusion

  • It shows that 40% of the Malays (2.4 million out of 6.0 million) who voted, chose Pakatan Rakyat. The balance 60% or 3.6 million chose UMNO/BN.
  • The whole Chinese voting jing-bang (according to Najib) of 3.2 million voted for Pakatan Rakyat.
  • UMNO, with the support of the supposedly subservient Indian/others block of 1.5 million votes, is the dominant force here.
  • Pakatan Rakyat with  more even Chinese and Malay support bases, is deemed more multi-racial.

So is this a case of a Chinese Tsunami or a Split Malay Fraternity (Of Differing Values)?

Btw, can two groups from the same community BUT ‘Of Differing Values’ unite….especially politically?

Remember how they (PAS) were unceremoniously ‘booted’ out of Barisan Nasional then?

Click HERE to know what the UMNO led BN may be really afraid of.

I rest my case.



First, it was about a female “kafir” entering the premises of a mosque.

Now, it’s about the same “kafir’s” activities outside the mosque ….. apparently wearing a tight fitting top!

Quite honestly, after years of observing the Malaysian style of political assassination, I have concluded that those who indulge in them are truly low-lifes who really do not have a life of their own ….. and even if they do, it’s  a pathetic form of life that they lead!

Teo Nie Ching is most fortunate to have the moral support of the Tok Guru, Nik Aziz ….. otherwise she may be mince-meat in the eyes of all Muslims! click HERE

Nothwithstanding that, the brouhaha underlines the inconsistency of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional’s 1Malaysia manifesto.

Here we have a truly Bangsa Malaysia trying to bring Malaysians of diverse culture, religion and race together …… and she is effectively being scolded for doing so by none other than Utusan Malaysia ….. the mouth-piece of UMNO, the unofficial sponsor of 1Malaysia!

Maybe the Pakatan Rakyat should seriously consider using this controversy as an opportunity to ‘dilute’ the UMNO led Government’s hypocritical political play on the ‘1Malaysia’ rallying call.

And by the way, I don’t think it was a tight-fitting top worn by Teo Nie Ching ….. I think she has just put on some weight lately!!

UPDATE – An example of a public response to an UMNO blog-site (click HERE) condemning the ‘Serdang Champion’ ……

“Dahlah. Jangan memperbesarkan perkara yang tidak perlu dibesarkan. Kan apa yang dibuat oleh wakil rakyat Serdang seimbang dengan konsept 1Malaysia? Kalau tidak, ia bermakna 1Malaysia adalah konsept politikal dan tidak ada tujuan untuk melibatkan kaum-kaum lain Malaysia dalam pembangunan negara kita yang tercinta.”

Translation – “Enough please. Don’t build a mountain out of a mole hill. Isn’t what the Serdang MP doing consistent with the 1Malaysia concept? If not, it means 1Malaysia is a political concept and is meant to exclude the other communities in Malaysia in its development.”


Well, the knives are out for Pakatan Rakyat ….. with most targeting at under siege Ronnie Liu, the Selangor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman.

And over what?

Bill-boards and Sign-boards.

The Selangor State Government has banned any bill-boards depicting the 1Malaysia slogan ….. as it is deemed political ‘mongering’ which is apparently not allowed under state law.

The UMNO led Barisan Nasional Federal Government has immediately responded by accusing Pakatan Rakyat of double standards …. pointing to the Rocket Cafe sign-board in SS2 of Petaling Jaya.

One can argue, till the cows come home, as to whether bill-boards and sign-boards come under the same set of law.

In any case, it is quite obvious that stakes have been raised, especially with the impending General Elections to take place.

Understandably, the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor Government has taken steps to protect its position ….. by legal means.

I am quite sure that an UMNO led Barisan Nasional state government would do likewise if the opposition were to put up bill-boards espousing “BANGSA MALAYSIA” in place of say …… Ketuanan Melayu.

Bottom line ….. this is just political posturing with both sides trying to score as many points as possible before the GE! Click HERE for an example of the shit stirring.

These politicians (and bloggers!) should get a life ……..!!

UPDATE (27 DEC 2010)

Looks like some good sense has prevailed over the matter with the State Government ‘freezing ‘ the ban order (click HERE) ….. maybe realizing that it could be a ‘double edged sword’ for Pakatan Rakyat.

Should have thought about it earlier!