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There is this old saying that what we are today is a result of what we did yesterday, and what we will be tomorrow will be a result of what we do today.

This perfectly applies in the case of the people’s rant about the country’s burgeoning illegal immigrants and the ensuing social problems and state of flux.

It appears that much of Malaysia’s problems with illegal immigrants has been magnified by action taken by the UMO led Government for reasons of ‘Political Expediency’.

In the case of the state of Sabah in East Malaysia, a Royal Commission of Inquiry has revealed that Identity Cards had been issued to illegal immigrants on the instructions of Megat Junid and facilitated by individuals including Aziz Samsuddin (a.k.a. The Terminator). Click HERE

Both gentlemen were key loyalists in the Mahathir administration then serving as Deputy Home Minister and Political Secretary (to Mahathir). As Mahathir held the powerful Home Minister portfolio then, Megat Junid was the de-facto Home Minister doing Mahathir’s bidding!

Of course, Mahathir has replied that those legal papers were ‘issued properly’.

Of course you did……but for political expediency in order to neutralise the local opposition politicians in Sabah and Sarawak who were mainly Christians.

Many acknowledge that most of these illegal immigrants, were from Indonesia and southern Philippines who were predominantly Muslims.

Mahathir even had the arrogance of blaming the late first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman for the ‘IC’ fiasco! Click HERE


This is indeed damaging to UMNO, which has exacerbated the conditions in East Malaysia since their political entry then and will only get worse if a fundamental change does not takes place.

We shall see after the forthcoming General Elections.



It’s the numbers……you keep hearing!

Even the police appear to be scrambling to revise their estimate as to the numbers present at the People’s Uprising Rally or Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat.

Why the numbers?

Well, essentially it will contradict the spin spun by UMNO bloggers that the people have spurned the politics of the People’s Alliance.

They had said, “Look at their rally at the KL Stadium not too long ago where they could not even fill up half of the 25,000 capacity stadium.”

That may be so because it was a political rally.

But look at the People’s Rally on 112 i.e. January 12 People’s Rally.

It was spine chilling……as far as the UMNO warlords were concerned!

Not only were the political party members present, there were also the NGOs, grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers and (some) children. There were the office workers, factory workers……you name them, they were there.

And in economic jargon, can you imagine the multiplier effect this rally has had on the nation?

Most Malaysians do not participate in this kind of rally BUT for such numbers to do so indicates the kind of concern Malaysians have on the way UMNO has run the country to date.

And what about those silent concerned majority who have not participated?

Their concern does not diminish with non-attendance.

In fact, their determination to ensure change and reforms do occur becomes more pressing.

This is because we are now seeing the UMNO led Barisan Nasional (BN) government is now trying to lure the votes of the people by using taxpayers’ money.

This indicates the unwillingness of the warlords to cede their positions and power.

Why do you think Najib is having such a tough time to finalise his candidates’ list for the coming General Elections?

You cannot blame the warlords’ resistance against him – because they consider Najib equally tainted – a case of ‘pot calling the kettle black’?

The taint applies to the UMNO led BN government.

Yet, it is not a foregone conclusion that Pakatan Rakyat will prevail this time round in taking over Putrajaya.

This is due to the profoundly skewed non-proportional representation found in the state and parliamentary states in the country….thanks to the Election Commission.

This is their last line of defence in ensuring UMNO’s survival as the political masters of Malaysia.

However, like they say, Rome was not built in a day.

The process to remove UMNO started in the 1999 General Elections, shortly after the crude sacking and physical abuse of Anwar Ibrahim. In that GE, BN lost the state of Terengganu besides failing to regain Kelantan.

The 2004 General Elections was a landslide for BN as the people were prepared to give UMNO one more chance with the retirement of Mahathir.

However, Pak Lah failed miserably and the 2008 General Elections reflected the people’s verdict of the UMNO led BN, which lost its two thirds majority in addition to the states of Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak (Kelantan was retained by PAS under Tok Guru Nik Aziz).

Pakatan Rakyat has now proven to the Rakyat that they can indeed run the country efficiently as evidenced in the abovementioned states under their administration consistent with each state’s culture and sentiments – with them garnering the largest percentage of investments including foreign direct investments.

The electoral structure is the next to be revamped fundamentally – that has resulted in the Bersih rallies that have been met with stinging resistance from the UMNO establishment.

But change is inevitable.

And a two party state will be the way to go moving forward – a check and balance system of democracy.


Aw, come on police.

Reducing the estimated crowd attendance at Stadium Merdeka from 80,000 to 45,000?

I am quite sure that the current Stadium Merdeka can, for a soccer game, hold up to 35,000 spectators.

If one can recall, the Stadium had a larger capacity after having built the 3 extra stands in the early 1970s, one facing the grandstand across the field and the other two behind the two opposing goal posts.

The largest crowd when those extra stands were in existence was 50,000 – that was when Malaysia played India in 1975 in the hockey World Cup semi-final match.

Those extra stands have been ‘removed’ – purportedly to relive the 50th anniversary of independence.

That would reduce the crowd in the stands to at least 35,000. If one is to add the numbers on the track and field at the event today, one could conservatively double the stadium attendance to 70,000.

And what about those outside who could not get in?

The trouble with the Barisan Nasional PR machinery …. including that of the police….is that they are just not convincing at all…..even at the most basic of issues!

But what is more pertinent is that the will of the people cannot be trampled upon….not in this day and age! Vote wisely  ….inspite of possible intimidation and falsification!


It was indeed ironic that the collapsing wall in Setiawangsa should affect two prominent UMNO warlords in the form of JJ (Jamaluddin Jarjis) and Zulhasnan Rafique, the only Barisan Nasional MP in the Federal Territory……and even then, with much help from ‘postal votes’ that till today, raises much controversy!

It appears, to the superstitious, that this was somehow a divine intervention of sorts to highlight that things come around much faster than one would have thought!

As acknowledged by the Kuala Lumpur mayor, this wall was buil in 1992 to facilitate the construction of the luxury bungalows occupied by the two prominent UMNO politicians, amongst others.

That’s 20 years ago which reportedly cost RM5.0 million each…….meaning that they were ‘substantial’ (read: monetarily) persons coming out of the economic crisis in the late 1980s.

What we actually see today is the accumulation of those deals and sub-standard works…..leading to the kind of controversies like collapsing walls, collapsing government initiated companies, massive losses at Government Linked companies, cronies linked to government contracts having the ability to be absolved (read: Tajuddin Ramli). The list goes on!

Of course we don’t want such calamities to occur at the expense of human lives…..but they were not natural disasters.

They were man-made!

I had raised this matter in an earlier posting (SLIDING CONNECTIONS) several years’ ago and the lessons do not appear to have learnt.

Look at the de-forestation of the Ulu Klang area and you will know what I mean.

People might recall the Highland Tower trajedy but not many recall that collapses had occured earlier in the Taman Melawati area in Ulu Klang……the Hollywood of Kuala Lumpur! The landmark is still there for all to see!

Putting plastic sheets over the area during rainy season is not the answer…….it will defer the inevitable…only for a short while.

One needs to confront the issue and be transparent about it.

Right now, nobody seems to trust the Government!


Being the incumbent President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), one would have thought that he would not be too worried about the rivals that he had defeated in the last Presidential elections.

Chua Soi Lek now even claims that having defeated two former Presidents the last time round, he would have no problem defeating them again.

But much has taken place since that event.

As President, Chua Soi Lek has not been able to galvanise the party to its former strength since gaining power in the party.

Droves have deserted the party…….leaving the hangers on and businessmen who ‘play on both sides’ (just to be on the safe side) left!

And why is Soi Lek alias ‘Soh Chai’ having to villify Ong Tee Keat? Click HERE

That’s because the Barisan Nasional election machinery thinks that Ong has a better chance to retain his seat at Pandan….as opposed to replacing him with a ‘Soh Chai’ nominee!!

The stakes are apparently too high to take the risk……so it seems!

Which brings me to the point that……since the last MCA Presidential elections, Ong Tee Keat’s credibility has remained intact (in the Rakyat’s eyes)….or even gone stronger, as opposed to the ‘Soh Chai’s’ dwindling fortunes!


People are beginning to see the wisdom of Ong Tee Keat’s drive then as MCA President to get to the bottom of the Port Klang Free Zone financial fiasco……in order to redeem the severely damaged reputation of the MCA.

Unfortunately, he was blocked and ultimately removed from his Ministerial positions…..much to the chagrin of the Rakyat.

Maybe the stakes were too high for the powers within the Barisan Nasional establishment…….but the ensuing damaging to the UMNO led coalition is irreversible!

That damage was further compounded by the release of the story behind the PKFZ fiasco by Ong’s ally, Lee Hwa Beng, who was tasked to clean up and get to the bottom of the matter.

If you recall, Lee Hwa Beng, was also ostracised and subsequently removed as Chairman of Port Klang.

Isn’t it plain obvious that with UMNO now taking the ‘racialistic’ route (i.e. taking a Malay rhetorical stand whilst blaming the Chinese for the problems), the UMNO warlords have ‘given up’ on the Chinese support that was previously reliably delivered by the MCA?

And together with the other ‘predominantly Chinese’ Parti Gerakan Malaysia helmed by the equally weak Koh Tsu Koon, is it any wonder why Chinese do not see any leadership emanating from both parties?

In any case, race is secondary as far as this coming General Elections is concerned.

Bread and butter issues, corruption and abuse of powers are!



This is the first thing that came to my mind when I read about Indian-owned Blackburn Rovers sacking their manager, Henning Berg…….shortly after Kuwaiti-owned Nottingham Forest sacking Sean O’Driscoll.

Berg was sacked for only winning one match in six games….whilst O’Driscoll was culled for not having won more than two games on a trot!!

This brings us to the Malaysian-owned Queen’s Park Rangers, which not too long ago, sacked Mark Hughes because they did not want to lose the opportunity of having Harry Redknapp as their manager.

How shallow can they be…… though a manager is the panacea for the performance of a football team?

Harry has inherited a team that is rotten to the core……..caused by the silly money made available by Tony Fernandes….easily funded by the equally silly transactions he effected in Malaysia, yes funded by institutions including the pension funds of Malaysia!

Harry was being polite when he said that Jose Bosingwa’s wages was higher than all the players at Tottenham Hotspur when Harry was manager there! Click HERE

Tony thought that he could do like what the UAE owners did for Manchester City.

Hey, come on. We’re talking about men stuff as far as City is concerned.

Do you recall how his offer to acquire West Ham was brushed off discourteously……..that the West Ham owners were not prepared to deal with the boy-stuff offer by Tony Fernandes which they described as bizarre & disappointing. Click HERE

Which brings me to the other Malaysian-owned Cardiff City…….which is sitting pretty at the top of the League Championship table after having beaten rivals Crystal Palace recently.

Yes, Cardiff City is not assured of Premier League football next season but they have been consistently challenging for the right the past few seasons.

And they have been doing it quiety and economically…….with Vincent Tan hardly making unnecessary appearances (read: gaffes) and bold statements…..very much unlike the SIS, Tony Fernandez!

Yes, it is only natural for magnates the world over to have a taste of the ‘action’ by owning football clubs playing in the English League.

But it seems foolhardy for such magnates to ‘waste’ monies on such ventures without a firm foundation and business plan.

Maybe in the case of Tony Fernandez, he could do it ……… because it’s not his money anyway!

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It was indeed sad to hear of the passing of Lim Keng Yaik.

As Deputy PM, Muhyiddin highlighted, Keng Yaik’s forthrightness did not endear him to the (many) less secure folk of his generation……but that’s the man.

When he was plucked out from obscurity to join the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), many in the party were intimidated by him.

Why? Because he was smart…….street smart……and could read the situation a mile away and strategise to his own advantage.

The insecurity of MCA then was so stark…….that Keng Yaik was sacked from the party….apparently for ‘rocking the boat’!!

His entry into Gerakan was equally stormy with many challengers over his nearly 27 years as President of the party.

Paul Leong, Goh Cheng Teik, Joseph Chong & Kerk Choo Ting came, challenged and departed.

None could unseat this China-man character!

Keng Yaik was known to be the smart one….notwithstanding his mannerism and frankness.

Indeed, he made things happen……unlike many other Ministers who not only waited things to happen, but also did not know what the ‘f–k’ was happening!

If he did appear to have any flaw, it was his backing of exPenang Chief  Minister, Koh Tsu Koon.

The manner in which Koh Tsu Koon portrayed himself as a weakling….especially when Ibrahim Saad was his deputy in Penang……led very much to the debacle in the 2008 General Elections as far as Gerakan was concerned.

Keng Yaik should have seen the signs and made the necessary changes before retiring.

But when one has stayed as long as Keng Yaik had in Gerakan, it was only human to wish and hope that things would get better!

My ‘hope’ is that there will be more ‘Keng Yaik’ characters in the Malaysian political arena……as it will only mean an inclination towards confronting issues………as opposed to confronting people!!