The writing’s on the wall for Najib and his cohorts.

What the UMNO led BN achieved in 2008 with a 140 seat out of the 222 parliamentary seats was described as a DISASTER.

What now with only a 133 seat haul out of the same 222 parliamentary seats.

The total 505 state seats out for grabs also saw BN reducing its hold from 341 to 270!

Not only that, BN was thumped in the two golden states of Selangor and Penang.

Pakatan Rakyat increased its state seats in Selangor from 36 to 44. It could have been 46 if not for the split votes in Kota Damansara and Seri Andalas.

Selangor, the state which Najib made himself BN chief, also declared Selangor was going back to BN…….saw UMNO totally decimated!

Granted, Kedah returned to BN…..primarily due to the infighting within PAS.

But BN retained Perak and Terengganu through razor thin majorities. The extra 71 state seats won by Pakatan Rakyat attest to that!

What’s more revealing is the popular vote achieved by both sides i.e. the total number of votes cast by each voter to either Pakatan Rakyat OR Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan Rakyat obtained 50.63% of the total votes whilst Barisan Nasional got 46.8%.

Of the approximately 12.3m eligible voters, the voter turnout was 84.8%.

So what now for the UMNO led BN and Pakatan Rakyat?

Recriminations against the Chinese for the ‘Chinese Tsunami’?


This is because the Chinese voted for PAS in seats that the latter was contesting in………likewise Malays were voting for DAP where DAP was contesting in. It was truly a Malaysian effort. The same can be said where it involved PKR candidates.

This is very unlike the UMNO led BN effort whereby the thrust of the campaign was to play the race card and to instil fear into the rural Malays of an ‘impending’ takeover by the Chinese!!

It was nonsensical……but the MCA corroborated to this evil effort by UMNO by  their advertisements in The Star newspaper of an impending ‘Islamisation’ of the country!

Is it no wonder that MCA has been totally rejected by ALL?

The Star newspaper will be next.

Najib’s position appears to be untenable just from the results achieved.

It was so clear that UMNO was so desperate to obtain its simple majority (by whatever means), after which they meekly congratulated themselves and rushed to get themselves appointed in front of the King the next day!

And the questionable means in which the UMNO led BN achieved its ‘win’ may be the ‘Buah Mulut’ of everyone over the next few weeks……..the result of which, we anticipate earnestly……something that must be peaceful and beneficial for all!

Until then………..



It was only last week that I got to watch this movie starred by Christian Bale.

No, it was not the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

It was a foreign movie entitled, “The Flowers of War”, which I understand won several awards from film critics.

It was set during the Japanese invasion of Nanjing, China in the 1940s……that led to much suffering arising from the cruelty of war.

In a nutshell, the story revolved around a group of young Chinese female students holed up in a church…….together with another group of Chinese prostitutes……evading the marauding (and lustful) Japanese soldiers!

Christian Bale (acting as a mortician) somehow also ended up in the church and got himself promising to get the young female students to safety.

Problem was that the Japanese soldiers and their commander…… who thought that the young female students and Bale were the only occupants of the church…… decided to use the young students as ‘Comfort Women’ and invited (read: ordered) the girls to attend a ‘party’ the following day.

That’s when the prostitutes (they do appear to have hearts!) later came to the rescue……by agreeing to take the place of the young female students.

The prostitutes were made to look like ‘innocent’ young girls, thanks to the mortician turned ‘beautician’ Bale, who by that time was posing (to the Japanese) as the parish priest!

In the end, the Chinese prostitutes went to their deaths (as they planned to, with concealed glass sheaths, slice off any part of the Japs’ human anatomy at the ‘party’!)……….whilst the young girls escaped to freedom in a truck driven by Bale.

In between all this, the cruelty, ruthlessness…..besides the animal behaviour of the Japanese soldiers…..were laid bare for all to see!

Being a Chinese produced movie, it was obvious that this ugly part of history was not meant to be forgotten too easily.

After all, China had been, figuratively speaking, ‘gang raped’ by so many countries in the past…..from the Mongolian Tartars to the Europeans and the Japanese…..that movies like this reminds their people why China needs to be vigilant against external threats.

This is no different from Israel, who after having lost over 5 million Jews from the holocaust, would declare ‘Never Again’.

Is it no wonder why these two countries have strong armies….besides also having a nuclear deterrent?

Which now brings me to the UMNO led Malaysian government (read: Finas – National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia) sponsored movie entitled ‘Tanda Putera’ which was purportedly to portray the role played by Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr Ismail (Malaysia’s past premier and deputy premier) in Malaysia’s nation building.

Inevitably, the movie also highlighted the bloody riots of 13 May 1969 caused by the political inroads made by non-Malay parties in the General Elections then. (Note: The non-Malays already controlled the economic wealth of the country then……and still have a significant influence to this day!)

The riots in Malaysia then resulted in a New Economic Policy that favoured the Malays in everything from jobs, education, awarding of contracts, housing, financial privileges etc…….the aim of which was to bring the economically disadvantaged Malay majority in Malaysia to par (or close to it) with the other communities.

So one might conclude that it was only natural for UMNO to now remind their fellow Malay brethren of its history and the threat from the non-Malays who are again making political inroads today…….in the form of a movie like ‘Tanda Putera’!

(note: UMNO’s loss of support, especially from the non Malays, is not because of the New Economic Policy [NEP] but from the abuse of the NEP)

But hold on…….can a non Malay political party like DAP today make the kind of political inroads that happened over 40 years ago?

Since then, parliamentary and state seats have been delineated to favour the Malays or Bumiputeras.

In other words, there is non-proportional representation in Malaysia’s parliament.

Like in the Sarawark state elections, one seat in a location comprising  Bumiputeras that support Taib would have just over 10,000 voters…..whilst a non-Bumiputera  majority seat would have over 35,000 voters.

This means that the DAP can only make political inroads with the support of the Malays!

Anyway, it would be political suicide for DAP to go it alone…..and everyone knows it!

So who’s enabling DAP to make those inroads today?

It’s the Malay based (and true Muslim based) party, PAS (headed by Tok Gurus Hadi & Nik Aziz) and also the predominantly Malay Parti Keadilan Rakyat (headed by Anwar Ibrahim).

In other words, the Malay vote is split!

Is that why the UMNO controlled media and bloggers are vilifying DAP as evil and even Christian proselytisers?

But the fact remains that the Muslim based PAS and PKR are in partnership with DAP. Period!

So is the current situation different from that in 1969?

You bet your bottom dollar that it is!

In 1969, it was a straight split between the Malays and the Chinese.

Today, the split is between the Malays – between the rich Malays & cronies…. spoilt by the abuses of the New Economic Policy AND the decent God fearing Malays who disdain corruption and the abuse of the country’s institutions in furthering the interests of a small, albeit financially strong, group of croney capitalists!

So, should we be concerned about the stirring of racial hatred in the movie, Tanda Putera?

Certainly not……for Malaysians have come of age!


I recall attending a talk sometime ago where the presenter challenged us to see things as it is …… as opposed to as it was being portrayed.

It then fathomed upon me that the usual description for this scenario is that of …… ‘being in denial’.

Coincidentally (or an act of God!), I stumbled upon an article from a young UMNO politician who is known to be forthright with his views.

I need not elaborate further …….. just read on (the pics were inserted by me):


By: Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed, Member of Parliament for Pulai and UMNO Pulai division chief

The recently concluded Umno general assembly came and went, offering little in terms of a new manifesto for the party. The public are disappointed with the lack of new policy initiatives. Many delegates, who had to sit through stale and uninspiring speeches, were left with little enthusiasm to return to their respective constituencies and rally their fellow members to prepare for the impending 13th general election.

The lack of ideas put forward by the members could also describe the state of the party at the moment. Umno has the largest base of members and voters of any political party in the country. It claims to have the most support among the Malays, the largest ethnic group that is expected to make up about 60% of the population by 2020.

But for a party that claims to represent the majority race, it does not seem to be able to break away from the “Malays under siege” mentality and rhetoric it has used since the fight for independence to attract support. The party is frozen in time and seems paralysed in steering the nation through a more challenging future.

It has failed to offer new ideas to attract young Malays to support its ideology, which in recent years has drifted more to the right. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, through the 1Malaysia concept, has tried to bring Umno back to the centre of national politics where race and religious tolerance is at equilibrium.

But his message does not seem to resonate with the majority of the delegates and even among his Supreme Council members, who may have come to the conclusion that another occurrence of racial and religious strife is the best way to retain Malay power.

The underlying message from any of the speakers at this year’s general assembly was that the Malays are under threat from the non-Malay minority who are trying to grab power and overcome Malay supremacy by defeating Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN). The statements of many of the delegates contained strong racial and religious undertones aimed at the Malays to warn them of the threat posed by the non-Malays, especially the Chinese, who are said to be determined to take power.

Many were not even subtle in communicating their extreme views, especially when attacking the DAP, the everlasting bogeyman of Malaysian politics. The DAP was accused of using racial politics and inciting the Chinese to hate Umno and hence the Malays, whose interests Umno protects.

But the speakers failed to mention that it is impossible for the Chinese, who represent about a quarter of the country’s population to take power without the support of the Malays. None of them offered any explanation why many Malays shunned Umno and decided to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in 2008. None of them wanted to admit the weaknesses of Umno that caused a significant number of Malays to choose Pakatan instead.

None of the speakers and top leaders bothered to raise the issue of corruption and financial mismanagement which is the main reason that many Malays, especially the young, reject the party. The silence over this issue was deafening in the light of the revelations over the National Feedlot Centre controversy, which involves a senior leader of the party.

The DAP is in an excellent position to take advantage of the situation. The anti-Chinese message from Umno is driving away more and more Chinese voters. If this situation continues, the DAP can expect to win the 45 Chinese majority seats in Parliament and claim legitimacy in representing the country’s Chinese community.

The Chinese community may decide to dump MCA and Gerakan for the DAP. The MCA and Gerakan would then become history and the BN would mainly consist of Umno and its coalition partners in Sabah and Sarawak. BN would lose its legitimacy as the party that represents all the races and religions in the country.

Najib would become the first prime minister in history to be elected without the support of the majority of Chinese. He would have to consider the risks of being the leader of BN and prime minister under such circumstances.

He may have to consider extending an olive branch to the DAP, just as his late father Tun Abdul Razak Hussein did to the then opposition Gerakan in 1970 for the sake of achieving national unity. If that happens, will it come at a price that Umno can accept? Will Umno have to swallow its pride again?


We have always known the Singaporeans to be a ‘kiasu’ lot …… literally meaning ‘scared to die’ or scared to lose out on virtually anything.

This may be one of the end result of the siege mentality that Lee Kuan Yew created during the time of partition between Malaysia and Singapore in 1965.

Lee Kuan Yew always talks about the intimidation and the Malaysian military on Singapore soil …… resulting in Singapore now having the fire-power to dent any aggression …… even from Indonesia!

Back to my story ……. in today’s age, the siege mentality is more confined to economics ……. like how Singapore can stay ahead of its competitors in the region or even globally.

I recall at one time, much coverage and analysis arose from the building of the Port of Tanjong Pelepas in Johore.

The Singaporean viewed this as a direct threat to its own shipping business that had one of the largest turnovers (in terms of TEU [ton equivalent units]) then …… about 14m per annum!

I recall the Singaporean business papers working overtime on the development of the Malaysian port led by Syed Mokhtar Albukary.

I even recall the PSA (Port of Singapore Authority) having to defer its IPO (Initial Public Offering) around that time although they attributed to market sentiments ……. which I felt that had to do with Syed Mokhtar’s PTP!

Fast forward to today ……. and again I am sensing the same Singaporean ‘concerns’ or shall I call it interests in the recent economic development of Penang.

The Pearl of the Orient had in the past been seen as a direct competitor to Singapore in the early 1970s especially when Penang was under the late Lim Chong Eu.

That ‘threat’ crumbled when the leadership changed to Koh Tsu Koon and his UMNO bretherens and Singapore surged ahead.

That ‘threat’ appears to be returning in the form of the Lim Guan Eng rejuvenated Penang.

Threat enough for the Singapore Business Times to publish the Bloomberg report that was originally entitled, ‘Malaysia Losses from Racial Law Exposed’.

Singapore has always responded to competition by being more proactive and value-added in it processes.

This is in stark contrast to how the current UMNO regime seems to be adopting.

In fact, UMNO’s current media spinners do no justice to the UMNO of the past.

I am of course referring to Ahirudin Attan a.k.a. Rocky.

His outsourced hatchet man, someone called ‘SatD’, runs an expletive laced blog which attempts (in expletive terms) to run down whatever achievements of the Pakatan Rakyat in Penang especially in a totally illogical ranting manner!

The best description of their attempts is pure written diarrhea ……. thank God we don’t have to listen to them, or else it’ll be verbal diarrhea!

Please understand why I am not linking you to their articles as they are bad, bad examples of communication skills!

On the other hand, let me re-produce the article from Bloomberg below that was also published in today’s Singapore Business Times under a more ‘face saving’ heading:-


(KUALA LUMPUR) Lim Guan Eng turned Malaysia’s second-smallest state into the nation’s biggest economic success after he bumped into two National Instruments Corp executives at the local airport in 2008.

Elected in March that year as Penang’s first chief minister from an opposition party in 36 years, Mr Lim was struggling with the prospect of federal funding cuts.

He convinced the managers to set up a research and production centre in the state, and within two years the former British trading post was Malaysia’s top destination for foreign manufacturing investment.

With a general election due by early 2013, Penang’s progress highlights the challenges facing the rest of Malaysia and the National Front government as China, Indonesia and Vietnam offer investors bigger workforces while Singapore lures talent with lower taxes and easier immigration.

Mr Lim, 50, the country’s only ethnic-Chinese state leader, embodies the contrast between Penang’s business transparency and the four-decade old policies of the ruling party that favour Malays, which the World Bank says undermine competitiveness.

‘Penang now has a chance to show that if you have good governance, and if you put fairness and justice as your main qualities, free of race considerations, that is actually the way to go for Malaysia,’ said Ooi Kee Beng, Penang-born author and a senior fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.

In the first seven months of 2011, Penang won RM3.6 billion (S$1.46 billion) of approved foreign manufacturing investment, ahead of the RM3.4 billion that went to Selangor, the state that surrounds the capital Kuala Lumpur, a government report showed last month. The state made up 8.1 per cent of Malaysia’s gross domestic product in 2009, based on constant prices.

Mr Lim has managed to keep Penang attractive for international companies even as Prime Minister Najib focuses federal support on regions such as Johor and Sarawak, where his ruling coalition has among its biggest parliamentary-seat majorities.

To prevent corruption, Penang requires open bidding on contracts of more than RM200,000 and has awarded about RM125 million of jobs through competitive tenders, according to Mr Lim. Transparency International said in a 2009 report that Penang was Malaysia’s first state to implement open tenders for government contracts.

While Mr Lim said his government awards contracts based on merit within the national guidelines, the federal government states that it has no obligation to accept the lowest offer or to give any reason for rejecting a bid.

Under Malaysian federal rules, agencies are only required to invite quotations from at least five bidders for works contracts.

The Malaysian government says it is also pushing for greater transparency, including introducing a whistleblower protection law to fight corruption and a planned competition law next year.

Malaysia’s efforts to woo investments in recent years may have been hampered by its policy of giving preferential treatment to ethnic Malays and some indigenous groups, collectively known as bumiputra, in government jobs, contracts, education and cheaper housing, said Mr Ooi.

When the economy was booming along with its neighbours before the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis, the effects of the policy were less apparent, he said. When growth slowed, the race-based programme became a greater damper, according to Mr Ooi.

While the nation outperformed rivals in the early and mid-1990s, it has struggled to maintain that edge since the regional crisis.

Malaysia’s racial policies spurred a brain drain of largely Chinese and Indian minorities, and limited foreign investment, Philip Schellekens, a senior economist at the World Bank, said in April.

Mr Lim says ethnic Malays also benefit from the state’s economic growth. In the Malaysian state with the highest proportion of ethnic Chinese at 42 per cent, Malay contractors have won most of the jobs awarded by his government through the open tenders, Mr Lim said. The Malay community doesn’t need racial quotas to succeed, he said.

‘We have proven that this is the way forward,’ Mr Lim said in an interview in July. ‘Malaysia has a historical opportunity for change.’ – Bloomberg


The time is nigh.

The end of the world?


It’s the General Elections for Malaysia!


Because there have been so much ‘rubbish’ and ‘accusations’ published in the mainstream media and ‘outsourced’ online media …… that to observers, it’s the signal for elections!

God, they don’t change, do they?

It is as though these ‘shit stirrers’ expect their target audience to have the same degree of ignorance as the people thirty years ago had ….. when technology was not so advanced then.

Look at the way they attempted to scandalise the son of Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng ….. something that has now been refuted by the ‘victim’ herself!!

What about linking Penang’s DAP to the takeover of E&O by linking DAP’s Guan Eng to ECM Libra?

Notice how the worms quickly went back to their holes when they realized that ECM Libra was in fact an UMNO company?

And what about insinuating that DAP is linked to the attempted proselytising of Muslims ….. just because Guan Eng is a Christian.

There was supposed to be a mammoth rally of a MILLION people to protest the   the proselytisation …… but it was a whimper of a turnout organised by 3,0000 Muslim NGOs.

Based on my basic calculations, with a 5,000 turnout at Shah Alam 80,000 capacity stadium, this would work out to 1.666 members from each NGO!

Not much support from the Rakyat, it would appear.

The fact of the matter is that Penang under the Pakatan Rakyat has done amazingly well ….. despite the constraints put by the Federal Government.

It has won the largest portion of Foreign Direct Investments to Malaysia and is known for its forward looking and corrupt free practices.

Not only that, Bloomberg has commended the Penang State Government for the tremendous work done in the relatively short period they have been in government. Click HERE for the Bloomberg report.

Penang has also shown that it is able to work with PAS which has ruled Kelantan for all these years …… despite attempts to split them over the Hudud law.

And who says that materialism is always an indicator of development in a state?

After all, isn’t it said that contentedness is the greatest form of wealth?

Under Tok Guru Nik Aziz, the Kelantanese are way ahead of their other bretherens in terms of spiritual development as compared to the others’ material development.

Yes, let’s get on with the General Elections …… as we shall face all the challenges including money politics, disproportionate representation, intimidation and the likes.

The perseverence will continue.

For was it not said that:





Tunisia’s Ben Ali, Egypt’s Mubarak ….. and quite recently, Libya’s Gadhafi …… have attested to that!

The only difference is that Malaysia’s will most likely be a peaceful one!


Was it a real surprise to find out that the Government paid RM94 million of taxpayers’ money to a foreign public relations company to enhance the world’s perception of the country, Malaysia (read: UMNO)?

Was it a real surprise to read about PM Najib recruiting as advisers ….. at a great cost to the taxpayers, I am sure ……. the same strategy team that advised former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to his first victory in the British General Elections in 1997 under ‘New Labour’?

Was it a real surprise to find that this year’s Budget would mean goodies for everyone …… and I mean everyone, including the taxi drivers …… with where the money is going to come from this being wondered about by the experts!

In Budget jargon, the financing is going to come from estimated future revenue, the source of which is being seriously questioned!

Where exactly does that leave the country in the foreseeable future?

In a bigger hole, I suppose.

With the stakes as high as it is now, fundamentals have been cast aside!

It is the perception war that is being waged between the political adverseries …… with ‘no prisoners being taken alive’ so to speak ….. especially by UMNO’!!

This mode of action has even resulted in unsubstantiated allegations to be made ….. so long as it scores brownie points for UMNO!

When such unsubstantiated allegations occur especially when they involve corporate deals ….. one would usually smell a rat!

Rat ….. because it is usually done to cover up their own misdemeanours.

In one such case, you would suddenly find the UMNO bloggers alleging that DAP (the opposition political party in control of Penang, under the Pakatan Rakyat banner) is involved in the tussle for control over E&O Berhad!

For those not in the know, Sime Darby recently acquired 30% of E&O from the controlling shareholders for RM766 million or RM2.30 per share when its market price trading on Bursa Malaysia then was about RM1.30.

This deal has created a furore because, to put it in a nut-shell, Sime Darby is claiming to have NO CONTROL of E&O despite having paid a substantial premium to become the largest shareholder (30%) of E&O ….. and they purchased the block from the previous controlling shareholders!

This stand enabled Sime Darby to claim exemption from making a similarly attractive offer of RM2.30 each for the remaining shares in E&O held by minority shareholders.

Questions naturally arose as to why these vendors i.e. Terry Tham, Wan Azmi & GK Goh should enjoy such substantial premium prices!

This is when the UMNO bloggers went to work with the alleged DAP conspiracy ….. seemingly to divert our attention from the questions relating to the E&O acquisition price.

These UMNO bloggers are alleging that ECM Libra (a substantial shareholder of E&O), which recently nominated two individuals as directors, are in cahoots with DAP.

So what? What has it got to do with the substantial price paid by Sime Darby for E&O to those individuals … long known for their association with UMNO?

In any case, it is impossible for ECM Libra to have any collaboration with DAP. 


Because, the substantial and largest shareholder of ECM Libra is UMNO croney, Azman Hashim (of Amcorp Group Berhad) ….. meaning that it is effectively an UMNO company!

It’s in ECM Libra’s 2011 Annual Report – check it out on Bursa’s website!

This deal (Azman Hashim surfacing as major shareholder) took place shortly after the ‘demise’ of Pak Lah as Prime Minister.

So, how can DAP be in cahoots with UMNO company, ECM Libra?

Isn’t this wild allegation a red herring …… to divert our attention from something else?

What could it be?

Grapevine has it that the substantial premium paid by Sime Darby i.e. RM330 million out of the RM766 million is for the ‘General Elections’ war chest!

For whose benefit?

Your guess is as good as mine!


To me, it was still quite a spectacle watching the manner in which Lim Guan Eng was hounded by his critics for his alleged disparaging remarks about Johore’s perceived lack of security from criminal elements.

You even get individuals like Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan ‘coughing’ out statistics showing the number of reported crimes in Penang exceeding that of  Johore.

Such is the mentality of some that a reported petty theft in Penang is equivalent to a reported robbery cum murder in Johore!

It was good that Guan Eng offered an apology especially to His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Johore, in order to avoid the ‘elements’ from prolonging and exacerbating the matter.

Even if Guan Eng did utter those remarks, they were done in private …… and yet, there were those rats and cockroaches at every nook and cranny attempting to record what Guan Eng was uttering!

This is certainly confirmation that the paid hatchet media spinners of UMNO are bereft of ideas and stories to raise the profile and legitimacy of UMNO as a leader of the community and the country.

They have been reduced to finding faults with their opponents ….. to the point of whining ……. at events they have not been invited to!

Btw, it is in the grapevine that Penang has this year todate attracted nearly 60% of the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) that has come into Malaysia.

It may be no wonder the knives were especially sharp for Guan Eng this time round!

But well, that’s Malaysia for you!

As the old saying goes:


Click HERE for the rocky statistics ….. targetted for the un-initiated!