January 21, 2013, 8:13 am
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Bandar Utama is one of the successful housing/commercial developments in Kuala Lumpur.

This development, which is opposite the older Taman Tun Dr Ismail township has, been the place to live in for the middle and upper classes of society.

Developed by one of the Teo family of the famous See Hoy Chan Group, whose empire had since been broken up and taken over by the various family members, it was the pioneer of the ‘Build and Sell’ concept in Malaysia – whereby their sale of completed units to the public was the envy of their competitors – a reflection of the family’s ‘deep pockets’!

However, I have to question their wisdom in the naming of their latest launch, three storey bungalow units as “THE EFFINGHAM”.

I can understand how the Japanese named certain cars that later became the laughing stock in Malaysia.

And example was Nissan’s CEFIRO, which to the Cantonese means, ‘Blinkin’ Fat Fellah’.

Or Nissan’s BLUEBIRD, which to the Hokkiens means the crude version of ‘the male reproductive organ’!

The excuse is that the Japanese aren’t aware of Chinese dialects.

However in the case of the Teo family, they are proficient in English including the colloquials and jargons used in everyday life!

Imagine detractors having a field day with the term, EFFINGHAM.

Even prospective buyers may feel that they are being ‘laughed’ at (notwithstanding their equally deep pockets) for being ‘effed’ into buying such expensive units – which starts at RM4.5 million.

A review of the name of the development is in order?


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I strongly believe only losers who cannot afford to stay there complains about the name.

Comment by Anonymous

Looks like you’re one of the ‘winners’ who bought a unit there. Poor chap!

Comment by scwatch

everyone , yes everone! in my office was laughing at the name though many of them coulc easily afford it

Comment by lee sing

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