Aw, come on police.

Reducing the estimated crowd attendance at Stadium Merdeka from 80,000 to 45,000?

I am quite sure that the current Stadium Merdeka can, for a soccer game, hold up to 35,000 spectators.

If one can recall, the Stadium had a larger capacity after having built the 3 extra stands in the early 1970s, one facing the grandstand across the field and the other two behind the two opposing goal posts.

The largest crowd when those extra stands were in existence was 50,000 – that was when Malaysia played India in 1975 in the hockey World Cup semi-final match.

Those extra stands have been ‘removed’ – purportedly to relive the 50th anniversary of independence.

That would reduce the crowd in the stands to at least 35,000. If one is to add the numbers on the track and field at the event today, one could conservatively double the stadium attendance to 70,000.

And what about those outside who could not get in?

The trouble with the Barisan Nasional PR machinery …. including that of the police….is that they are just not convincing at all…..even at the most basic of issues!

But what is more pertinent is that the will of the people cannot be trampled upon….not in this day and age! Vote wisely  ….inspite of possible intimidation and falsification!


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