It was indeed ironic that the collapsing wall in Setiawangsa should affect two prominent UMNO warlords in the form of JJ (Jamaluddin Jarjis) and Zulhasnan Rafique, the only Barisan Nasional MP in the Federal Territory……and even then, with much help from ‘postal votes’ that till today, raises much controversy!

It appears, to the superstitious, that this was somehow a divine intervention of sorts to highlight that things come around much faster than one would have thought!

As acknowledged by the Kuala Lumpur mayor, this wall was buil in 1992 to facilitate the construction of the luxury bungalows occupied by the two prominent UMNO politicians, amongst others.

That’s 20 years ago which reportedly cost RM5.0 million each…….meaning that they were ‘substantial’ (read: monetarily) persons coming out of the economic crisis in the late 1980s.

What we actually see today is the accumulation of those deals and sub-standard works…..leading to the kind of controversies like collapsing walls, collapsing government initiated companies, massive losses at Government Linked companies, cronies linked to government contracts having the ability to be absolved (read: Tajuddin Ramli). The list goes on!

Of course we don’t want such calamities to occur at the expense of human lives…..but they were not natural disasters.

They were man-made!

I had raised this matter in an earlier posting (SLIDING CONNECTIONS) several years’ ago and the lessons do not appear to have learnt.

Look at the de-forestation of the Ulu Klang area and you will know what I mean.

People might recall the Highland Tower trajedy but not many recall that collapses had occured earlier in the Taman Melawati area in Ulu Klang……the Hollywood of Kuala Lumpur! The landmark is still there for all to see!

Putting plastic sheets over the area during rainy season is not the answer…….it will defer the inevitable…only for a short while.

One needs to confront the issue and be transparent about it.

Right now, nobody seems to trust the Government!


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