December 25, 2012, 1:23 am
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It was indeed sad to hear of the passing of Lim Keng Yaik.

As Deputy PM, Muhyiddin highlighted, Keng Yaik’s forthrightness did not endear him to the (many) less secure folk of his generation……but that’s the man.

When he was plucked out from obscurity to join the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), many in the party were intimidated by him.

Why? Because he was smart…….street smart……and could read the situation a mile away and strategise to his own advantage.

The insecurity of MCA then was so stark…….that Keng Yaik was sacked from the party….apparently for ‘rocking the boat’!!

His entry into Gerakan was equally stormy with many challengers over his nearly 27 years as President of the party.

Paul Leong, Goh Cheng Teik, Joseph Chong & Kerk Choo Ting came, challenged and departed.

None could unseat this China-man character!

Keng Yaik was known to be the smart one….notwithstanding his mannerism and frankness.

Indeed, he made things happen……unlike many other Ministers who not only waited things to happen, but also did not know what the ‘f–k’ was happening!

If he did appear to have any flaw, it was his backing of exPenang Chief  Minister, Koh Tsu Koon.

The manner in which Koh Tsu Koon portrayed himself as a weakling….especially when Ibrahim Saad was his deputy in Penang……led very much to the debacle in the 2008 General Elections as far as Gerakan was concerned.

Keng Yaik should have seen the signs and made the necessary changes before retiring.

But when one has stayed as long as Keng Yaik had in Gerakan, it was only human to wish and hope that things would get better!

My ‘hope’ is that there will be more ‘Keng Yaik’ characters in the Malaysian political arena……as it will only mean an inclination towards confronting issues………as opposed to confronting people!!


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