November 28, 2012, 11:11 pm
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The war drums are being sounded and the sabres are rattling incessantly.

But can the UMNO led government regain its two thirds majority in Parliament?

PM Najib claims this is possible if the Malays are united. Click HERE

To me, this is a major admission that it CANNOT be attained!

This is because the Malay electorate is seriously split.

The mistrust and disdain a large proportion of Malays, educated and young, have for the UMNO establishment is staggering.

This UMNO establishment is still perceived to hold the Mahathir era values of corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

An indication of this happened recently when I visited a specialist’s office/clinic. He had in the past proudly displayed photos of him and Mahathir together at his clinic where Mahathir was a patient of his.

This time round, the photos were missing!

When asked, this specialist friend of mine said many of his patients from all walks of life……especially the Malays, expressly questioned his ‘wisdom’ in displaying the photos.

In time, he got the hint from his many patients and removed the photos.

Of course UMNO is favoured to win……what with non proportional representation, phantom voters, vote buying, rigging and a pliant Election Commission.

But two thirds parliamentary majority, I’m not too sure.

To attain that, the candidates’ list for UMNO will require a clean up that starts from the top!

Don’t think that is possible……..for now!


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