If one had read the history of British colonisation, especially the book written by Brian Lapping entitled “End of Empire”, one could sense right through all the British colonies….from Asia to the Middle East to Africa….the one common policy that prevailed was that of “DIVIDE & RULE”!

That was the only way to keep those wimps (as how the British would call its subjects) in check and not cause too much trouble.

It was that kind of colonial policy that led to the British proposed Malayan Union in 1946….that created the entity UMNO and the rise of Malay(an) nationalism and ultimately independence in 1957.

It is therefore ironic that today, that same entity called UMNO, is using similar disgusting tactics of the British colonialists in splitting the communities in Malaysia.

I am of course referring to the so-called historical movie called, “Tanda Putera” by this lady called Shuhaimi Baba.

I cannot help feeling that this slanted portrayal of history by this UMNO puppet……was done with a view of causing alarm to the Malay community against the Chinese (Note: As we all know, the Chinese vote is a lost cause as far as UMNO is concerned).

UMNO still thinks that the Malay community can be swayed by such (fictional) movie…..just like when it was claimed that Tengku Razaleigh lost a crucial block of Malay vote (in his fight against Mahathir back in the mid-1980s) when he was pictured wearing a Kadazan head-dress that appeared to have a (Christian) cross printed on it!

If that was true, the Malays are indeed a gullible lot……..which we all know is utter rubbish!

This only points to the fact that UMNO is still living in the past and hoping that the past would ensure their continued political and racial hegemony.

Keep dreaming, UMNO!

As for Shuhaimi Baba’s depiction of the 13 May 1969 riots, that took 15 minutes out of the 115 minute movie, it is UMNO’s attempt to keep alive the memory of the riots……especially when Malaysians of all races below the age of 43 years were not born when it happened.

It is just like trying to remind the British people of today how lucky they are that they are not ruled by the French (and having frog legs as a national delicacy!)….as a result of the British victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in the year 1805!

All this is an indication of the desperation of the UMNO klingons in hanging on to power.

I suppose it is good to have dreams!


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to you.. i think, the movie will only be historically right if it potrays malay as the root cause of the racial riot instead of the dap goons back then.. what a hypocrite.

Comment by rexuan

Apa yang ditakutkan dengan filem?? It is a HISTORY.. can you deny HISTORY??
It is also our right to make film and to cerish our country HISTORY.. and it is about the biography of our past PM..
This is not a movie of A NATIONAL TRAITOR aka CHIN PENG

Comment by zulkarnain

To Zulkarnain – It is not so much being scared, but a concern that shit stirring is occurring….instead of historical reflection based on factual events…..not on unsupported pissing events!

Comment by scwatch

To Rexuan – On the contrary, it was the over boisterous celebration of the opposition in making massive in-roads (incl taking half of the seats in the Selangor state assembly)that precipitated the riots in 1969. It also explains the police’s reluctance to allow for mass gatherings/demonstrations till this day!

We should not, at the same time, allow history to be skewed/distorted incl stirring hatred (read: pissing on flag) – just to further the agenda of a desperate group of people.

Btw, many then were reportedly thankful for the entry of the army’s Malaysian Rangers (from East Malaysia) that stopped the violence in 1969.

So does the movie reflect historical facts…..or is history being re-written?

Comment by scwatch

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