August 3, 2012, 11:11 am
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The Merdeka logo/theme for Malaysia’s Independence celebrations this year  (“Promises Kept”….by UMNO?) created such a furore that Information Minister, Rais Yatim, announced the UMNO led Government’s decision to remove it, after having a day earlier, defended it vociferously.

This seems to reflect the Najib administration’s concern about the Rakyat’s (people’s) perception of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional……..enough to bend backwards to ‘please’ the Rakyat.

The Rakyat was therefore flabbergasted to read (a few days’ later) about the charges brought against Rafizi Ramli and his purported informant for using information sourced from a bank (and protected by banking regulations) in exposing the alleged wrong-doings of Minister, Shahrizat Jalil’s family!

Surely, this is counter-productive for UMNO.

Everyone must be trying to understand this Jekyll & Hyde behaviour of this UMNO led pack of specimens!

But is it really a Jekyll & Hyde characteristic……..or is there a more sinister reason behind this fundamental inconsistency?

It is beginning to dawn on many that this action against Rafizi Ramli MUST be taken by the UMNO establishment in spite of the damage done to efforts to spruce up the image of the UMNO establishment.


That’s because UMNO does not want what Rafizi had done…….to encourage or embolden others from doing likewise i.e. whistle-blow (read: expose) wrong-doings through the use of bank information e.g. bank statements of the villains!

This appears to be what UMNO is fearful of!

It is the banking information that would expose the obscene wealth of the UMNO warlords and their cronies!

This would also include the movement of monies between Malaysia and foreign countries!

So, the way to manage this is to harass and prosecute such whistle-blowers……such that any ‘expose’ will be confined as ‘hear-say or allegations’!

Which then brings us to the point of the role of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Are they doing this just from the point of strict enforcement of the law……what about the issue of money laundering from ill-gotten means (read: corruption money).

What that has emanated from the prosecution of Rafizi Ramli points to the fact that the Rakyat can see as clear as day-light that the UMNO led politicians are not inclined to change for the better…..notwithstanding the current barrage of rhetoric and self-praise!!

Click HERE to the confirming of what was said back in 2010.


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