It was quite startling to see a Deputy Minister from MCA, notwithstanding his relatively young age (and hence inexperience), making serious accusations but WITHOUT undertaking the necessary enquiries, checks and confirmations.

After all, this is the minimum expected from an accountant who had been trained in the trade of audit by a Big 4 accounting firm!

I am of course referring to the MCA President’s son, Chua Tee Yong a.k.a. Chua Junior, for making all those accusations against the Selangor state government for bailing out Talam Corporation Berhad (a public listed company) to the tune of RM1.0 billion.

Anyone who is worth his salt…..and one does NOT need to be an accountant at that….would have known that the RM1.0 billion is only a figment of imagination – which can only be real to a deluded mind!

It is only that one has ‘malice aforethought’ (read: a Pakatan Rakyat hater) that one would indulge in what Chua Junior has been doing for the past fortnight or so!

And it’s a shame that MCA can be allowed to degenerate itself to these pitiful levels……thanks to the son of its President…..a President who had unfortunately also brought shame to his family and community.

What is more shameful is the audacity of Chua Senior in accusing others for the very ‘acts’ that he had committed not too long ago……accusations that he cannot prove……unlike the proof that was provided in exposing Chua Senior’s lack of credibility in holding the President’s post. 

Coming back to the accusations against the Selangor state government’s dealings with Talam, it came as no surprise when Talam issued a third statement (hopefully the last on this matter) clarifying/correcting its earlier statements regarding the sanctioning of its valuation by the authorities.

It was clearly evident that it was directed by the authorities in order to prevent further confusion to the matter.

It was also clear that the authorities has directed Talam NOT to make further statement on the matter as it was all stated in the Circular that was sent to the shareholders prior to obtaining the latters’ approval.

Chua Junior should at this juncture take Talam’s cue and start reading the circular (available online) meticulously before ‘opening his mouth’ again.

For was it not said that……’once you open your mouth, people look into your mind’?

So far, we have absolutely and totally been put off by the antics and allegations of this Chua Junior character!

Shame on you, MCA!


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How could a son of a free for all f****r try to impress the public with his stupid accusation.

Comment by Paneh Miang

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