May 30, 2012, 9:49 am
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It was with concern when I read about another possible ‘Canny Ong’ incident.

This time, it was at the popular shopping centre, The Curve.

Just how safe are the huge car parking areas of the malls?

The same can be said of the open car parks e.g. KLCC

Times are indeed challenging.

Read this newspaper report on the incident ……..


Published on May 30, 2012

  Chin Xin-Ci                     

Ms Chin Xin-Ci says she was the victim of an attempted kidnap by two men as she left a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall on Sunday evening. — PHOTO: FACEBOOK

PETALING JAYA – A Malaysian Internet marketer who narrowly escaped attempted kidnap has revealed her ordeal on her Facebook page, which has since gone viral.

Police have confirmed the allegations made by Ms Chin Xin-Ci and are investigating the case as a robbery, The Star newspaper reported.

The incident took place on Sunday evening, when Ms Chin was shopping at a popular mall called The Curve.

She was loading her shopping bags onto the back seat of her car in the carpark when she was threatened at knifepoint.

Recalling her experience on her Facebook page, she wrote: ‘Suddenly, the rear car door was slammed against my back and a meat cleaver was pressed against my throat.’

She was pushed onto the floor in the back of the car by one man, while another took her car keys. She identified the men as being of Malay and Indian origin.

‘I told them they could take everything, just let me go. But at that point they didn’t even ask for money. Instead, one of the men started to make sexual advances,’ she said in her posting.

‘Then it hit me… I’m being kidnapped and I think I know what they want,’ she wrote.

Panicked yet keeping her wits about her, Ms Chin urged her abductors to let her sit on the seat as they drove out of the carpark. She also managed to unlock the car door on her side without being noticed. Then as the car slowed down to move out of the carpark, she opened the door and tried to jump out.

One abductor sitting beside her tried to pull her back in, while the driver tried to close the door.

Ms Chin said she put up a fight and made sure her legs were always out of the car, which made it difficult for the men to close the door.

It was then that they decided to let her go and fled with the car, which belonged to her boyfriend. She ran back to the mall and sought help from passers-by.

The ordeal – from the moment she left the parking ticket payment machine to her escape – lasted about four minutes ‘but it felt like a long nightmare’, she wrote.

She also tweeted that she was fortunate to escape with scratches and bruises, although she lost almost all the belongings she had with her, including her mobile phone.

Ms Chin shared her experience on Facebook as ‘rarely (does one) get to hear it from someone who escapes’, and urged all women to be vigilant.

Her saga has since been shared more than 15,000 times on Facebook, while her page has been subscribed to by more than 25,000 visitors.

The manager of The Curve mall, Mr Jazmi Kamarudin, has confirmed the incident and said it would cooperate with the police to apprehend the abductors.

‘We sincerely regret that this incident had taken place in spite of our numerous safety efforts,’ Mr Jazmi said in a statement yesterday.

The case revived memories of the 2003 kidnap, rape and murder of Malaysia-born US resident Canny Ong Lay Kian, 28, who was abducted from a carpark while she was on her way home to meet her sick father. Her charred remains were found in a manhole two days later.

Aircraft-cabin cleaner Ahmad Najib, then 27, was convicted of her murder and is on death row.



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Revisited: The rape and murder of Canny Ong Lay Kian 2003
1. Undercover Policeman CPL Ravichandran who was near the crime scene in KL had made grave errors which could have prevented the tragic death of Ms. Canny Ong:

1. When he stopped the car driven by Najib on a routine inspection, why could he believe Najib who claimed they were having a family quarrel – especially when both Identitity cards were seized by him and the names of the ICs did not indicate
Canny Ong having a Muslim name?

2. That could have alerted him to ask Najib to hand over the ignition key, or better still remove it personally and keep it safely ?

3. With a service revolver in his hand, he could have asked Najib to get out slowly out of the car (since there were only Canny and Najib inside the car),while Ravi’s associate could reach Canny Ong and ask her why she appeared silent and frightened ?

4. As a undercover policeman, he would have had his mobile phone or walkie-talkie to radio or call the nearest police post or station to verify the particulars and a background check as Canny’s family had lodged a Police Report earlier ?

5. When Najib sped off, CPL Ravichandran could have gave chase. Instead, with the seized Identitiy cards he did not follow-up with his Police Station or at least his colleagues for back-up. At least Ravichandran would have been alerted of a Nissing Person Report as in Canny Ong and immediate assistance could have been rendered as the crime scene was not far off from where Ravi stopped Canny’s car drivern by Najib ?

6. What is most puzzling is that Ravi did not follow Police Procedures and remained silent throughout until Canny’s disappearance was widely reported in the media ? Why ???

7. At the interview (in 2003) which was aired by Crime and Investigation Channel in Singapore TV on Friday 23rd August 2012, CPL Ravichandran appeared very much at ease to being tickled with a short yet suppresed laughter as he recounted the episode with Najib.

CPL Ravichandran a Policeman who was an undercover cop in Kuala Lumpur should have had th experience and vital skills necessary in a situation like that and besides, he was grossly overweight indicating his poor level of physical fitness as a cop.

CPL Ravichandran as an undercop was grossly ineffective, incompetent, shoddy in his police work and kept away vital information with regards to the seized Identity Cards.

The Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office need to convene a an Inquiry on Ravi on these circumstances and how basic police work and observing Police Standard Operating Procedures could have saved Canny Ong’s dear life.

Comment by andy

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