May 29, 2012, 7:55 am
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It certainly is mind-boggling to witness the constant denial mode of the UMNO led government… far as the will, and now demands of the people are concerned.

Instead, we find the government constantly coming up with a myriad of excuses from Petty Traders’ grouses to crude butt gyrations to intimidate the concerned citizens of the country!

Is that what our government has been reduced to?

The fact that such cheap publicity stunts could have been replicated in front of the houses of UMNO politicians or the Deputy Inspector General of Police (who publicly condoned the ‘intimidation’)……but did not take place…..only proves that the one that is really concerned is UMNO!

The latest is UMNO’s (and it cronies’) selective acknowledgement of the findings of the widely followed Merdeka Centre surveys carried out amongst the Malaysian population.

‘Acceptance’ when the survey findings say that the popularity ratings of Najib has apparently improved somewhat BUT ‘rejection’ when it says that the population wants the electoral roll to be cleaned up!

It is clearly evident that UMNO is setting the last mile platform  for the impending General Elections by attempting to create a false fervour and feel-good  atmosphere in order to win ‘handsomely’……of course, with help from a tainted electoral roll.

One example that clearly comes to mind was the UMNO celebrations held at the Bukit Jalil stadium that housed 100,000 participants.

This is not dissimilar to the closing ceremony of the 1998 Commonwealth Games when bus-loads of civil servants were herded into the stadium to fill up the empty seats…….to counter the wide-spread discontentment from the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from all posts in UMNO then.

It was clearly the same modus operandi in the recent Bukit Jalil event where participants were reportedly given money and enticements in order to ‘be present’ at the UMNO celebrations.

Without enticement, no one would attend as shown in the family get-together event organised for the same participants the following day at the same premises.

Compare that with the presence of the hundreds of thousands at the Bersih 3.0 gathering…..who paid for their own hotel stay the night before, who came out of their own volition, via their own transportation means…..and endured the expected intimidation and beatings!

One must be living in cuckoo-land if this movement is not seriously acknowledged!

One more thing……the intimidation of Ambiga Sreenivasan, the defacto leader of Bersih 3.0…..has made her one of the most popular person in Malaysia…..of course, except to petty people interested only in crude gyrations of the lower human anatomy!


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