I recall an article sometime ago about the current batch of writers that we have in the blogosphere.

Whilst most are sincere and truthful, there are those who have been employed to write with the intention of INFLATING WEAK IDEAS, OBSCURING POOR REASONING AND TO INHIBITING CLARITY.

It is unfortunate (?) that Rocky Bru a.k.a. Ahiruddin Attan immediately comes to mind!

His latest attempt was to limit the damage caused by the UMNO owned newspaper, New Straits Times, when they erroneously ‘quoted’ an Australian senator who allegedly labelled Islam as a ‘criminal organisation.

Anyone worth his salt would know that such quotation coming from a national newspaper can and generally would tantamount to a ‘death sentence’ on that individual concerned…….look no further for Salman Rushdie (author of Satanic Verses). 

Yet, NST proceeded with its ‘report’ irrespective ….. especially when this Australisan senator, Nicholas Xenophon, is a known associate of Anwar Ibrahim, the head of the opposition People’s Front (Pakatan Rakyat).

‘Realizing’ subsequently that its reporting was fundamentally flawed, NST offered a retraction and apology.

But damage was already done……and Xenophon’s safety is now compromised with threats possibly made against him.

Xenophon is now proceeding with a suit against NST notwithstanding (Click HERE……..understandably to ensure that the lies perpetrated by NST and Xenophon’s innocence are clearly made known to the world…..and NOT ‘swept under the carpet’ with a mere apology and with Xenophon watching over his shoulder for the rest of his life!

What makes it especially galling is that you get writers trying to down-play the incident!

An example is Rocky’s sad attempt of doing this by EQUATING an Australian newspaper’s report of Rosmah’s (wife of Malaysian PM) alleged extravagant shopping spree TO our dear’ol NST’s ‘Islam is a criminal organisation’ quote attributed to Xenophon.

Of course, both papers retracted their reports and apologised BUT equating a tabloid report to one that effectively sentences a person to death?

And by the way, NST is not a tabloid…….it is trash to most objective readers!

Should we therefore be surprised that the NST has lost readership to the point that its mother company, NSTP Holdings Berhad had to be de-listed from the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (read: to hide its sorry financial figures from the public)?

Click HERE for Rocky’s sad attempt at it all!


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