That’s the troubling truth………in order to qualify as a Little Napoleon in the various agencies under an UMNO led government, one has to do the un-thinkable or the most low down act.

I am referring to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur who has become the front man for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional in cementing their current political position by avoiding carrying electoral reforms demanded by the people.

Mayor Ahmad Fuad Ismail is tasked to ‘take point’ position to repel the BERSIH onslaught in rightfully demanding electoral reforms in Malaysia. Ahmad Fuad has banned the BERSIH  rally at Dataran Merdeka (Malay for Independance Square).

Parliamentary democracy in Malaysia is already compromised by the larger than usual disproportional representation…….it is further manifested by phantom voters, double voting, dubious postal voting etc.

What is so difficult in addressing the grouses of the BERSIH members?

Just sit down and tick off the list to BERSIH’s satisfaction and where they are not or impossible to address, say so with reasons attached!

The fact that this is not done give the ominous sign that this coming General Elections will be the dirtiest yet………as money cannot buy votes, as in the past!

Coming back to KL’s dear old mayor, his actions epitomizes the serious compromise that has taken place in Malaysia’s institutions, agencies and Ministries.

All this may end up as a double whammy for Najib with the whole world watching the BERSIH rally the world over………coupled with rating agencies reporting a possible downgrade on Malaysia’s financial standing due to the freebies and goodies offered by the UMNO led government…….just to stay into power!!

Isn’t it easier….and less stressful if the Malaysian Government reverts to doing what is right?

It becomes even easier when it starts from the top!

So, what are you waiting for, Prime Minister Najib?


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tunguuuuu…kebangkitan rakyaaat….whai umno sedar lad diri jangan kamu membelakang kan rakyat…rakyat kamu tindas sudah 53 tahu lamanya.. bagi lah generasi baru memegang tampok pemerentahan..kamu itu umno sudah kerepot sudah nak mampus… sudak kotor… sudah berlendir..

Comment by jalil

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