Times are never the same. You can kid people some of the time………but technology does not allow you to do that all the time.

Tony Fernandes, The Snake in Suit a.k.a. Snake Charmer, can charm the westerners with his put-on Queen’s English accent…….but it surely ‘cuts no ice ‘ with those used to his rhetoric and false ‘can-do’ attitude.

His bullying approach in calling his F-1 team Lotus when it was already owned by someone else……and having the temerity to go court and drag the matter, highlights a character of high-handed cockiness bound to be exposed!

As far as his F-1 exploits are concerned, it is drawing to a close with his now pathetically named Caterham F-1 team reduced to having wild celebrations when both their cars manage to finish a race!!

It obviously points to the fact that he had no blinking right to use the name ‘Lotus’ in the first place.

His collaboration with Khazanah by swapping his AirAsia shares for Malaysian Airlines (MAS) shares has caused a furore……not so much because of his ‘arranged’ awards and achievements, but more to do with the fact that he will spare no effort to fudge whatever that needs to be fudged… order to meet his objectives.

This has caused immense fear amongst the career MAS staff for their jobs….with Tony perceived as the hatchet man to do the bidding of the Government in ‘rationalizing (read: down-size) it’s work-force……after having the likes of Tajuddin Ramli and co allegedly depleting¬† whatever useful assets and resources that MAS had then!

Tony F has certainly stirred a hornets’ nest…….resulting in many coming up in arms to expose these cretins for what they really are!

One such act is this ‘alternative’ AirAsia web-site highlighting the airfares of AirAsia compared to other airlines including those full-fare airlines.

The result?

AirAsia is put to shame – a seemingly budget airline charging more than a full-fare airline.

Isn’t there some authority or commission that we can refer these twisted cretins to?

Click HERE for the airfare comparisons.


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