Malaysia is laughingly being labelled as some freakish country that knows neither whether it is here nor there ……. neither do they appear to know what they want or what they ought to be!

One day, they declare that they are open minded & evolving (read: Economic Transformation Plan’s apparent success) …… after all, the mind is supposed to be like a parachute; it only works when it is open.

The next day, they ban somebody from performing in Malaysia because that person has an unacceptable ‘mark’ on the body!

Now, we hear a group of ballerinas from Singapore are not allowed to perform in Malaysia due to their ‘despicable costumes’!

Crikey, is this a freakish ballet group or what?

I checked it out ……. and it turns out that they are just an ordinary ballet group that had done performances in Malaysia in the past.

It’s back to damage control by the political masters ……. with Minister Rais Yatim claiming that an application had NOT been submitted by the organizers, KLPAC.

This has been immediately refuted by the organizers.

So what’s the story?

This is another incident whereby Little Napoleons (within the Civil Service) with strong  ‘moral & religious’ inclinations decide on what is best for Malaysia.

Not only that, it is totally contrary to what is being aspired (rhetorically?) by the Najib  administration.

Another case to justify for a change in the Federal government …….. as the ‘grass on the other side CANNOT be less greener that the grass that we are on’!!

Click HERE for background story.


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