As it is often said ……. a useful tree that bears fruits will constantly be utilised by pests!!

Therefore with the oppostion controlled states of Penang and Selangor lately attracting more than half of investments in the country besides significantly contributing to the GDP of the country ……. it is only natural for the UMNO machinery to take credit for opposition states’ achievements.

For the uninitiated, both Penang and Selangor states have been under the control of the People’s Alliance (Pakatan Rakyat) led by Anwar Ibrahim, Tok Guru Hadi and Lim Guan Eng since the last general elections in 2008.

And for the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government to blow their own trumpets and tell the world that the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) has been a resounding success ………. sounds so hollow!!

Najib should realise by now that the people are quite adept at seeing things as it is ……. as opposed to how it is being portrayed by the UMNO led government.

After years of being hood-winked, the people are able to differentiate between rhetoric and hard-drawn evidence!

And if Najib and company are able to prevail in the next general elections, much of it will be attributable to the non-proportional representation in terms of voters per seat.

Just look at the Sarawak state elections recently. In a Taib (Sarawak Chief Minister) backed constituency comprising majority indigenous Melanaus, the seat comprises 5,000 voters.

However, if the seat was an opposition leaning constituency (read: better informed urban populated area), that constituency would comprise 30,000 voters on average.

To say that there is a slight advantage to UMNO and its cohorts would be an understatement!

Perseverence seems to be the only way forward.

Click HERE for Najib’s fantastic achievements under the ETP ….. Extra Teruk Programmes?


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