And why not?

She appeared to have well choreographed her exit from the SC (her term ended in March this year) culminating in an interview with the Star newspaper.

From the snippets, it is obvious she yearns to be remembered as the ‘Mother of Malaysian Corporate Governance’ with the issuance the previous day of the latest Code as her last official act as Head Honcho!

And is it not opportune (for the country) that with major grievances persisting with Malaysia’s electoral roll (alleged fraud and 149 year old voters still voting!) ……… Zarinah Anwar is now available to ‘clean up’ the act at the Commission …… the Election Commission, that is!

After all, she must have done the same at the SC, albeit quietly and in her own way.

It was also unfortunate that her husband did not lend her the requisite support expected of a spouse ….. that led Zarinah to hasten her departure from the SC.

But by taking the helm of the Election Commission ….. it may provide some redeeming grace for someone known to passionately care for her public rating.

So Abang (Big Brother) Najib ……. for your consideration.


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