When one looks at the ‘Rat Race’ lifestyle that most people live under, it is no wonder that we hear, day in day out, about the ugly outcomes arising from it.

A recent newspaper report about a husband stabbing his wife 35 times in a rage ……. and then falling asleep after the exertion ….. certainly does not make comfortable reading!

I started thinking about the subject, ‘Violence arising from Stress’ after reading about the tragic death (apparent suicide by hanging) of footballer turned manager (of Wales), Gary Speed.

Tragic because he was such a professional in every sense of the word and in whom many tried to emulate.

It became more tragic when the coroner’s findings as to the circumstances leading to Speed’s death appear to point to the stress placed on his marriage and the altercation and text message (contemplating suicide) between Speed and his wife just prior to the incident.

I do recall some expert saying that stress does not kill …….. it is how you respond to stress that may result in tragic consequences, like untimely death!

It is always in the heat of the moment of what seems to be a ‘Gunfight at OK Corrall’ scene whereby ‘all bets are off’, ‘no restraint’ and ‘shoot at sight’ frames of mind prevailing ……… resulting in all hell breaking loose!

Whilst I may stand accused of bias,  it is generally the female species of the human kind that can help alleviate most of these possible volatile situations.

Of course, the male species are not absolved of any responsibility …….. especially in the areas of empathy and ‘communication’.

Bottom line – it is restraint that is required but is something so hard to practice, yet easy to propose and philosophise on!

The alternative?

Well, with ego and sensitivities currently at an all-time high, our words may need to be couched in language acceptable to the troubled!

If that doesn’t work either ……… disappear from the scene for a while ….. enough time for agitated minds to find ‘calm seas’ ahead.

And btw, if you are indeed in the ‘Rat Race’, you are likely to remain a RAT at the ‘end of the race’!! 

Click HERE for the ‘Husband stabs wife 35 times’ report.

And HERE for the Coroner’s findings on Gary Speed’s death.


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