I was having my morning read when I logged into the political blogs and Anil Netto’s ( live blogcast said that it was acquittal for Anwar!

Couldn’t believe my eyes …….. but it became evidently clear that the UMNO led government could not afford another big blunder by putting Anwar Ibrahim behind bars.

The timing and the rousing of the Rakyat’s sentiments was immaculate to the point that Najib absented himself domestically by attending an event at the southern tip of the African continent!

The three explosions at the Jalan Duta Courts area showed how high stakes were ……… fortunately good sense prevailed as both sides of the political divide would lose immensely from a free for all that could generate into something much worse!

The fact of the matter is that UMNO members must start to see the ridiculous and small-minded manner in which they attempt to prevail as political masters in a country where its citizens have evolved and moved on to a more liberal state of mind.

What is more important is that the rampant corruption and financial mismanagement must end without delay ……. and that the Little Napoleons put into those positions of responsibility have to be removed or rehabilitated for the betterment of society!

It’s so funny that they have so much trouble understanding the need to evolve with times.

Maybe its the monetary greed that blinds them to the hallucination that they have been under since the Mahathir administration.

May Malaysia have the opportunity to experience a change in government under the PKR-PAS-DAP alliance …… that would somehow ensure that any political wannabes will have to have to work their butt off to get re-elected the next time round!


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