It’s not so much the content of Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s spite against Anwar Ibrahim that is the issue.

It has more to do with the timing of it (about one week before the verdict on Anwar’s sodomy trial) ……. and the mainstream media which he gave his interview to (i.e. UMNO controlled newspapers).

It was rather ironic that RPK could talk of the importance of the bigger picture and that Anwar Ibrahim is not relevant in the computation.

Such cheap assertion from someone who had a great following amongst the Malaysians!

If one was really talking about the big picture, Anwar Ibrahim was and is indeed a major part of the computation.

Let’s not forget Anwar’s contribution during the 2008 General Elections!

Or does RPK feel that he can fill the void once Anwar Ibrahim is removed from the scene …… just as Zaid Ibrahim is hoping to do so?

Not only that, RPK is also attempting to attack the Selangor state government for their apparent lack of proper governance!

Why now, RPK?

My reading of all this is that Raja Petra Kamaruddin has sold his soul!

Every one has a price and RPK sold it cheaply ……. without taste, nor finesse!

It is better that we just ignore this RPK has-been and let him enjoy on his ‘personal gains’ from stabbing Anwar in the back!

Let him join the clutter of turn-coats like Ahirudin Attan (aka Rocky), Wee Choo Keong, Hassan Ali and the likes. They never really had any love for the country.

In any case ……… the race is not to the swift but to those who keep on running!

Click HERE for a summary report about his interview with the UMNO owned papers.

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