When I read last Saturday’s Star Bizweek section ‘Your 10 Questions’ for current Auditor General, Amrin Buang, it made me recall the time of then Auditor General, Ahmad Nordin ……. who was treated like a pariah by the Mahathir led government and the mainstream media.

I don’t believe that there has been a change in heart by the government or mainstream media policies.

It’s just that the level of awareness of these improprieties cannot be hidden from the masses any longer ….. thanks to a large measure to technology and education.

The measure and intensity of the questions put forward by the  ‘people on the street’ to the current Auditor General highlight the frustration and amazement how something that had been highlighted since the time of Mahathir’s administration (when it started getting out of hand) could have been literally swept under the carpet by individuals who were then espousing ‘Efficient, Clean & Trustworthy’ form of government!

I don’t believe that any concrete attempt is being made to address this frustration as the greed (and hence, rot) has permeated into the core of the administration and appear irreversible notwithstanding the apparent sincere intention of the current PM to ‘reverse gear’.

It has come to this stage whereby the Rakyat is quite insistent on a ‘two party’ parliamentary system whereby one can be kicked out of power in favour of the other ……. and that a third party could be brought in if the rot permeated the other two parties!

This process is already a work-in-progress!!

Click HERE to read the questions put to the Auditor General and his responses …… which clearly point to the INDIFFERENCE of the relevant parties.


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