The audacity of it all …… in committing crime and confident that they can get away with it!

That’s how an affected foreign investor effectively described the investment environment in Malaysia when he was asked by Edge Malaysia (28 Nov. 2011 issue) about his thoughts regarding the disappearance of RM106 million and the manager responsible for managing the funds under a regulated asset management company called SJ Asset Management ……. and the regulatory response subsequently!!

And as if to rub salt into the wound of that foreign investor, we read day in and day out for the past three to four weeks about the disturbing manner in which public funds are being utilized for the apparent well being of the family members of a senior woman Minister.

I don’t even describe them as allegations because that family acknowledged that those transactions took place!!

Now the 2nd highest ranking police officer has said that the Minister’s family has not committed any crime based on their investigations todate!

Wow, after the expose’, the perpetrators appear vindicated?

Even the Women’s Wing that she heads, has given her their full backing …… indicating that their Head’s family transactions reflect the norm in UMNO!!

If that is the clear cut standards of governance of the UMNO led  government, then it is time for the Rakyat to make a statement on this issue ………. at the coming General Elections.


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