Look, it has never been my intention to run down Malaysia.

It’s just that the red flags keep coming up that the Malaysian government or its agencies are either oblivious to or just do not want to acknowledge their existence.

It was a few weeks ago that I watched a CNN interview with the Crown Prince of Greece, His Royal Highness, Prince Pavlos.

A smart articulate chap, Prince Pavlos explained the circumstances culminating in the country’s bankruptcy.

He talked about the inefficiency of the civil service …… whereby a task that can be done by one person is in fact executed by three to four people!

He also mentioned about the creation of the Greek middle class and that a significant portion of this middle class comprised people from the civil service sector.

Coupled with the inefficiency and corruption, the government continued to borrow to fund its operational requirements.

That is a natural recipe for disaster!

Don’t the above sound so similar to the Malaysian situation?

What’s worrying for Malaysia is that its budget deficit is already reaching its threshhold of 6.0% of GDP.

Currently it stands at 5.5%.

The worry is that the figures may be ‘massaged’ subsequently such that the 6.0% is not breached.

Aren’t Malaysians good at fabricating and window dressing their accounts …. besides diverting cattle money to buy condominiums?

We will then be forced to go through a period called ‘KIDDING OURSELVES’ time frame before we really go under.

Should the UMNO led government be allowed to put us through this ‘KIDDING OURSELVES’ period of time?

Najib doesn’t appear to have a handle of things as the warlords in UMNO appear quite entrenched.

Former PM, Mahathir, on the other hand is desperate to save his own legacy …… hence his proposition to give in to the demands of the Ultras within UMNO (read: Perkasa) ….. of course, at the same time blaming Pak Lah for the mess!!

With the Arab Spring Revolution followed by the European Spring Cleaning …. with the fall of the Irish, Greek, Italian and now Spanish governments, the writing’s on the wall for any incumbent government that tries to kid its people with silly schemes and stories.


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