Following my two earlier postings from Hongkong, I thought it logical to at least mention about the people of Hongkong and their position as a Special Administrative Region of China.

In my impressionable years then, I have always been given the view that Hongkong’ers (or Hongkies as described by those of ruder disposition) as being rather snooty people.

As students overseas, especially in the United Kingdom, these Hongkong’ers viewed Chinese students from Malaysia, Singapore or even Maldives as of inferior caste …… and this coming from a group of Chinese used to being told what to do by the ‘Foreign Devils’ in their own land!

I must however add that the people of Hongkong have been a resilient lot making a relatively small piece of land area into one of the greatest trading port and most valuable real estate city in the world.

The survivalist nature of these people has indeed produced entrepreneurs of the world class kind …… something the Malaysian Chinese could not even replicate.

And why?

For Hongkong, it was the early exposure to the vagaries of world trade coupled with their tenacity and perseverance that gave them the distinct edge over the Malaysians of the Chinese kind!

On the other hand, the Chinese businessmen in Malaysia were rather comfortable with the ‘technical know-who’ arrangements in Malaysia coupled with the ‘Ali Baba’ joint ventures with the politically connected Malays that resulted in their self enrichment ……… to the detriment of the masses at large!

And with the domestic cake shrinking primarily due to the onset of global connectivity and competition, it is the Hongkong’ers that appear to be able to withstand the challenging environment.

As for Malaysia, with former political kingpins, UMNO, having their backs against the wall as a result of their inability to alleviate the spiraling costs of living for Malaysians especially that of the Malays …… much of it due to the wastages, leakages and excesses of the past of the UMNO led government…… there is now a distinct possibility of a change in government at the next elections.

This kind of talk was unheard of not too long ago …… but with the rapid changes taking place globally after the last economic crisis of 2008, being in the seat of power in government is no more a luxury.

Just look at the resignation of the Greek PM.

Randy Italian PM, Berlusconi is next, I think!

Any why?

For running the country’s budget deficit to the ground …… i.e. spending more than it is earning!

Besides the USA and Europe, doesn’t it sound familiar for the country of Malaysia too?

We certainly are living in tumultuous times!


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