I still recall reading about the early 1970s when Bahasa Malaysia was made a compulsory subject for the Form 5 examinations ….. then called the M.C.E. (Malaysian Certificate of Eduction).

Many of the bright students failed the paper and hence were not allowed into form 6 (A levels).

That was the start of the new regime of education when Bahasa Malaysia was made the medium of instruction in all government schools.

Strictly speaking, one cannot argue with the policy then, as Malay was indeed the national language of the country.And in line with the New Economic Policy, not many people had a basis to argue against the new education system.

Only time was the telling factor.

It was time that showed how schools of distinction in the past had deteriorated to a stage beyond ‘educational’ repair.

Whilst the loss of the English language was often used as a source of much debate, other losses not usually identified included that of  lacking in character, not analytical in thought and poor articulation.

Much of these shortcomings may be attributed to the poor teachers that we have today.

Gone are those teachers who were dedicated, knowledgeable and full of skill in imparting their knowledge to the children of Malaysia.

And what does the government do in response?

They perpetuate the rot by giving in to the English language insecurities of the ‘extremist’ elements within the Malay community.

What the government should be doing is to invest in ‘arming’ the community with an added language of communication ….. even if it took another 100 years!

Just look at the Malay community in Singapore.

It only shows that it can be done if the political will is there!

Invest in the educational infrastructure.

We are a country that cannot survive on its own and needs to communicate (read: compete) with the outside world.

Not sure that this government will act on the educational issue ……. which only makes it imperative that the next government will!

Click HERE to see why parents are ‘up in arms’ against the UMNO led government on this issue.


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