I was driving on Monday morning and tuned to Business FM radio ….. which was in the midst of interviewing two rather well spoken individuals.

They were saying the politically correct stuff …… like why those jokers (who plunder the country’s finances) are still scot free and not in jail?

To my horror, at about the end of the interview, one of the speakers was identified as Khairy Jamaluddin, the son in law of former PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!

God, isn’t he the one implicated in the many corporate transactions …. especially when his father in law was PM ….. that raised such a ruckus in the mainstream and online media?

The ECM / Avenue Capital Resources Berhad merger springs to mind quite easily …… where Khairy Jamaluddin even surfaced with a 3% stake in ECM!

Whatever happened to the case …… which I recall even caused the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee to intervene!

Was there something amiss in the deal?

If so, were the contents of the interview with Khairy really a case of pot calling the kettle black?

Doesn’t it make you wonder how people can have the gall to comment about today’s lack of corporate governance or social responsibility ……. especially when that person hasn’t absolved himself?

We now read about the conviction of two ‘independent non-excutive directors’ …… who were members of the Audit Committee of Transmile Berhad …… their guilt having allowed the submission of the company’s accounts when they allegedly knew that it was flawed!

These two directors, Jimmy Chin and Shukri have each been given a one year jail sentence together with a fine of RM300,000!

Well done, enforcers!

This only means that the outstanding cases against the two former executive directors including its former CEO, Gan Boon Aun will be found guilty and will be handed stronger penalties.

I hope I won’t be accused of pre-empting the court cases ……. not at all …… just logically deducing what will be the conclusion of the case based on the outcome of a related case!

However, logic does not always prevail ……. as they say, the inevitable never takes place …… only the unexpected.

After all, we don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors, now do we?

Anyway, click HERE to read what the Minority Watchdog CEO has to say in The Star.


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I understand that being an outsider people would only know so much as compared to those who are involved, sometimes its best to not express in confidence on judgements which are based on assumptions (and its not a legit true fact that the other 2 outstanding directors would face the same fate), just because of news that are presented currently. Media is just one side of the story which are created by mankind to manipulate the minds of majority to look and agree to their views and perception. Just saying.

Comment by whatever

Fair point, mate. But sometimes it is precisely due to the apparent ‘legal ambiguity’ that leads many to perceive an issue of selective prosecution and conviction. Hopefully with more commentary and useful responses (like yours) ….. that the authorities become more accountable with their actions ……. and justifications!

Comment by scwatch

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