October 31, 2011, 12:00 am
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Well, it has been an eventful sporting Saturday.

We had the Malaysia Cup final between Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan.

Then there was the third consecutive meeting between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long in the semi final of the French Badminton Open.

And of course, the usual English Premier League featuring the Manchester Uniteds and the Chelseas to wet our appetite every Saturday.

For Malaysian football, I have lost much interest in it after the unveiling of massive match fixing that culminated in Sabahan Matlan Marjan being banished to some God-foresaken place.

Good thing for him that Najib is doing away with those controversial Internal Security Act and related security laws.

In any case, Negeri Sembilan won the final 2 – 1 thanks to a late Hairuddin Omar goal that would have been deemed spectacular if the standard of play was that of yesteryears during the time of Raja Bola, Abdul Ghani Minhat or our great Towkay, Soh Chin Aun or our SuperMokh, Mokhtar Dahari!

I was in fact more interested in the semi final match of the French Badminton Open between Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long.

It is quite obvious that Chen Long has got a good measure of Chong Wei’s game …… and with his size and age, he is clearly giving Chong Wei a run for his money.

However, what actually caught my unnecessary attention was the way in which the Chinese players, especially Lin Dan, play with the system …… in ensuring matches against certain players (read: Lee Chong Wei) do not take place!

In this particular French tournament, Lin Dan retired in his semi final game against Japan’s Kenich Tago after winning the first set 23 – 21 and  leading in the second 18   – 15.

Such was his fear of facing Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei regularly, Lin Dan was not even putting bets on his compatriot beating Chong Wei in the other semi final.

After all, Chen Long had already beaten Chong Wei in the last two tournaments (Japan and Danish).

Lin Dan appears prescient as Chong Wei beat an equally cocky Chen Long 23 – 21, 17 – 21 and 21 – 15.

The Chinese are noticing Chong Wei’s weakness of crumbling if taunted!

Whilst taunting is part of the gamesmanship, the Badminton World Federation must look into these Chinese ‘fixes’ of conceding walkovers due to ‘apparent’ injuries and nip it in the bud …… failing which the Chinese will bring the whole game into disrepute.

The night ended with Chelsea being beaten 3 – 5 by Arsenal at Stamford Bridge.

The way results go …. especially Chelsea’s loss to QPR …. they sure make one wonder if the Malaysian influence (disease?) is having an effect on the English Premier League games this season!!

UPDATE: Lee Chong Wei comfortably beat Japan’s Kenichi Tago 21 – 16, 21-11. Chong Wei seems to be getting into the groove again. He must continue giving the Chinese singles ‘herd’ a nervy run for their money!


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