It’s amazing how the raw anger of a young and talented Malaysian could be directed for the purpose of rallying the masses for the betterment of Malaysia.

I recall Namewee’s first music video that belittled the national anthem of Malaysia whilst taking the mickey out of certain races and religions of the country.

Since then he has re-focused his energy on less controversial projects …… the most notable being his movie, ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ and the music video ‘Undilah’, the latter of which had cameo appearances by Tengku Razaleigh, Wee Ka Siong, Tony Fernandes, Lee Chong Wei, Nurul Izzah and other Malaysian celebrities.

They were cool!

Really cool!

But not so to the likes of Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan or Fly-Shit (!

Bottom line is that these two UMNO mouth pieces just cannot condone the coming together of all the Malaysian races for the betterment of the country.

A look at their latest sites, especially Rocky’s that was unexpectedly crude, leave a bad taste to any objective visitor to those sites!

Even the YouTube site (highlighted in Rocky’s blog) that was responding to Namewee had been removed by the host due to ‘hate speech’.

Maybe Rocky and his ilk should take a leaf from Namewee and collect and re-direct their anger and hatred for a more useful purpose ……. like encouraging assimilation (for a change!).

Click HERE for the attack on Namewee.

UPDATE (30 Sept 2011) : And now PM Najib is supporting Namewee and describing the rapper as “unique and unconventional in his methods and thinking”. Click HERE


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