It is quite obvious that Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan has been directed by his political master, Najib, to compete with the likes of Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider and of our dear ol’ Raja Petra …… hence the introduction of “”.

Malaysiakini and the likes are so called ‘anti-establishment’ sites that have strong following …… not so much for their ‘contrarian’ views as compared to the mainstream media; rather because they objectively report on issues that relate to the Rakyat at large.

The problem with the UMNO led government is that they are still living in the 20th century ….. when we have already been in the 21st for coming to 11 years!

What was done in the past is irrelevant, not so much because people and things change …… rather things evolve over time.

It was therefore quite comical to hear about the launch of Rocky’s “” on Malaysia Day (16 Sept 20100) ….. that coincided with Najib’s so-called grand announcement of the repeal of the ISA.

The fact that Nazri has clarified that the new laws (replacing the ISA) would cover terrorism, race and religion ……. has poured tons of cold water on whatever little euphoria there was on the proposed repeal of the ISA!

Most of the detentions in the past under the ISA were perceived to be related to racial if not, religious issues!

So are the new laws just involving concocting a new cover for the same ISA laws?

Why is this being done ….. you may ask.

Because UMNO’s, MCA’s, MIC’s etc sheer existence are premised on Bangsa, Ugama ……. and of course Negara!

Convergence and assimilation are not in their vocabulary ….. in fact, it’s taboo! 

And it is for that reason that many will expect the UMNO led government to play on the race and religious cards against the multi-racial opposition when it comes to the application of the securities laws!

The recent charges against Mat Sabu is a clear indication that nothing has changed …. only the rhetoric!

And who do they need to justify their actions ……. Rocky, of course, with the aid of the Fly Shit (literal Malay translation for ‘Tahi Lalat’, which in turn is the Malay dictionary translation for ‘Mole’).

I do wonder if the setting up of this ‘Fly Shit’ website has anything to do with Rocky’s new nick-name …..”The Twenty Six Million Dollar Man” …… with inflation factored in, of course!

Rocky’s justification for setting up : So that readers will know that what is presented in “” has been verified.

Based on several of its latest postings …… they were definitely NOT verified nor confirmed as factual.

In fact, they are UMNO’s online propaganda machine ….. a bit like a Trojan Horse.

So beware my friends of this FLY SHIT!


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