This is becoming a silly comedy!

I recall even lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah declaring several years ago that they have clear evidence that Anwar Ibrahim is a sodomist.

Now, Anwar appears to be a bi-sexual!

In the Eskay Shazryl Abdullah vendetta, it started off in a room with an apparent prostitute.

Now, we are shown a clip of Anwar and Eskay apparently getting in or out of a lift in the hotel where the tryst occured.

Does that mean that if Anwar is filmed getting in or out of that hotel in question ……….. that other sex video confirms that the FAT BELLIED man is Anwar Ibrahim?

How stupid can these people be?

And to show their evil intentions, our dear old turn-coat, Rocky aka Ahirudin Attan turns this EXPOSE’ into front page fodder on his new mouldy web-blog, MOLE.

By highlighting this ‘lift’ incident shows that Rocky does not do any verification or corroboation …. as long it serves the objective of Rocky’s master ……NAJIB.

Click HERE for Rocky’s mouldy expose’!


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