I recall in my younger days during moral classes, we were reminded that before we ask for something from our parents, we should first ask ourselves whether we really need it  ……. or is it that we just want it!

In my later years, I have come across commentary that many people now spend money that they have not yet earned (i.e. credit card / borrowings) ….. in order to buy things they don’t really need ….. so that they can impress people they don’t really like!

It all boils down to the question of necessity in getting something …… in order to remain thrifty. 

This same principle can apply in the case of making a charitable contribution to the poor, famished and needy!

For example, if a party decides to make a contribution of food, blankets, toiletries etc to the people in a destitute country …….. is it really necessary to have cameramen to accompany and record the delivery of humanitarian aid to that country?

After all, it is said that a charitable act from the heart involves doing something that is right without others knowing that you did it.

If some parties had adhered to that principle …… maybe some poor soul of a cameraman may not have been required to lay his life down for the country and leave his wife and children so unnecessarily early in life.


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