With the criticism leveled at Mat Sabu continuing unabated …. not only from the UMNO led critics, but also from the other side of the political divide, I thought it wise to personally and critically view the youtube recording of Mat Sabu’s speech.

For a seasoned politician like Mat Sabu, he is well aware that whatever he says will be twisted and turned by his opponents in order to discredit him, the current Deputy President of PAS.

The question then arises as to whether he should allow such incidents to occur ….. or can he prevent such occurrences?

Quite honestly and quite obviously, his comments were taken wholly out of context.

All he was alluding to was that the UMNO led government has been using its own interpretation of Malaya’s / Malaysia’s history in order to consolidate UMNO’s political position and clout in the country.

A recent example was in the new Form 5 text-book, “Interlok”, which based on media reports had allegedly depicted Chinese as people who would sell off their daughters, whilst Indians are prone to be ‘toddy’ drunkards.

Was this to perpetuate UMNO’s own version of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’?

In the case of the Bukit Kepong incident in 1950, the Malayan security personnel who were killed were Malays and have been lauded as heroes all this while. And they were killed by the Communists who have always been perceived to be Chinese.

Of course from a propaganda point of view, it was only expected that the government leverage on such incidents, albeit unfortunate, to boost the morale of its people during those trying times.

It was at the same time also factual when Mat Sabu highlighted that Malaya, then in 1950, was still a British colony and that its security forces …. be it manned by Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Orang Asli ….. were firmly under the control of the British then.

And the brave security forces personnel that finally got rid of the communist menace in the 1970s were a good mix of Indians, Dayaks, Malays, Orang Aslis, Chinese and other denominations!

But they were all Malaysians.

It was most unfortunate that during the Emergency Period in the 1950s and 1960s, the ‘freedom fighters’ against the British Colonialists had communist inclinations.

I was pondering as to how the current response would have been if the Communist Party of Malaya’s Rashid Maidin and Chin Peng then were just ….. nationalists!

Maybe then …. just maybe …… people can then understand the cruelty and excesses of the British Colonial system that is premised on the ‘Divide & Rule’ principle …. and the desire of its people, from India, Egypt to Malaya, to get rid of the British colonialists.

The key objective of the British colonialists, on the other hand, was to fill up the British coffers with monies derived from the resources of its colonies …… and they were prepared to be utterly ruthless to achieve it. 

In so doing, they utilized the peoples of those colonies to do their ruthless bidding.

For a clear example of that, have a look at this 6 minute scene which happened in real life ….. taken from the movie, “Gandhi”, which depicted the Amritsar Massacre in 1919 by Indian and Gurkha personnel under the command of a British general.


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