It was reported recently that the UMNO led government appears to have conceded to the demands of the Rakyat.

One was the appointment of a Select Committee to reform the election rules and law that was demanded by the opposition supported NGO initiated BERSIH group.

Of course, the other involves the review of the media rules as current law is archaic in response to our advanced information, communication and technology era.

Why am I not convinced about the sincerity of the UMNO led government to see through the reforms of the election laws?

Well to start off with, any real reform would spell the demise of UMNO.

One example would be proportional representation in Parliament.

The recent Sarawak state elections epitomized the basic flaws.

A seat that comprises predominantly Malays/Melanaus who support the Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, would contain about 6,000 to 8,000 voters per seat.

However, for Chinese areas that support the opposition, one seat would contain 25,000 to 30,000 voters!

This practice is also endemic in Peninsular Malaysia.

Of course, the challenge now for UMNO is that the heart and mind of the Malays have an alternative representative in the form of PAS.

And with the endemic corruption and greed of the UMNO hard-core, the viability of UMNO as a reliable governing entity is in serious doubt, hence making their UMNO safe seats ….. well, not so safe.

So to expect UMNO to dig a grave for themselves would be foolhardy.

They will put the select committees through the works.


The secretariats for all these committees are controlled by ‘Little Napoleons’ who do UMNO’s bidding.

So whatever good work or recommendations put by the committee’s members will never be recorded if they are against UMNO’s interests ……. or it will not be drafted in the way it was intended.

This is a standard practice of the civil service whereby high profile individuals are invited to join these committees, tribunals or Commission of Inquiry after which the already decided outcome is drafted and rubber stamped by these bodies.

Any vehement objections by members will be taken not too kindly with accusations of self interest, non-team player or threat of ostracisation.

A clear example is the recommendations of the National Economic Advisory Council which never saw the light of day!

Click HERE and HERE for the early signs of cracks.

So keep the jury out for this ‘Select Committee’ for reform hoo-ha which may end up as a scrap of heap labelled as a ‘Silly Con’!


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