When this matter of an insensitive Ramadan advert was raised in the media, I thought of it as another silly issue raised by small minded people.

It was only when I watched the three adverts that made me realise that UMNO owned Media Prima, which in turn owns TV8, and other channels like TV3 and TV9, has lost its finesse in communication. 

What utter rubbish?

It’s so completely done in bad taste, without subtlety, insensitive, blatant and arrogant.

Must be the educational background of these jokers …… besides the recruitment policy of Media Prima!

Click HERE to see those 3 silly adverts. (UPDATE: It’s been taken out again due to a copyright claim presumably by 8TV. Obviously, the UMNO owned television station now realizes the massive damage being done to the UMNO led government!)

The original site that I referred to earlier has had the YouTube link taken off, but the many comments made are insightful i.e. the objective was to divide the races irrespective of political divide! 

They could learn a lot from the Petronas adverts of the past. So sad that Yasmin Ahmad left us so early. Click HERE to see the absolute contrast!

It is good that good minded UMNO stalwarts like Nur Jazlan had lambasted the ‘small mindeds’ in 8TV. 

Even if you deliberately want to provoke a community, do it with some style-lah!


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