Not too long ago, the MACC proudly announced raids into various offices of the Malaysian Customs department and the initiation of an investigation into its alleged abuses and corruption.

That attempt became somewhat derailed after another death of a senior Customs official, Sarbaini, whilst under questioning at a MACC office in Kuala Lumpur …… something that is causing much angst amongst the Rakyat.

There is now this vicious accusation, based on (surprise, surprise) purported MALAYSIAN CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT documents, that in a period of serious economic slow-down ….. with a relatively high budget deficit of over 5% of GDP, the wife of the Prime Minister is purchasing a diamond ring worth RM24 million!

Did she hit the Sports Toto jackpot ….. which btw had a maximum payout todate of around RM12 million? Maybe she hit two jackpots!!

Well, to be fair there may NOT have been a diamond ring at all …… and all this could be pure fabrication.

After all, the accusation emanated from an opposition blog which showed documents for the acquisition of the RM24 million ring from Jacob & Co, an American jeweller …. presumably Jewish! Click HERE

It gets more interesting in that opposition blogs were reported showing screenshots of a purported Customs department computer screen  that the ring was brought in under the name of a certain “Rosmah Mansor” ……. whose name happens to be the same as that of the spouse of Najib, our Prime Minister. Click HERE

So, was there such a ring purchased and brought into the country during that particular time?

Seems to be!

A newspaper from a country not far south from Malaysia then reported that pro-government blogs responded to the accusation by claiming that the ring was brought into Malaysia for an exhibition / viewing by a VVIP …… after which it ‘left’ the country ….. supported by documentation from the CUSTOMS DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA!

The VVIP was not named!

Blimey, doesn’t that just add to the speculation …. or should we call it ‘belief’ swirling around the country that the VVIP was indeed the PM’s wife?

Doesn’t that make the pro-government bloggers look like ineffectual communicators …… in fact, looking like opposition bloggers in disguise?

The fact that the pro-government blogs’ response was not only in ‘damage control’ mode BUT they also confirmed that this ring subsequently left the country, significantly suggests that this EXPENSIVE DIAMOND RING did exist, did come into the country and conclusively affirmed that the ‘VVIP’ was indeed Rosmah.

Therefore, is the ELEGANT SILENCE approach, made famous by Malaysia’s previous PM, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the correct response mode of our First Lady?

It is definitely not in the interest of Najib’s UMNO led government to be so defensive …… even meek when answers are demanded for this apparent blatant flaunt of arrogant wealth and grandeur!

I don’t think Najib’s recent announcement that the MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) President will be made a full Minister, will deflect the simple transparent response demanded by the Rakyat ….. for this seemingly obsessive compulsion for a RM24 million diamond ring ….. especially when many Malaysians are surviving from ‘hand to mouth’! 


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